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  1. I'm a rookie with 5 measley finds under my belt, but I find myself allways thinking and planning my next outing!

    I've been reading the various threads out there, trying to find the best method to tracking those elusive caches, and I've learned a lot! WHAT A GREAT BUNCH OF PEOPLE!

    Here's my silly querry: It's been pretty nasty here lately, weather-wise so I've been preparing. I thought it would be a neat idea to make a "Cache log". I bought a cheap binder and a 3-hole punch in order to save the print-outs from each hunt. I'm going to save the actual pages....you know....the rain-soaked ones with scribbled 13 yr. olds' de-codes on them. I thought that it would make a nice family memory.


    Am I going too far? icon_confused.gif


    Swimmers would look pretty funny without that water.

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