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  1. Yes I'd probably lose interest pretty quickly if there were no stats whatsoever. I've never gone to the Dan Miller site. I never saw a reason to. So I guess I'm not a "stat junkie". The way the stats are displayed now is fine with me. Hmmm? I just had a thought.... It seems lately that this forum has taken an ugly turn. Could this be the result of the Miller site going down? Stat withdrawals? Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  2. I've also seen the Project APE icon. Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  3. The scariest thing I've encountered is humans! Strange shovel-carrying humans! LOL I grew up in the midwest (Indiana) and have lived in the Northwest for 16 years. You're right, we live in a relatively mild place. My kids are quite adept at identifying stinging nettle, but I'm affraid they'd be ivy-poisoned in a heart-beat! They have no clue! I love it here! Where I grew up, everyone is indoors in the summer. It's too hot (muggy) and the bugs lay in wait for any poor soul who ventures out. Here we have the luxury of our decks or patios all summer with only the occational bug to pester us. Everyone complains about being bit or stung, it's what we do, but all in all, we live in the best place on earth! (in my opinion!) Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  4. Nope, never used them while caching. I can't really see a reason to break them out since we only have one GPSr. We do use them, (we have 2 sets) while out and about. The kids are finally old enough to explore on their own. They are great tools, I think I'll take them on our next trip to Vegas! More reliable than cell phones, I'd guess. Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  5. I voted A. Add another option....A & C LOL Whatever she said. Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  6. It's down for good. Lots of discussion. Look around, you'll see. Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  7. Thanks again! That's spiffy! Wait a few weeks while I figure out the specifics of my new cache and maybe you can be the owner of a new geocaching lapel pin! Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  8. I know this is a common topic here in the TB forums, but I need to vent! I own 3 bugs, (one I just released today), the first one, Ollie has had no fun. I dropped him off in a local cache where he patiently waited. He was picked up and held by a teen-cacher for well over a month. I e-mailed the kid and it worked, he dropped him off and within a week Ollie was on the move again. This time an adult grabbed him, and apparently has forgotten about him. Is this normal? Sheesh! Now I look at myself as an average cacher. I started in March of this year, found my first bug within a few weeks, logged and moved it quickly. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT IT!?!?! I've had my hands on 12 different bugs, the longest I've held one is 10 days. I'll e-mail this TB hugger soon with a "nice" "hope everything's fine, is the bug okay?" message. I just wanted to vent a little before I have to sweeten my disposition for them. Thanks for listening. Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  9. LOL Somebody has a lot of time, an analytical mind and a good calculator! Don't forget to add that you were "forum famous" on your trip, too! Keep up the good work, 360! Congrats! Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  10. Thanks Moun10bike! That really helps. How did you make up the graphics on that log? Is that something you did yourself? It looks great. Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  11. I also think the virt owner should get off their lazy bum and reply to anyone who takes the time to check out their cache. I'm sure they were at least slightly into caching when they sibmitted their virtual. They were probably jazzed up thinkig how cool it would be to bring people to this spot they had found, but after a few logs, they lost interest!?! SHEESH! Archive it if you can't confirm a person's find! Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  12. After finding 57 caches, I've finally decided to take the plunge and hide my first one. I've ordered one of those totally cool micro cache stones and have a good idea where I'm going to place it. Here's my question...I also ordered a lapel/hat pin from Groundspeak in hopes that it will fit into the "stone" for a first finder prize. The picture of the stone shows the container but has no dimensions, will the pin fit? I know it's going to be a tight squeeze just to get a log in that thing. Has anyone used one of these stones, if so approximately how big is the container? Thanks Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  13. Gotta mention the one who hit the deep spot! ROFLMAO!! I'm crying here! LOL Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  14. That was WAY too funny Dinoprophet!!! I nearly wet my pants on the River Dance!! Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  15. Sheesh! This seems like a no-brainer! Why even ask? Obviously the cache placer makes the rating. Ratings are subjective, of course, but there are some guidelines to follow. A courteous cache owner will change the ratings if people comment about a too high or too low rating. If you are having a problem with a particular rating on a particular cache, note it in your log or e-mail the owner if you feel that passionate about it. You might want to invest in a spell checker, too! Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  16. Jerry and Myron show off their new "Geocaching" ensemble for their Midge doll. Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  17. originally posted by canadazuuk.. quote: Please see this site, and bring an end to the misinformation about Suzuki vehicles 'rolling over'. Watch the video. I'll put money on Suzuki winning the jury trial due to happen. I'm thinking of going on holiday to watch the case when it FINALLY hits the courtroom. WOW Thank you canada for bringing that to my attention! I really had no idea! What a scummy thing for the CU to do! I hope they do get this issue to court. I as a consumer, was definitely effected by the C.U's erroneous test! I've allways looked at those vehicles as being unsafe. Now I know different. Thanks Og
  18. We had a Boston Terrier (terror) when I was growing up. They say, (who are they?) that a dog will only confront a skunk once. WRONG! Our dog, Duke, confronted them every single time he had the chance. We tried the tomato juice remedy and I'm not saying it didn't work, but don't get that dog wet in the near future, because the scent you will get is a cross between rotton tomatoes and skunk spray. I remember times when Duke had to spend months outdoors because of his smell, and he was a small short-haired dog. In Dukes defense: He was the best gol-darn groundhog eliminator ever! He was small enough to go into their holes and bring them out, one by one. Never a mark on their pelts, just a clean head-kill. Pure instinct! What a dog! Poor guy died of epilepsy when he was eight. I still miss him. Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  19. Hmmm.....Maybe you get bragging rights for LTF! (last to find) Og
  20. That's a great log Dad! I especially liked the fact you had a life vest on your son. That's very safety-minded of you! I see (and I'm sure a lot of others do too) very risky behavior out on the trail. Every summer we see accidental drownings of children on the news & in the papers. It's refreshing to see that you aproached that river with awareness and also taught your son respect for the water! Three cheers for you!! Og
  21. I like the Dursley reference. I got a chuckle out of it! Og
  22. I usually leave my DNFs after I go back and find the cache. The times that I've deleted them have been because I didn't think they added any usefull information. You didn't have an option for "usually" so I didn't vote. Og Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
  23. Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)
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