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  1. I've started a list I'm not really sure of the route. I'm thinking we'll start at trail 1036 then pick up 1014. Hopefully we can get to Melakwa Heaven? Then out on trail 1011 and 1007. I don't have all the caches on my list yet. I'll probably just put all the caches in the area in my gps, but it would be nice to know exactly what route we'd be taking.


    Does the rouute sound right, MA?

  2. Update.......


    I've had new wheels since March. I forgot about this thread.


    Yes, I traded in the Mustang for a more trail friendly vehicle.



  3. I have no idea about the fishing in Ranger Hole. I do know that Colonel Bob is way further than I was willing to drive. The Duckabush trail seems more doable but still quite a drive for me. I've never heard of Duckabush and I gotta admit it's a neat word, fun to say. :D


    About the wussing out..."Whatever" <_<

  4. It looks like you guys had fun. Too bad the brigde was out! Those weren't cheesy supports either! That must has been a sight to see and I don't blame you at all, the river really rushes by fast there!


    I sure wish I had checked this thread earlier, i'd have come along with you all. Dang it, I missed out on a good time. Let me know the next time you're in my neck of the woods!



  5. Hello, Ok here is the chance to change the 4th coin in the series right now is is the AH-1W cobra helicopter. But this coin is going to need some more work to capture the true cobra. So I am taking a vote as to the 4th coin in this series. Here are three I have in the works. Any others I should think about?

    1. F14 Tomcat
    2. F-15 Eagle
    3. F-16 Falcon

    Let me know!



    You can't beat the F-14 swept wing coolness. The Tomcat gets my vote.

  6. I too was confused by forthferalz reply both here and on the cache page. I think maybe Forthferalz bought or traded for a Chantrellman coin, (a spinner), and has offered to release it in a cache, presumably in Tazmania, if chantrellman releases the MoJo coin.


    Is that right, Forthferalz?

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