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  1. You know, when I was a little girl of around 5 or 6 (this would be 1968ish) we lived in a rented farmhouse a few miles outside of Danville. I can remember finding an old cemetery near our house with my 2 older sisters. It was up a HUGE (to a kid) hill and I seem to remember it being in some woods. I remember we took a broken off bell from a tombstone to use as a marker for a dead pet of ours. I've checked the google/geocache maps and This One seems to be the closest to where I was, but I remember it being a bit further north and across the street. The pictures on the cache pace could be it, but these are old memories. I'll be pretty close to that place in a few weeks and if weather permits, I'll see is it's one I remember. That would be so cool to come full circle with my past.
  2. How did you order the whole set? I thought only the first one was up for purchase at this point?
  3. Thanks guys! That's very helpful.
  4. I'll be traveling from Wa State to the midwest for the week of Thanksgiving. It'll be my 18 yr. old son, my 17 yr. old daughter and myself. We'll be staying in Chicago (downtown) for 3 nights and plan on hitting the Field Museum and checking out the King Tut exhibit and possibly visiting the Shedd's aquarium, too. We'll have a rental and some free time in the city. Next....We drive from Chicago to central Indiana to visit my family for Thanksgiving. We'll be in the North Salem/Danville/Plainfield area. This won't be a strictly caching trip. The kids would protest. So, any sugestions on 'must do' caches would be appreiciated. I'll be bringing a pocketful of coins.
  5. What is the name of the 2 intersections?
  6. I wonder if the guy feels bad about what he did but feels like there's no painless way to make it right. He has posted in these forums so there's a good chance that he's reading this thread. If you are reading this, just take the coin back up that hill and put it in the cache that you got it from. Just that simple.
  7. It always makes my day when I get a new log on This Cache. I especially enjoyed Sgtmac1's Sept. 26th log.
  8. This one sure had me dancing! Heck, I'm getting goose bumps now just thinking about it!
  9. If you don't want to order online, you could shop locally. I've bought a few ammo cans in Tacoma at... Foxhole (253) 582-0582 8402 S Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98499
  10. Fact is I'm due for a new knee. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Usually works best going up, but not so good on the flats. This is a new pain for me, and I'm hoping it goes away real soon. I'm not going to bag on this trip!
  11. Ready here. My right knee is sore, though. I think I'm trying too hard to prepare. I'm going to take it easy from now on.
  12. Belleterre posted a great log. Very informative. I sure hope it's not that hot on our hike day, but you never know. I can't wait!!!
  13. It all depends on how sturdy of a hiker your 5 year old is. There are tons of free campsites along FS road 70 just out of Greenwater, and caches too. Do a nearby cache search, (or a google/geocache map search) from Greenwater Lakes If that's too much for the tyke, try up the road (hwy 410) at The Dalles campground, or at Silver Springs campground. Og
  14. IN~! If there's room for one more, I'd like to take my son.
  15. I'd like to fix that, but I just don't have the energy.
  16. Og said she was going to do that cache with me. No, I'm not wearing my kilt! Sheesh! I don't read the forums for a couple of days and look what happens! If this is what I think it is, planning a group dash to Squak Mountain, I'm in. Criminal and I have talked about doing this one for a long time. I want to be sure when I go for it that's it's not cold or raining. I want to take as many scary factors out of the picture as possible. As far as a date to shoot for, maybe some day in early July? Maybe the first weekend? And Criminal, go ahead and wear your kilt, just be sure you wear clean undies.
  17. A truly sad day! I'm so glad i was able to do this one. Great memories! An all time best cache candidate! Me, hanging on tight.
  18. That's too bad. I hope the closure wasn't prompted by someone falling off the ladder. So did weldr just climb over the emergency closure sign?
  19. There's no snow on Mt. Si, either!
  20. Wow, that's scary, Criminal! But I would still hike in Banff if I were there. I'm a she-cacher and I cache/hike alone sometimes. I normally carry bear spray, but honestly, the only time I've even thought about using it was when creepy people made me feel uneasy. The most menacing creature I've ever confronted was a mountain goat and I was able to protect myself with my trekking pole. I didn't have time to even think about the spray in the pack. Here's the log... Mt. Ellinor Cache
  21. Does anyone know the approximate snow level in the central Cascades right now?
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