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  1. Hmmm? I think I'd let the offenders know via e-mail, then delete their logs. After all, they did not find the cache. It's quite obvious that the cache in question is a multi. I think some folks that are new to caching simply zip the nearest caches in their units and then go a-huntin'. (my bro-in-law did this.)(sorry bro P ) If you just ignore this, these people won't know they've missed out on a different twist on caching. (multi's) And they might get the idea that nobody's minding false finds. But, of course, it's your cache so it's your call. Let us know what you decided. Og
  2. I like it! I would definitely take it. One can never have too many batteries and I like the magnet too. Og
  3. Since this discussion has become one of Money and not of New Image Features, why not make the Image Features for paying members only? Make it so only paying members can upload a pic, (including avatars)and the thirty bucks seems a bit more substantial. Og
  4. AHH, I've been eyeing that Dream cache! Is it do-able this time of year? And why not puzzle caches? It would add an all new dimension to the game. Lets say....... only puzzles that heve been found at least once? Og
  5. I agree, Rom. I also think pretty much all caches should be open for drops. The only off limit caches should be ones that are "closed for winter" whether the owner archives them or not. I think "Unknown" caches should be open for drops. If the game continues on as a county challenge, I would ask that ALL caches in the counties be open, not just an area where players live. Just a few thoughts, Og
  6. Is there a problem or a glitch that we King-ons don't know about? Just wondering, Og
  7. We bought the Kelty sherpa for our dog. It has removeable bags and a chest strap. It's very comfortable for the dog. He adjusted to it in no time. I wish I had a better picture. BTW, Chief is a 100lb lab mix.
  8. I was thinking in the morning. Friday the 13th and it's getting late, I'm a morning person, let me know? Og
  9. Just bought some new boots and am itching to break them in.....I guess I'll stay in the area. Anyoneone want to venture south and go for Pautzke salmon ponds GC40BC or anything close? Og
  10. I'm really sorry about your lost pet and all........but the more I think about it, well.....your chosen user ID kinda leaves one to think you are......uhm.how do I say this?....uhmm...well not your church-goin type. I mean...sheesh! Upinyachit? How do you explain that to a child? Maybe if you really DID turn over a new leaf and go from negative to positive..... Well chose your own avatar, and have fun caching! Og
  11. My hubby earned and his brother earned Eagle on the same day. I think it was 1968, but I could be wrong on the date. They both got the order of the arrow, although my husband tells me his brother's was by far better. Incidentally, thier certificates were signed ny none other than...... Richard M. Nixon himself! Og
  12. What do they look like in the field? Or do they differ, one from another? I've found an area not far fom my town where thunder eggs and other stone treasures can be found. I've never hunted these things and don't have a clue what they look like before they're busted open. Can anyone give me some insight on this? Maybe a link to a good site or some pics? Thanks
  13. I've got to agree with Criminal, you can't beat the PNW.
  14. I'm having troubles logging the coin on the cogeo site. Did anyone else have problems, or is it just me? Og
  15. Here you go, Canadian postal codes Have fun! Og
  16. Are you south-ies waiting for the ruling? Og
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