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  1. I agree and have logged archived caches that were still there myself. I should have made it clear in my post that the cache wasn't there. My bad.
  2. This cache was archived May 30!
  3. The containers, as I said, are not sealed. There is no way to verify that the contents are what the container says they are, or that they haven't been tampered with, either before being placed in the cache, or later, by someone else other than the person who originally left it there. It would be very foolish for anyone to assume that this item is untainted and safe to use. What should I do? Should I just ignore this, and hope other cachers have the sense to remove and discard this item, and not use it? Should I email this person directly, and advise him of my opinion on this matter? Should I refer this matter to some representative of Groundspeak and let that representative deal with this person? Any other ideas? Send him a real nice friendly e-mail and drop him a hint as to what can happen.
  4. (The cache was found ten days later by another cacher with the original log intact.)
  5. Yes, Ham radio operators still pass traffic even today. Community service and maintaining proficiency in communications is a good thing for Amateurs. You might find more information at the ARRL site or perhaps here.
  6. Yep that's my problem too. I work Mon-Thur nights.
  7. I've been a ham and avid 4-wheeler for a long time now and just got to thinking about the times when there was no cell phone coverage and I used Ham Radio to rescue myself. My first story was about 10 years ago when I was 4-wheeling high in the mountains above Georgetown when my jeep fuel pump died. It seems to be a rule that cell coverage is always zip where you break down. I used Amateur Radio to make a phone patch and called my 4x4 club in Longmont. Three hours later I had a brand new fuel pump in my hands. My second story is mentioned here. I'd like to hear of other such stories.
  8. Colorado would be sweet... I second that! ...Cooler climate, low humidity, no chiggers and lots of caches!
  9. Wouldn'd do it. It's not cool and is just cheating as far as I'm concerned.
  10. This cacher has 'found' more caches than me but I'm proud of my smaller numbers... A honest history of enjoying Geocaching with the numbers only reflecting my love of this 'sport' and what I truly have enjoyed finding.
  11. ---Will just blow a fuse. As long as you don't overload the cig circuit or drain your battery down too far (with the engine off) you will be just fine. I've been doing this for years.
  12. I own several navigation programs including Mapsource, Nat Geo Topo and Fugawi. Mapsource isn't detailed enough period. Nat Geo Topo has great seamless maps and is my favorite for projecting waypoints, making mountain profiles and printing Topo maps. This package does have an option for a street overlay but all in a purple color. Nat Geo Topo is also lacking in the waypoint category in that all waypoint icons are the same and you can't change them. (You can use symbols to manually mark a spot on the map with different icons.) This package is also very poor in the trackpoint & trackpoint editing areas. My favorite navigation package so far is Fugawi. This package works with GSAK uploads and can display all the caches either on USA Streets detailed color maps or USGS Topo maps in all three scales. (Raster maps) You can switch back and forth between City and Topo maps at will and the waypoints are still there. Push a button while you drive and Fugawi draws a road on the map using connected trackpoints (not waypoints) of a line color and thickness you choose. For realtime navigation there is a large selection of icons to pick from that will represent you on the map. (This icon moves on the map when you move) I use a large multicolor bullseye that I can see at a glance. I use one type of color waypoint icon for caches I need to do, another color for caches done, another for etc, etc. This package also can handle scanned or vector maps of your choice and can work with PDAs.
  13. Well I'm pretty happy with my Yaesu VX-7R that only weighs 9.8oz with a Diamond 1/4 wave antenna. (The rubber duck doesn't do too well in the back country).
  14. I emphatically disagree! The problem that most users nowadays have with Lat/Lon and USGS topos is that they print a portion of the map, and therefore do not have the Lat/Lon scales along the margins. I have been using paper topos for many years, and never bothered with the UTM grid. You just need a decent plotting tool and a pair of dividers. If you want to locate or measure against an electronic topo, you need to do it in the application, which handles the coordinate transformations. If your map has UTM grids then a UTM grid overlay is the easy way to go. Most of the Colorado maps I purchased in the 90's didn't have grid lines and like Tahosa I didn't like the Lat/Lon tool and never used mine much. To prepare a 7.5m Topo map find any two Lat,Lat or Lon,Lon marks and measure the distance in mm. Take that number and divide by 15 and you get the distance for 10 seconds. After you make a template (One for Lat and One for Long) it's easy to mark the margins of your Topo. I used a GPS 100 and Lat/Long margins on my maps to navigate for years and to map jeep roads. It works just fine and is quite accurate unless you Latitude changes too much. In that case I just made another Lat template for the new area I was in. If I needed improved accuracy I used a portable drafting table with T-square and triangle. Far from useless!
  15. n0wae

    Tb Post

    Thanks Raine, I didn't know about the change. OK, then all is well.
  16. n0wae

    Tb Post

    Yes, I do see the 42.9 miles now but right after I placed the bug in GCJ83E and then visited the bug page that mileage was missing. My log was there but no mileage. Either it was fixed or it takes a while for the numbers to show up.
  17. I once got chewed out for not logging the time of my find. Ever since then I understood the value of a time stamp when other cachers find the same cache on the same day... It's interesting to know how close you came to meeting another cacher or missed out on a FTF etc. I made a run for and got a Jeep TB once and it was most interesting to learn by the posts that another cacher was only 15 minutes behind me! A time stamp is a good idea.
  18. n0wae

    Tb Post

    No biggie but thought you would like to know about this missing millage
  19. n0wae

    Ham Radio

    Well, I use to think that the older pot-bellied elmers looked like "hams" but the story can be found here.
  20. I actually knew of Geocaching a couple of years before I got hooked. I just couldn't understand how finding a box hidden in the woods could be fun. It only took one find however to make a hopeless addict out of me... then my wife... and then it spread to all three of my grown children and even a few friends... It's sorta like a virus but with no cure... I'm doomed to think about it several times a day! Help!!!
  21. Looks like a new cache to me but the cache does belong to the cache owner who should have some say about the issue. BTW, I hope you had permission to hold onto that TB for so long... that also belongs to someone else.
  22. In March of 2005 we had 7 out of 12 that were DNFs. It was kinda depressing and at the time we were at a loss of the why of things until later... It seems someone got upset with a certain cacher and stole all his caches... We had the misfortune of trying to find 7 caches that day that were gone. The norm is one or two DNFs on a bad day and more times than not the cache is there and the problem is us.
  23. How can cache owners ok a find that you didn't find???
  24. n0wae

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    Thanks Jeremy!! We should have known that you were on top of things. I admire the TLC that you put into the site... I can tell that it's a work of love that's never finished. Two thumbs up from a programmer that wrote a BBS program that ran on a TI-994a back when dinosaurs still roamed about!
  25. n0wae

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    Yes I too hope it's only a bug... I'm over 40 (and then some) and my eyes are having a real hard time with the tiny text. Please tell me it's only a bug!!!
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