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  1. OK... I'm blind! I went into the Waymark site. Looked under History/Culture: Historic Markers, World Heritage Sites. Nothing there about Washington Heritage Signs. Then went to Signs. NOTHING! Then to Waymarking Games. NOTHING there either! How about Memorials/Monuments. NO!


    So... am I missing something? Did I go to the wrong page? HELP :lol:






    Don't believe only what you read on the Waymark Historic page!


    Don't jump to conclusions so soon!


    Do a search for "Washington Heritage Signs" before putting foot into mouth! :blink:


    B):anicute::lol::yikes:chuckle :lol:

  2. I just wanted to thank Criminal for starting the original St. Helens thread!


    Yes! Well done, Crim!


    So, who is going up with you on opening day, Criminal?


    I don't have any snow climbing skills. Don't even own an ice ax.

  3. That's too funny! I think I'd just remove the "new" cache and let all the logs slide. (maybe move the old one 12 inches :) )


    Now you have a brand new ready made cache to hide! Not to mention a great story!

  4. Anyone else? Og, where are you? :lol:

    I like to keep my movements low key. :lol: You know, to throw off the paparazzi. :o


    Actually I'm about 67% sure I'll be there. I'll be less noncomital as the week-end draws nearer. Heck, I'll probably decide Saturday afternoon. There ARE only 80 shopping days left till Christmas! :lol:

  5. Looks like I might just head up this way after all. I'll see how I feel in the morning. Going to be a long drive and if I do it, it'll be in my husbands truck. Don't wait for me at the trailhead, I'll be on 6 mile FRS radio CH 2.

  6. I still want to go. I was packed and ready to go this morning, then Criminal pulled the plug! :blink: (note to criminal: when in doubt, ask yourself, "How will my decision affect Og?") I rallied, of course, with a trip to REI in Seattle! :laughing:


    I like the Teneriffe option. Does this mean a leave vehicles at the other end through hike?


    Tomorrow's still fine with me, although we'd be cheesing Right Wing Wacko out of his hike. Maybe another week? I hear Mt. Si is a darn good winter hike when good hikes are hard to find.

  7. On my drive home from work this afternoon I found myself behind a white Explorer with a "Geocacher" cling in the rear window and a "geocacher" license border. I was traveling south on Hwy 167 near the Hwy 18 off-ramp.

    There was one man driving and no pasengers.

    I snapped a photo with my cell phone.


    Just wondering who it was.



  8. Traded in my much-abused '99 Saturn SC-2 cachemobile last week. Figured that since I kept dragging the poor thing to places that coupes just weren't meant to go, well maybe it was time to get something that was actually meant to go all sorts of places - a nice new '05 Wrangler Sport:




    Identifying marks: geocaching window cling in the windshield. Note: may not be quite as shiny if encountered "in the wild" - I took this picture about fifteen minutes after getting it home from the dealership. :unsure:

    Congrats, Munin


    That's a fine new ride you have there!

  9. I'm considering joing in on the fun. Hubby has to work, and I've been itching to cache. I've endured the Tacoma aroma before on a few caches and it was fun! Should be even more fun with a group.


    When will we know when & where to meet up?

  10. It looks like you've picked a good weather day to do this, summer is finally on it's way! There are a ton of camp sites at Lost lake and I hear the lake is packed with brook trout. If you have pack space to carry extra goodies, the Lost lake cache could use some love. (an ammo can would be great)


    I can't make it, I have to work. B)


    If you have time and energy, don't miss Dragons Lair. It's a very neat place. One you won't want to miss. Don't forget a flashlight! It looks like innkeepers made it there from my cache by crossing George creek at some point. I'd drive back to FS70 and take the next left, on the other side of the creek. (assuming you parked at the greenwater lakes trailhead) I hope that made sense.


    Can't wait to read the logs.

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