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  1. Depending on road conditions and the number of people on the hunt, i'll be seen in either the teal '93 Jeep Cherokee Sport, or the '97 Chevy pick-up in the pic. 0d7d86fe-4ce3-4544-81dd-c6db03bb331c.jpg


    I also have a green Mustang that I cruise caches with from time to time


  2. There was a section of trail just northwest of Noble Knob on our way to Lost Lake that was cut into the hillside with a steep drop on our right. There was a large outcropping of rocks ahead filled with marmots sunning themselves ahead of us. I got the strange sensation that I was walking on a conveyor belt and the landscape was rushing toward me. I have had this feeling before while driving in the mountains, but never while hiking.


    It was very strange and kind of neat. :P

  3. Here's what the grand poo-bah, $85 dollar pass includes....... HERE


    And, RWW, there are caches in Mt. Rainier National park. The Wonderland series of virtuals, ( I'm not above logging a virt! :P ) by nw climber . I want to see those places. I'm sure they're worth the effort to get there.

  4. Well it's time for me to buy a new forest service pass and I wonder if I need to upgrade? For the past few years just a simple Forest Service Pass has done the trick, but now I'm thinking of upgrading to a Washington & Oregon Recreation Pass. It's $85 bucks and I wonder if it's a value. I plan on doing as many of the "Wonderland Series" virtual caches in Mt. Rainier NP as I can this summer, so I think it'll be worth the money.


    What passes did you guys buy last year and did they save you money?


    Here's the link........... Recreation Passes

  5. I've been thinking about this one for awhile. Having to chose 1 or 2 is tough! Since others have already mentioned "Otter Falls", which is up there on my list, I'm going to list a couple of others that don't get a ton of visitors, but were great fun and could use some publicity.


    Dragon's Lair


    Follow the rainbow


    Follow the rainbow (AKA Snoquerra Falls) is one of my all time favorite hikes. I try to get up there at least once a year. If anyone wants to go, send me line and I'll go with if I'm available.



  6. I've offered the use of a full-sized truck. I'd be glad to drop of some at a centralized spot for people who want cheap cans. I live in Enumclaw so maybe somewhere in Puyallup? Southhill mall?


    Let me know

  7. Peak-a-Boo outside of Enumclaw is just a few steps away from benchmark SX1291 ("Altitude: 1804"), which is described in 1941 as being "SET IN CONCRETE FOUNDATION FOR ONE LEG OF DESTROYED LOT" (where "LOT" means "lookout tower", as clarified in a 1942 log, "G.S. BRONZE DISK SET IN A DRILL HOLE IN THE ANCHOR BLOCK OF THE OLD LOOKOUT TOWER"


    The next log, in 1955, says "STATION MARK UNDER STAIRWAY OF LOT", implying that a new tower was built.



    It's very cool that you chose to talk about this tower! I try to climb this peak at least 3 times a week. There are 2 caches up there (Zebo has placed his 'Turtle Mountain" one) along with the Hippy's Peak-a-boo one. (I haven't found it in it's new location)


    Yes , there used to be a fire tower up there and apparently they used to employ college students in the summer (fire) months to watch for smoke. I've found a really bad picture of the tower that is now gone. The only thing left now is the concrete pilings it used to rest on.



    For those not able to hike up to the remaining towers that are mentioned here, there's one on display in a museum-like set up very near my "?" Cache

  8. Og's carries bear pepper-spray, so from now on I only hike with her!

    I really need to read the forums more often. I done got mentioned :rolleyes:


    I carry UDAP pepper spray. You can read about HERE.


    Actually my husband bought the spray for a backcountry trip. I carry it in case I need to deter anyone or anything that might bother me. I makes me feel safer out there.



  9. So, you were in Buckley, eh? You were that close to "First City Want Adds" and still have a DNF frownie? :ph34r: Did you at least stop in and have a burger at Wally's?


    I don't know who that truck belongs to, how far did you follow it?



  10. My son and I will be there! It's starting to look like a meeting place for Criminal and myself, this'll be my third time up there, all three times hooking up with The Criminal. ;)


    I've got to warn you all, I talked my son into going with me by telling him he could drive~!~! He has recently started driver's-ed. and has his permit, so if you see a teal Jeep Cherokee in a ditch, be sure to point and laugh! B) or at least wave!


    On the FS pass subject, maybe we should meet the outa-towners at one of those gas stations at the off-ramp and car-pool into the trailhead?



  11. I got home this afternoon and had a message in my inbox with a subject line that I've never seen before. It was a 'log deletion notice'. Hmmm??.....I thought, must be that cache that I found the duplicate of last winter. But when I checked, it was a deletion of a DNF log. Here's the log that was deleted....



    Awwww, dern it! I looked for about 10 or 15 minutes to no avail. I could get a great signal at the blocks but once I started serious hunting I'd lose my way. I started to get cold and the dog was getting tired of it all.

    No biggie, it gives me a reason to go back up there to enjoy that wonderful view again.


    It's not a big deal to me, but I do wonder why the owner chose to delete my DNF log. What purpose did that serve?

  12. I was thinking Sunny Coby-Cooke has been laying low lately.......hmmm? There's a new chick in the commercials after all, or maybe none other than Dave Ross?, nah, he's running for office. Hmmm? Is Grant Goodeve still considered a celeb? Is there a time limit on notoriety?


    So much to think about.



  13. Picture or no, I'm feeling the need to visit the Irby school! It sounds like a place I 'd like to see. I love History-type caches. I hope you (ott) can find a new place for the cache.


    If you need help, let me know.



  14. Hey guys.......please don't do the Banana this week-end. I have to go to a dern wedding shower and can't do any long hikes. That one sure looks like a doozie! I'd love to do it later. So, I guess what I'm saying is, "Go ahead and do either ones I've done or ones I don't want to do." :)


    And the next time you're making any decisions, first ask yourself, "How will this affect Og's Outfit?" :ph34r:

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