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  1. It sounds to me like you are upset with the seller. I cant understand what the seller has done wrong.


    They have a very legit auction started at a very reasonable price. Its not in the handheld GPS category. I cannot understand why anyone would fault this seller.


    If you wrote an e-book and decided to sell it on eBay, is it your fault because someone bid a lot for it? The first bid was for $3.55 which means that the original starting price for bidding was $3.55 or less.


    Please dont fault the seller or assume they are evil because someone didnt read the auction clearly.


    Edited to add that also in the auction no where does it mention any type of GPS unit in particular. Not even the words Garmin or Magellan. So they didnt trick any users by adding those terms so their auction would come up in a search.

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