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  1. As my previous trading list at geocoins.net is not available for the time being I switched the provider and set up a new trading list (check my signature). As it is a tremendous amount of work on that site I didn't add pictures yet and have included only the available coins, but the list is up to date.


    Please contact me if there is anything on it you are interested in! I'm always open for trades.

  2. RedShoesGirl, thank you for bringing this up!


    As most others I have never thought about the words on the coin, just enjoyed its beauty.


    Being German I know about Anne Frank, her diary and what happened to her. Somehow her fate fits the coin, when I think about it for a while. In my oppinion it would even improve the perception of the TQs when the source of the words is mentioned. I'd recommend putting it on the website!

    However it would have been nice to have known that right from the beginning.

  3. Sending out:


    All coins sent and most of them arrived at their new destinations. Just waiting for a post by YemonYime.






    Some more coins made it to my mailbox. Thank you!

  4. 1. Must have been summer 2007, in one of the first caches I found was a Sock Puppet geocoin.


    2. Shortly after I bought some Templar coins, including LEs. Shouldn't have done that...


    3. not yet, but thinking about it.


    4. really can't remember.


    5. Geocoin first, then the forum.

  5. can you tell me where to go :laughing: ...to get the activation code for this and the pegasis coins?




    PEGASUS or go to the trackable page here at Groundspeak or my Facebook page to find additional activation codes :rolleyes:


    Hmmm...i can't find the activation code for the Sea of Treasures Geocoin. Can anybody help me please?


    Greetings, Heiko


    You can find it on the geocaching.com trackables page.



  6. After what feels like ages I found time not only to visit the forums, but also to sort through piles of coins.

    I added quite a bunch to my trading list. So please have a look! I'm always interested in trades, not only for coins on my seeking list.


    There are some special coins I'm searching for.


    Four Musketeers Geocoin:

    - GCF Pittsburgh Gold/BN

    - Imperial Purple Gold

    - Royalist Blue Gold


    Ellandel's Geocaching around the Planet:

    - Australia Gun

    - China Gold

    - Spain Gold

    - Ireland Gold


    I might be willing to offer some of my keepers or multiple coins for the Musketeers.


    Thanks for looking!


  7. I'm not going to get home until next monday, don't give away my winning ticket number until I get home to confirm that I won! :)


    Actually that is a good point, I totally forgot about allowing time for the overseas and Canada orders to make it. I'll give it a month after the drawing. Oops, lol.


    Thank you! :D

  8. I received my mission as well!


    Actually it was here before christmas, but I wasn't. So I picked it up at the post-office today.


    Thank you so much, UKTim, for this nicely filled package! I have to take a picture when I've sorted a few things out.


    Thank you again!


  9. It took a while, yes, but that's fine! It was travelling.


    The second coin that made it home after reaching all its goals. I'm really happy. :unsure:


    That means that some people out there read the tags attached to the travellers! :unsure:

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