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  1. Awww indeed!!! Great pictures Sax!!! It's good to see you're bringing the the little smurf up right. Pat and I will look forward to the next campout! Congratulations!
  2. Yes, we would be interested also. We've lived in Colorado for 20 years now have never made it up to Yellowstone. This would be a great excuse to finally make it to the park and see some new caches and cachers.
  3. I'd be thankful for the dedication and quick response you got from your reviewer. Perhaps the other side of the coin would be a cache like this one. It's hard for us cachers to understand if reviewer action is too fast or slow because we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Our volunteers do a thankless job and we owe them our gratitude for what gets done whether fast or slow.
  4. n0wae


    I looked up your profile and see you live in Colorado like I do. This just might be a local mystery... check up on where you saw "TRAX" to see if it was from jeeperz1&2's cache logs. They drive a jeep and use an ink & rubber stamp of tire tracks to stamp cache logbooks. Perhaps their on-line cache log of "TN-LN-SL and left TRAX" is talking about them stamping the cache logbooks.
  5. You might be right... A group of cachers hikes a mile and looks for a cache... one cacher finds the cache and all log the cache as a find. That's OK and perhaps the "discover" feature was created so everyone in that group could log a single TB found in the cache in the same way. A cool idea! I however wonder about the practice at events of letting everyone log all the bugs on the table... that (IMO) seems to cheapen the discovery feature.
  6. Yep, light pole or lamp pole cache. Most often found in a parking lot. The cache is usually hidden under the lamp post skirt. (lift the skirt up to find the cache) Caches of this type are called "LP Caches".
  7. n0wae


    "Terminal Radiational Axis"? You need to provide the context. And for future reference, when asking questions in the forums, it's best to include as much information as possible, such as a link to where it was used, etc. SR probably means a context like this: I've seen it too and I'm in the dark also.
  8. I had fun building this UHF Fox Transmitter & Programmer. (A UHF antenna is of course smaller and more manageable in the woods.) Here is a link to a nice RDF site and believe it or not here is a link to an excellent GeoFox Hunting site. Wait.. but there's more on Fox Hunting here. I don't remember where I saw it but I have seen Fox transmitters powered with re-chargeable batteries connected to solar panels. Good luck on your project... sounds like fun!
  9. The last time the owner of this cache was on-line was 3/27/06
  10. The cache logbook is just a historical account (and proof) of visits to the cache. There's no shame in re-visiting a cache to drop or pick up bugs etc. I log to inform other cachers that I have picked up a particular bug or done a maintenance visit to one of my own caches etc. To me it would be interesting to read the logbook and discover that I missed another cacher by say 15 minutes. I could care less if it was his second visit to the cache... the log entry would be enjoyed and appreciated.
  11. I try to keep track of my DNFs but I'm sure I missed a few. It's part of my caching history and sometimes gives me a more memorable caching experence than a find.
  12. I've got a D-700 in two of my vehicles and I use the cross-band function every year when I go elk hunting. I set up a portable mast (that is stored in my pop-up camper bumper) with a home made 3 element tape measure Yagi antenna pointed at the nearest repeater in a linked state wide repeater system. The D-700 in my jeep is set to 25w and I set my VX7R HT to only 50mw. I have crystal clear communications any where in and about camp with only a rubber duck HT antenna. My camp is in a very remote location but using this cross-band repeater setup I can easily talk to my wife KC0QXO back home far far away. My father WA4VLB (silent key) would say "Son you get what you pay for" and "Do the job right". It's an investment so don't cheap out on yourself... if you have a use for cross-band repeat wait until you can purchase a rig that you will be happy with.
  13. Great pictures RocketMan! We wanted to attend the C.A.C.H.E. chili cook-off last Saturday but Mrs n0wae forgot I was leading a trip for my 4WD club. http://www.trr4wd.com/ I took the group to GCX0JB near the ghost town of Phoenix and let them find my cache before we explored the mill ruins. We then tried to wheel up to the high country on the Kingston Peak road but it was blizzard conditions up there! After retreating to lower elevations we wheeled Miners Gulch (rated 7) and then headed over to Apex. Watch out for the wacko resident Bill... he can trap you for hours talking about alien caches! We wheeled over to a nice shaft house just west of Perigo. (I'm gonna put a cache there some day!) We then exited to the peak to peak highway via Gamble Gultch and drove north admiring the fall colors. The 4WD club members that found my cache have already made an account on GC.com and logged their first cache! (Cool!) Champion Mill Miners Gulch Shaft House
  14. I've been doing RM caches this weekend for the first time. Saturday we finished the 'RM Off Road Series #3'. I'm totally impressed! Great cache pages, Scenic areas, Great wheeling, Ammo cans and great swag! Welcome to Colorado RM! (CA - eat your heart out!) It's great to have a real 4-wheeler place premium 4WD caches in Colorado!
  15. Two of my green jeeps are waiting in one of my caches but still listed as in my inventory. It's a surprise for 4-wheeling cachers that take the challenge to do a real 4WD cache. Hmmm, where are these two Green Jeeps? Edit: OK, I e-mailed two jeepers 2 days ago that missed out on a Green Jeep TB and gave them a head start. Time is up. The Green jeeps have now been placed so all can see. Be forewarned though... You need a good jeep and experience to drive to this GCXDDH cache. (Hardcore trail)
  16. Oh goodie, lots of new Colorado 4WD caches to find! Go RocketMan!
  17. I own a grandfathered Virtual that requires the cacher to e-mail me the answers to 4 questions. About a year ago 2 cachers posted a find but didn't send the required e-mail. I sent them both a nice e-mail requesting the answers to the cache. No response. I waited a week or so and then deleted both finds. I've had one of my DNF posts deleted. The cache owner checked up on his cache and found it MIA. He e-mailed me when he deleted my post saying that the cache was gone and that he "didn't want me to suffer a DNF post" (???) I e-mailed him back and told him there is no shame in posting a DNF and that it's part of the cache and my caching history. (I hope he won't delete any more DNF posts.)
  18. July 8 by XXXXX (34 found) Found it for the 2nd time, its a great view from the top. Thanks! TNLN July 3, 2004 XXXXX (34 found) Found it no problem. Great day for a little hike. TNLN!
  19. June 4 by AAAAA (651 found) This was the last cache for the day and unfortunately it had gone missing. We found the spot where the cache used to be with BBBBB and was witnessed by CCCCC. We all found the logical location for the cache, but no cache. CCCCC came up and verified that it used to indeed be where we were looking. We also are logging a find with permission from CCCCC. Hopefully, we'll get them next time. June 4 by BBBBB (108 found) Cache # 100!!! WOO HOO...but it's not there. Found today while on a forest service patrol. AAAAA honestly did alot of the work because I was busy with the other forest service folks. But we finally made it to the last waypoint and NO CACHE!!! It has been muggled. CCCCC himself was there to witness it. Logging a find with permission for finding the spot, the person who muggled this will be found and dealt with to the fullest extent of irish law.
  20. No, don't. Take the discussions and excuses regarding fake finds elsewhere. Thanks, Jamie Yes, JamieZ has mentioned this numerous times in this thread. If you want to justifly allowing a lie on your cache page, please debate it here. I'm not getting involved in a debate, because I honestly don't care that much. I just wanted to make it known that I think your cause, at least in the specific case of my cache, is entirely misguided. Back off and mind your own business. Thanks. Yes, don't bother me with the truth or the facts... my mind is made up... You are misguided.
  21. Got my Green Jeep 7/28/06. Thank you very much!!! "San Bernardino East Peak (CA)" is waiting in my newest 4x4 cache that is soon to be published. (4x4 13-Empire Hilton) You will need a Jeep to get the Jeep!
  22. Hmmm. Has good potential, thanks! Is a 4x4 required to get to the 'faint of heart' parking spot? I'll likely we renting a standard-issue passenger car (granted, I've taken them on some...sporting terrain for passengar cars, but full-on 4x4 roads I've usually backed off from. If getting a passenger car to the 'faint of heart' parking area is feasible, then I might try to give this a go. How far a walk from there to the cache? A 4WD is required. You could hike up from town but it would be a long hike.
  23. I have respect for you and your 100 finds. You are wise to cache with a sense of honor that elevates you far above the cachers with higher but ill gained numbers.
  24. Well its not a 14er but I do have a cache on a 13er called Santa Fe Peak.
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