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  1. Thanks guys. Very helpfull!
  2. Just wondering if there's a place to find Northwest specific challenges?
  3. So it's Stegosaurus Butte this Saturday. Will everyone be bicycling? This sounds intriguing.
  4. I'd say he's doing pretty good!
  5. That's more driving than I feel like doing. I'll just stay on this side of the drink this weekend. Have fun! Can't wait to see the pictures.
  6. What a weekend! Thanks to hydnsek for enticing us northward even though it didn't go as planned. The weather wasn't the greatest but we made the best of it. It was fun camping in inchworm central. Those little buggars were everywhere and I'm sure we brought a few home with us. The hike up Lookout Mountain was brutal but worth every step. It was a great hike with lots of intersting things to see. Great rock formations, beautiful flowers, neat little waterfalls and a great well kept lookout. We had a good time visiting with everyone Saturday night. Thank the stars that Vic remembered to pack the canopy! It saved dinner. We drove up to the end of the road Sunday morning and OMG what an amazing parking lot! It was misty and foggy so we couldn't see the top of the peaks but what we could see was jaw dropping! We will definitely be back.
  7. Of course the offer still stands for dinner Saturday! See you and Miranda tomorrow.
  8. You know, I was actually thinking about bagging the Sunday hike and going fishing in the area instead. Then I saw this picture....... uhm.. i'm in So it looks like Abby, GrnXnham, Vic and I for dinner Saturday night. Anyone else needs to let me know by tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait to get up there!
  9. Good idea on the radios, GrnXnham. I'll have one and will leave one with Vic. (He may or may not turn it on ) Channel 2, I presume? Vic and I just discussed dinner for Saturday night and yes it's on! We Really need to know who's in... Abby..... I know you're in Monique.....? FourKlinks.....? how many? GrnXnham..... can you guys stay for dinner? Anyone else? The menu will not include "The Beans" but I'm sure you won't be disapointed. Looking forward to an awesome weekend!
  10. We're in! Sorry to take so long to decide but we've booked site #5 for Friday-Sunday. I'll miss the planned Friday hike but I'm game for the others, whatever day they fall. Site #5 is across the river from you, I wonder if there's a bridge? Vic is already mumbling about a dinner menu.....
  11. Do you have something you'd like to share, Dustin?
  12. Ahhh... It's good to be home. We made it back to Enumclaw around 10:30, unpacked, showered, had a sandwich and napped. My sunburn is worse than I thought last night but my blisters are better. It was a weekend to remember! I enjoyed every minute of it! It's hard to decide what picture to post here, I'll just share my favorite one................
  13. All his stuff must be in his pockets. Come to think of it, I didn't see him eat....hmmm? Lets see, what is in my pack. In the main pouch, Water Filter, first aid kit, food garbage(sandwich wrapper, 2 baggies, I ate at the terracache, 20 oz bottle of gatorade) Emergency foil poncho, whisperlight stove, titanium cup and enough fuel to boil some water, small paperback book. Smaller outer pouch, knife, 3 sets of batteries, 2 geocoins, granola bar wrappers, paper map of area, small spiral notebook like you would find as the log book in a cache and pen for notes. The pack itself is carries the water blatter which is 100 oz and is still half full. In my pockets are my phone and keys, my camera is attached to the small camera bag on my waist strap and my gps hangs from my chest strap. I usually run less then 20 pounds which classifies it as an ultralight. I also had a fleese in the car which I chose not to put in the pack due to the weather and not figuring I would need it due to it being unlikely that I would get lost or trapped up there with that many people. There you go. WOW, that IS ultralight! I need to re-think what I pack for such a hike. I schlep way too much junk, and that's probably why I get little bruise spots on my collar bones.
  14. Just bring your own drink(s), and a few bucks for the food. Anyone else? We need to know by tomorrow (Thu) afternoon. And yes, NWCREW the aroma is free.
  15. All his stuff must be in his pockets. Come to think of it, I didn't see him eat....hmmm?
  16. Hey let's move this conversation to the AHOTM thread to avoid confusion. I'd add the link but it's too early for me to figure it out.
  17. Less than a week away! Come on snow!!!! melt melt melt My husband and I (mostly him) are offering to cook for the camping group on Saturday evening. Let me know if you want to join us and depending on the number, we'll ask for a few $ from each to cover the expense.
  18. Yeah, or we could take my "real" jeep.
  19. Nice rig Crim! I'll be there.
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