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  1. You know, when I was a little girl of around 5 or 6 (this would be 1968ish) we lived in a rented farmhouse a few miles outside of Danville. I can remember finding an old cemetery near our house with my 2 older sisters. It was up a HUGE (to a kid) hill and I seem to remember it being in some woods. I remember we took a broken off bell from a tombstone to use as a marker for a dead pet of ours.


    I've checked the google/geocache maps and This One seems to be the closest to where I was, but I remember it being a bit further north and across the street. The pictures on the cache pace could be it, but these are old memories.


    I'll be pretty close to that place in a few weeks and if weather permits, I'll see is it's one I remember.


    That would be so cool to come full circle with my past.



  2. I'll be traveling from Wa State to the midwest for the week of Thanksgiving. It'll be my 18 yr. old son, my 17 yr. old daughter and myself. We'll be staying in Chicago (downtown) for 3 nights and plan on hitting the Field Museum and checking out the King Tut exhibit and possibly visiting the Shedd's aquarium, too. We'll have a rental and some free time in the city.


    Next....We drive from Chicago to central Indiana to visit my family for Thanksgiving. We'll be in the North Salem/Danville/Plainfield area.


    This won't be a strictly caching trip. The kids would protest. :D

    So, any sugestions on 'must do' caches would be appreiciated.

    I'll be bringing a pocketful of coins. :D

  3. I wonder if the guy feels bad about what he did but feels like there's no painless way to make it right. He has posted in these forums so there's a good chance that he's reading this thread.


    If you are reading this, just take the coin back up that hill and put it in the cache that you got it from. Just that simple.


    Fact is I'm due for a new knee. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Usually works best going up, but not so good on the flats.

    This is a new pain for me, and I'm hoping it goes away real soon. I'm not going to bag on this trip! :)

  5. It all depends on how sturdy of a hiker your 5 year old is.


    There are tons of free campsites along FS road 70 just out of Greenwater, and caches too. Do a nearby cache search, (or a google/geocache map search) from Greenwater Lakes If that's too much for the tyke, try up the road (hwy 410) at The Dalles campground, or at Silver Springs campground.



  6. I think that those of us who like Scary Ladders should pilgrimage to Nolenators cache on Squak Mountain now.


    Crazy Monkey Tripod

    Og said she was going to do that cache with me. ;)


    No, I'm not wearing my kilt!


    Sheesh! I don't read the forums for a couple of days and look what happens! :D


    If this is what I think it is, planning a group dash to Squak Mountain, I'm in. Criminal and I have talked about doing this one for a long time. I want to be sure when I go for it that's it's not cold or raining. I want to take as many scary factors out of the picture as possible.


    As far as a date to shoot for, maybe some day in early July? Maybe the first weekend?

    And Criminal, go ahead and wear your kilt, just be sure you wear clean undies. :lol:

  7. I received the heritage marker pamphlet in the mail today. The pamphlet actually lists 79 markers, instead of the 67 that are listed on the website. But Paula went through and marked my copy to update which markers are really there. She lists 18 as missing, and 3 with question marks. So that leaves 58-61 as possible for this challenge.


    The map below shows you where the markers are located in Washington. I wanted to cut the map in half and enlarge both portions so that you could see the numbers on the map, but I don't have those sorts of photoshoping skills. But what you can see of the map gives you an idea of where the are located. And obviously the markers are going to be displayed on the highway. The one marker that didn't make it into my picture is # 10, Destruction Island, which is near Queets....but that one has been listed as missing by Paula.


    If anyone finds a marker that is listed missing or questioned, please note that!





    Excuse me if I made any mistakes with these locations, I was trying to go by the map which isn't always easy for me.


    #1 Point Roberts Boundery MISSING


    #2 Old Telegraph Rd. (N. of Bellingham) MISSING


    #3 Mt. Baker


    #4 Bellingham Bay MISSING


    #5 David Douglas (near Rockport)


    #6 Deception Pass


    #7 Big Cedar/Smokey Point (between Everett & Mt. Vernon) Submitted by: jcar


    #8 Juan de Fuca (W. of Port Angeles)


    #9 Discovery Bay


    #10 Destruction Island (near Queets) MISSING


    #11 Old Man House (nearish Suquamish, Bainbridge Isl.) Submitted by: Masterpuzzler


    #12 The Suquamish Nation (nearish Suquamish, Bainbridge Isl.) MISSING


    #13 Hood Canal Submitted by: Seabeck Tribe


    #14 The Tacoma Narrows MISSING


    #15 Byrds Mill Rd. (near the Tacoma Narrows)


    #16 Bruceville-Bruceport (W. of Raymond, on the Willapa Bay on Highway 101) Submitted by: Patudles


    #17 Willie Keil’s Grave (S. of Raymond, on Highway 6)


    #18 Claquato (N. of Centralia) Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #19 Cowlitz Mission MISSING Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #20 Cowlitz Landing MISSING Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #21 Fort Columbia (in or near Fort Columbia State Park) Submitted by: Masterpuzzler


    #22 Lewis and Clark Campsite, Megler (in or near Fort Columbia State Park)


    #23 Columbia River Explorers (in or near Fort Columbia State Park) Submitted by: Patudles


    #24 The Finn Hall (N. of Vancouver, on highway 503) Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #25 Corps of Discovery (N. of Vancouver, on I5? Or Highway 503?)


    #26 Fort Vancouver


    #27 First Sawmill (near or in Camp Bonneville, N. of Vancouver) MISSING


    #28 Lewis and Clark Campsite, Camas (highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #29 Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (near Washougal, highway 14)


    #30 Mt. Pleasant Grange (near or in Beacon Rock State Park, highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #31 Forts Cascade, Rains, and Lugenbeel (E. of Stevenson, Highway 14) MISSING Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #32 Golden Spike (E. of Stevenson, Highway 14)


    #33 Bridge of the Gods (E. of Stevenson, Highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #34 Upper Cascades (near White Salmon, Highway 14) MISSING


    #35 Broughton Flume (near White Salmon, Highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #36 Celilo Falls (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14) Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #37 A Culture Lives On (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14)


    #38 Sam Hill Country (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14) Submitted by: Masterpuzzler


    #39 Indian Painted Rocks, Yakima MISSING


    #40 Beck Memorial (N. of Yakima, Highway 82)


    #41 Blewett Submitted by: Blue J Wenatchee


    #42 Mission (Cashmere) MISSING Submitted by: xy,xx,xy,xy,xy,xy


    #43 Dry Falls Submitted by: Blue J Wenatchee


    #44 Fort Okanogan


    #45 David Thompson (E. of Colville, Highway 20)


    #46 Steptoe Battlefield (N. of Rosalia, Highway 195)


    #47 Steptoe Butte (N. of Colfax)


    #48 Kamiak Butte (E. of Colfax)


    #49 The Mullan Rd. (Between Colfax and Othello, highway 26)


    #50 Drewyers River (Between Pomeroy and Connell, highway 261)


    #51 Three Forks Indian Trail (E. of Pomeroy) MISSING


    #52 Lewis and Clark, Alpowa Summit (E. of Pomeroy)


    #53 Lewis and Clark enter Washington (S. of Clarkston, Highway 129)


    #54 Ainsworth (Pasco)


    #55 Fort Walla Walla


    #56 Mt. Rainier Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #57 Monticello Convention (W. of Kelso) MISSING


    #58 Lewis and Clark Trail (N. of Dayton)


    #59 Spokane House


    #60 Indian Painted Rocks, Spokane MISSING


    #61 Spanish Explorers (W. of Port Angeles)


    #62 Chief Sealth (nearish Suquamish, Bainbridge Isl.) MISSING Submitted by: Seabeck Tribe


    #63 Ginko Petrified Forest (near Vantage)


    #64 Lava Flows (Between Vantage and Ellengsburg, highway 10)


    #65 Sacajawea (Pasco)


    #66 Grand Coulee Dam


    #67 B-Reactor (NW of Pasco)


    #68 Arid Lands (Between Richland and Prosser, Highway 68) MISSING


    #69 Kettle Falls


    #70 Chuckanut Dr. (S. of Bellingham)


    #71 Lake Lenore Caves Submitted by: Blue J Wenatchee


    #72 Olmstead Place (Between Vantage and Ellengsburg, highway 10)


    #73 Point Elliot Treaty (Between Vantage and Ellengsburg, highway 10)


    #74 Roosevelt Elk (S. of Raymond, Highway 101)


    #75 Roslyn Coal Mining (Roslyn) Submitted by: xy,xx,xy,xy,xy,xy


    #76 Railroads and the West (W. of Sprague)


    #77 Beacon Rock (W. of Stevenson) Question if there Submitted by: Masterpuzzler


    #78 Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14) Question if there Submitted by: Og's Outfit


    #79 Horsethief-Rock Art Trail (E. of the Dalles, Highway 14) Question if there


    #80 Original Blewett Marker Not in pamphlet but in book Submitted by: xy,xx,xy,xy,xy,xy


    #81 Earthquake Point Not in pamphlet but in book Submitted by: xy,xx,xy,xy,xy,xy



    If anyone has any questions, just ask. <_<


    Is the list updated?


    Just wondering. :laughing:

  8. Wow, that's scary, Criminal! But I would still hike in Banff if I were there.


    I'm a she-cacher and I cache/hike alone sometimes. I normally carry bear spray, but honestly, the only time I've even thought about using it was when creepy people made me feel uneasy.

    The most menacing creature I've ever confronted was a mountain goat and I was able to protect myself with my trekking pole. I didn't have time to even think about the spray in the pack. Here's the log... Mt. Ellinor Cache

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