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  1. I have just upgraded to the iphone 4 and I have the 2gb plan. I have not got a months bill yet but I think it will not be to much. I have a Garmin Etrex that was my geocaching machine. Since the iphone 4 my etrex has sat in my bag. I am thinking of selling it on craigslist. There is nothing more than an iphone that you need to cache well(unless it is raining) I get as close and as fast with the iphone and it gives me the hints and recent cache logs on the fly. there is nothing better. I prefer to find the cache with out hints or looking at the recent logs. If I spend more than 30 minutes in a search i look at the hint. then if I can not find it I look at the recent posts. It is the only way to cache IMHO.
  2. I find them just laying out in the woods. Just throw away all the trash in them. I hear there is a website that will help you find them.
  3. I won't tell the location or wapoint, but this was in the woods, near a few downed trees. It was a micro aluminum tube that was inside a small branch that had been hollwed out and dowel fitted back together. It looked exactly like the other 1 million sticks from the downed trees. Of course the cache had no clues or anything. Took me 6 visits and over 8 hours to find. BTW when I did find it it had an ant colony in it. I HATE swarms of ants.
  4. Why is it that Garmin has a GPS product for every conceviable micro market but nothing for Geocachers? They have what, about 5000 models? But not one of them is targeted directly to geocaching. Sure they have great units that we all use. But not one is good enough to cache without added stuff. You either have to print out paper or use some other device(ipod, cellphone, PDA, laptop) to keep valuable info on. I would think we are a large enough market that we could have our own model. How hard it it to make the GPSr handle some extra text fields? Why are we ignored?
  5. You are not using a Mac are you? It does not work on Mac. Wish it did, so that I could use it but....
  6. Skeptic1970


    What is the use of POI data in a garmin. I have a Garmin Venture Cx and have 2gb card for it but what exactly can I load on it and how? I do not have any of the mapping software(no money yet) and I run all Mac at my house(not really interested in windows.) There is a Mac POI Loader out from Garmin but what do you load and how do you access it?
  7. I glance at my GPS, look at them then say "Looking for something?", and glance down at my GPS again. If they cache they give a sheepish look and say "maybe". If they look at you like an armed drug dealer then they are a muggle.
  8. Michigan cacher here, in Holland MI. Lot's of them in my neck of the mitten. Come on up and cacher.
  9. I have been doing magic for about 7 years. Not full time, but part time occasional paying gigs. I do Close up and strolling magic. Looking to do some busking in the future for fun. Do any of the magic cachers go to Abbotts Get-Together? I will be there again this year and I was thinking of placing a cache that is magic themed in Colon, Michigan. Anyone want to help?
  10. Skeptic1970

    iPhone GPS?

    Does anyone know if the iPhone has what it takes to be a GPS? It could be the ultimate paperless caching rig if someone(anyone) would write the software to integrate it.
  11. If I die caching(an acceptable risk in my book), I will log the co-ordinates from my cellphone GPS and you can look for the micro hidden in the unusual way. You may want gloves. Great FTF reward.
  12. I have not been doing this long. (only 21 finds) But my daughter's favrite so far has been the clip on costume earings. She wears them all of the time. She is only 3.5 years old. and love to play pirate with captian dad.
  13. I own a Garmin and I own a mac. I do not and will not run XP or Vista on my mac. I am not going to spend $100's of dollars and the pay 160 for the maps/ I will buy maps when I can get them to run native. Until then no maps for me, unless I can find them on OSM.
  14. No offense...but isn't it kinda unfair to have your customers pay for your recreation? There is only one source of money, customers.
  15. So what is be must have software to manage and streamline the addiction. Both of them, Geocaching and sticking to the Mac. I do not want to hear about running MS. I do not have an intertest in it, or the ability. Right now I have a Garmin Venute Cx.
  16. Is the USB port that is on your computer powered? My unit venture cx, will not work from my non-powered hub put works fine from the back of my computer.
  17. Thanks for all the help. But I am a mac user so some the advice doesn't apply to me. Still some valuable advice.
  18. I just got my Garmin eTrex Venture Cx last night and after finding 2 caches last night(woot) I ahve down loades a 100 or so caches into it that are with in 5 miles of my house. I have noticed that the note feild has a very small text limit. seems to be about 30 charactors. Is there anyway to make this text field a bit larger ? I would like to load in the size of the cache or a hint in the notefield. Also is there a way to turn off the cache icons when i do not want them to be cluttering up my screen? Thanks alot in advance.
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