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  1. Corn? Was that a Freudian slip? It's too bad about the weather. I'll make sure to post my pictures soon so that at least you can see the views vicariously. It's just every time I say "I have Pepper Coin" the word corn comes out! It just sounds right!? Og
  2. I did that? Honey bring me another beer!!! Lordy! I don't know if that Pepper corn was worth it? Great image Chris.
  3. Check out this site, Shunra. Og
  4. Let me join everyone else in saying that this was a great post idea, Criminal! I plan on checking the mail with the Sunday group, even with the date change. I'm also interested in Camp Muir but have no plans on going all the way up to the summit unless they build an elevator. I do have a few long and torturous hikes on my short list for the summer. I'll post them here as they get close. Og
  5. Enumclaw Memorial is back up also. It wasn't archived but it was missing. I've replaced it. Og
  6. I've finally re-enabled Nick Nolte's Private Diary. (thanks again wander lost!) It's one of those FooshFoosh caches. Og
  7. This is inspired by Team Noltex's topic on Cache Popularity. I, from time to time, look back at the caches I've found to see what others have thought of them. Tonight I read a great log for a cache that I found last summer. Some cachers might find this cache "Ho-Hum", there isn't much of a hike to get to it and there's a dern good chance a grasshopper will hop up an land on your leg! But the History was a everywhere! You could literally pick it up in your hands! Bygone Days in Ephrata Haze is the cache. The CarterFamily's April 29th log is what I'm referencing. If you're ever in that part of WA, It's a must do cache! Og
  8. Great Idea Eraseek! I recently archived Baldy's Balcony due to logs questioning whether the cache was on private property or not. Og
  9. Had a great day caching! And met some great people! Including Sir Tank! You guys need to get up there and find Otter Falls ( I still don't get the "Got Fire" part?) We had one heck of a time! We even found a pair of John Lennon style pot leaf sunglasses at the trailhead. You just never know what you'll happen upon, huh? Og
  10. That looks like a great list, WM. I've done them all except fot the two Jester Multi's. I wanted to let everyone know these are easy hikes. There are no steep bun-killers on this list. The hardest one is probably Rock Creek because of the downed trees. I'm pretty sure I'll be there, but you never know. Og
  11. I, too am interested in these hikes. Are they snow-free this time of year? edit to say, nevermind...Of couese they're sno-free. I should just go get em! Og
  12. There's Ravensdale Park. I think that's the only one in Ravensdale. It's in a small park.
  13. I'd like to join you guys on this one. Do you have a meet time yet? Og
  14. Since you're looking for "retired" cache hiders, I'd like to bring up a user name that I've come across who seems to have lost interest. fooshfoosh's caches are mostly archived, but there are a few out there still going. I'd be willing to take over "Nick Nolte's Private Diary", although I'd most likely re-hide it in a better spot. I'll also volunteer to be the last finder and "trash-er out-er" for "Look out for danger Rick" when the snow melts, since it's in a National Forest. Anyone want to join me? There are a few more fooshfoosh ones out there, but not in my area. Og
  15. That Old tree one was one of my fav's for the day. I really enjoyed the nice leg stretch and all that Trillium. That's a good one to pick for your 300th! I think I'll go back and check out that whole park someday. Og
  16. I'm getting antsy because this will be my first machine AND my first event. I spent a few hours today figuring out how to get everything into my 85 year old PDA and making sure all the caches were in the GPSr. I think I'm ready unless a new cache pops up between today and Thursday. I sure hope those dang weathermen are right! Og
  17. WTG Pepper on yet another milestone! I feel honored that it was one of my own caches!! I'm only sorry it was a micro..........so sorry, now I see why you seemed sad about it! I hope you and the girls enjoyed that bridge, though! It's a fun one to try to get a crazy dog across! Og
  18. You know Miss Pepper, (coin respect) , I have a few caches out here in the Enumclaw area that would love to be blessed with a newly minted coin! These are some dern fine caches if I do say so m'self! You could do 4 of my caches without breaking a sweat! If you've ever thought of hitting this area let me know. Oh, and tell your friend Cin, Get out here! Og
  19. Okay, now I feel down-right silly..........the kids want to know how wide it is at it's shortest point? Can you measure it? They've got to be able to walk through to the T.V. The current couch is 7'3". Will it work? Og
  20. I'm sorry it looks to be too big. The kid's rec room is long and narrow. 12' X 30' Maybe someone else can use it?
  21. How big? My kids are always looking for new furnature to spruce up their digs. (their play/game room) Do you have a pic?
  22. I'm with you Right Wing, I don't go to the National parks often enough to warrant a pass. After all there aren't any caches in them! The Forest service pass along with the State park pass covers me and my family nicely and we save the 5 bucks. Where did they come up with that State park list anyway? They must have been the parks most used by the ones making the list. Og
  23. Hubby and I are thinking of going over there and join in on this one. It looks like a ton of fun! We havn't been on that side of the pond in a very long time. We are a deff. maybe. [] Og
  24. Way To Go!!! Good luck on the next 200! Og
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