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  1. Looks like you guys had fun. Good to know I'm not the only "crazy" wheeler out there!
  2. Can't find the cache? No problem, just replace the missing cache with one of your *own* so you can get that smilie!
  3. Yea, Dave was complaining about my camper. I set the temp to 50° in my camper the night the temp dipped to 15° (I'm not that primative) Dave's tent on the other hand was so cold that Zeke climbed into his sleeping bag! The tent dishpan water froze and Dave even woke up next morning with frost on his facial hair!
  4. A lost cacher has been found (and kidnapped!) Dr123d, Dave has been off-line due to some personal problems and needed a jump-start so I took him to the middle of nowhere for 9 days of hunting to get his mind of the cares of the world. We were roughly 45 miles away from Paonia in a remote primitive camp with only Amateur Radio as a link to civilization. We talked to several 'Hams' including Mrs n0wae (kc0qxo) and Cacher RkyMountainRose (kd0bqd). It snowed on us, the wind blew hard and the temps plummeted to 15° early in the week. We survived. (The weather warmed up later in the week.) Dave's dog Zeke was a hoot and entertained us with his antics throughout the week. We had a good time using our GPSers to find a different type of cache that tastes good. Dave was camp cook and did a fine job of cooking some very fresh steaks for us. We had a good time! Dave & horses at camp. The panyards are loaded with Elk quarters: Taffy (Mare), Dr123d (Male), Esquire (Gelding): n0wae with his '4x4 Buck cache': Bagged quarters hanging before loading: Dr123d and 'Zekester' the wonder dog:
  5. If I'm reading your question right it's just a mater of math. Project a waypoint from P1 to P2 and if your GPS is set to miles just move the decimal point ... 1 mile =5,280' so 528'= .1 mile 475'=.09 422'=.08 370'=.07 317'=.06 264'=.05 211'=.04 158'=.03 106'=.02 53'=.01
  6. Thanks for the info n0wae. That might be the article about the accident, but it definitely wasn't on Radical Hill. I plotted some tracks in Google Earth and it looks like they were on a side trail off of the South Fork Swan River trail. The trail they were on is near the Rainbow King Mine. Here is an overview of the area with a waypoint for the smashed Jeep coords that Uberquandary gave (notice it is not below Radical Hill): Here is a closer view showing the trial coming off of South Fork Swan: And here is a closer view yet where you can see the switchbacks they were probably headed down and the canyon below (notice that the switchbacks end): Last weekend zoltig and I were on a similar set of switchbacks heading down the back side of Santa Fe Peak after doing n0wae's cache up there. We turned around because the trail looked questionable and was probably similar to the trail those folks were on. I'm glad we did. RocketMan Very nice pictures Rocketman! Yes, I'm not surprised about the Press inaccuracies. It's quite normal for them to pick a nearby well known location that people can identify with. Most wheelers don't have Topo skills and only have a general knowledge of where their at when wheeling. Pathfinding is a lost art and GPSers are still too new. Anyway, I'm sorry some fellow wheelers had this mishap in this area. It makes me ponder about all the decisions I've made in the past to push a road or to use discretion and call it quits. I guess I've been lucky so far.
  7. It might not show up in the pictures that well, but there was quite a bit of rust, especially on the roof. From our perspective the trail they fell off looked like it should have been obvious to avoid, and the ATVs we saw on top didn't go down it. And it just so happens we did mark the spot: N 39 30.114 W 105 51.430, in the environs of Webster Pass. I plotted your coordinates in my laptop for a look and noticed it was only 2.4 miles south of Radical Hill. There was a jeep accident in the area on July 28 this year. Looks like you might have found the jeep in question. A sad story but a reminder to the rest of us to be careful when wheeling these narrow Colorado trails.
  8. Silly me. I thought the smilie was for finding a cache.
  9. Another cacher (Egnix) joined me on my Ham 14er adventure this year. We left Buena Vista at 4:30am Sunday morning for the 4WD up the scary shelf road to the 13,700' parking area. My jeep got hung up on a big rock which cost us some time but we still made it and summited by 9am. I made eight 14er contacts and several non 14er contacts including a QSO with AC7SX... Joe was in Utah in the La Sal mountains some 162 miles away! I heard K4S (210 miles) but they were only S1 and dropped in and out. I guess their beam wasn't pointed my way. The event was a lot of fun and I even had time to plant a 14er cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...eb-20dffb2c7d02
  10. I like to spoil my FTF cachers. I leave a home made FTF ceramic collectible along with other goodies like gift cards, or a pair of $15 movie tickets or a $20 bill in a plastic bag marked "FTF prize". I don't do it every time so I do keep the cachers guessing on what they might find. On one of my caches a cacher took the $20 and left a $10... The next cacher took that $10 and left a $5! That was kinda cool.
  11. Yes, I too have forgotten my pen on occasion. This is how I solved my problem one time:
  12. Big numbers don't seem to mean much under these circumstances. Same cacher different cache. Sigh.
  13. You guys are having way too much fun! Honk if you know where the n0wae jeep is parked:
  14. Great pictures Guys! I would have gone with you except I had my hands full: It seems GHP and GP baited me with this 4WD cache and I just had to head to them thar hills!
  15. Colorado has an interesting yearly 14er Event. This year this event will be held on Sunday August 12. If your a caching Ham consider joining in on the fun. I'm thinking about planting a cache on top of my first event 14er this year and can only hope other cachers will do the same when they summit the 14ers. So far my Highest cache (GCGR32) is near where I tested out my Ham equipment in last years event on Santa Fe Peak. I'm looking forward to activating my first event 14er on August 12.
  16. July 10 by Reviewer (0 found) Hello, I am a volunteer for Geocaching.com and this cache has come to my attention during the course of my usual administrative duties. I appears that this cache was originally listed as a traditional cache but has recently been converted to a virtual cache. Since November, 2005, virtual caches are no longer accepted on the Geocaching.com website. You can list this cache, however, on the Waymarking.com website. The Geocaching.com guidelines require that all traditional caches need to have at a minimum a container and a logbook - (visit link) Please feel free to respond to this issue by sending me an e-mail at ***@.com. Please don’t forget to include the GCxxxx code for the cache. I will be happy to re-enable this listing once the issues with it have been addressed provided that it meets the listing guidelines at that time. Thank you for your understanding and for your contributions to the sport! Reviewer Volunteer Cache Reviewer July 4 by I Want My Smillie 5 (1914 found) We spent a little time looking without the description before we called for help. Answer sent. TFTC! July 4 by I Want My Smillie 4 (2056 found) Neat old bridge with a great history. Email sent July 4 by I Want My Smillie 3 (3699 found) interesting history of the bridge. email sent. TFTC DNF July 2 by Honest Cacher (2499 found) Thanks for bringing us to this interesting area! We enjoyed the history but didn't find your cache. Since your cache has been reviewed and published as a traditional cache we will be logging it as a DNF. Thanks for the cache. June 24 by I Want My Smilie 2 (661 found) Nice little park. E mailed owner ans. after looking for cache and then seeing it is MIA. Thanks for the history. June 23 by Cache Owner (86 found) Went to check on status of the cache. I Want My Smilie 1 was correct. The cache is indeed missing. I'll replace the cache soon but until then treat this as a ghost cache - see instructions above. But on a brighter note, this gave me a chance to plant another cache. June 19 by I Want My Smilie 1 (5788 found) What we found and what was the previous reality were very different. The cache owner says log it, so I will
  17. Late July or early August sounds good, bring a tent and we can stay a night up on the Old Flowers road. But I don't get too many weekends off so weekdays would be the way I could do it. I might be able to swing something on one of my off Fridays. I'm just a lowly machinist and I get Fridays off too. (I have machined rocket fins before though.) Building up seniority with any company helps too in the vacation department. I'm lucky to enjoy 5 weeks of paid vacation per year. Now if I could only talk them into emergency time off when there is a nearby FTF to bag! **Woops quoted the wrong message but you guys know what I mean**
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    Funny you! I'm a grandfather (7 grand-kids) and Britta is about 10 years old. The only thing on every one's minds was Geocaching. Little Britta was so excited about caching that she talked her mom into caching with me. Her mom wasn't quite as interested in caching but got talked into teaming up with me for the next cache only .1 mile away. All three of us had a grand time and parted company after finding the second cache. Britta's mom thanked me for taking the time to show them how to use a GPS and how to find a cache. We all parted with smiles!
  19. They found me hunting this cache.
  20. So far I have 124 recorded DNFs that I keep track of in GSAK and in a public bookmark on my profile page out of 2256 finds. I'm sure my actual DNF count is higher because I'm better at logging them now then when I first started caching. (You learn a lot from reading the forums!)
  21. In northern Colorado if you want to do some hikes check out the caches placed by Tahosa and Sons. I've done several and plan on doing some more this year. I remember this cache as being one of my longest hikes.
  22. I've picked up some neat FTF crafted items that were cool. I like to spoil my FTFers on my caches... I often leave a pair of Regal Entertainment Group movie tickets with a custom made FTF token. I've also been known to put $20 bills in the cache as a FTF gift. I don't do it every time so that cachers get in the habit but it's still fun to surprise a FTFer once in a while.
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    Here are some more links for you: Fox Hunting Simplified GeoFox Hunting
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