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  1. Vietnam Veteran. Served as a helicopter pilot based at Marble Mt. Denang. 71-72. My unit was the Robinhoods, 1st Av/223rd Combt Avn Bn. The Warrant Officers to the left and the right of me in my WOC picture were KIA. I thank the Lord for my safety and miss my friends who made the ultimate sacrifice for their Country.
  2. Well I can't help you with Georgia but if you come to Colorado that's a different story... We have lots of 4x4 roads here and like Vader mentioned several are hard core roads that are so rough most stock 4x4's can't do them. Roads such as GCG8EO are probably easier to hike than drive. Want a good scare? Then drive the cliff hanger road to GCGR32. If one wants an adrenaline rush here than the challenge is to drive to the cache. Another reason (besides young kids) for driving to a cache would be physical handicaps. My wife walks with a cane and can't do long hikes or walk up rough terrain. We will be placing more 4x4 caches here in Colorado in the future. I'm sure the cachers in Georgia would like to see more 4x4 caches also.
  3. Only ran into Jim Reeb once while caching and we only briefly talked. I've done several of his caches but don't know him personally. Perhaps you should send him an e-mail via his cache profile at GCC471 or click on the link in my last msg in this thread. 73, Eric
  4. I learned about Geocaching through my Ham club here in longmont CO. My son-in-law KC0MGP is a cacher and we often keep tabs of each other via HT. My wife Pat is also a Ham which comes in handy because she walks with a cane and can't do long hikes. She will stay in the car and work on the laptop while I'm doing the caches that have harder terrain. We keep in touch via Ham Radio. Jim Reeb (W0MIK) has a real nice Amateur Radio Cache that does a good job of meshing the two hobbies.
  5. It's quite easy for admin to test maintenance of a virtual and it might have happened to me. I had a cacher log a find on my virtual but he never sent the required e-mail with answers to my cache questions. I sent him an e-mail, waited a week then deleted his log. Was I being tested?
  6. I use Powerex 2200 mAh AA rechargeables with a fast charger. (MH-C777Plus Universal Charger & Analyzer) Money well spent.
  7. I also am an avid 4-wheeler here in Colorado. I'm a member of a jeep club and have enjoyed finding 4x4 caches in Colorado and have started making my own 4x4 caches. Some of them are hard core like GCG8E0 which is probably easier to hike than drive. No reason why jeepers can't enjoy their hobby with caching as a bonus.
  8. Well I guess the most physically demanding and scary cache I've done so far would be this one: Scary Cache
  9. Good job on the 100 milestone! Tis a great sport like you say. May the next 100 be even more enjoyable!
  10. 5 yesterday but only 1 today because it was a Tahosa cache... some are easy and some you have to work for.
  11. Thanks for pointing this cache out to me. I did it today and it was the hardest cache I've done so far to date. Glad to be back home safe and sound!
  12. A nice + post that gets a reply from a lurker... Yes, sorry to admit I must be Geo addicted too. Haven't found the cure yet but that's ok. Having too much fun for sure! (Can think of lots worse things to be hooked on) What I'm pondering on is WHY I'm so fixated on finding boxes of trinkets hidden in the bushes...
  13. Perhaps you should look at this site: http://www.paypalwarning.com/WallOfShame/Default.asp
  14. So true. Some tadpoles have done more caches than bullfrogs who spend more time at the keyboard. Not that one is better than the other... Live and let live I say.
  15. Yes, I too am a lurker. A man of few words because of a lot of irons in the fire and no desire to argue in circles...better things to do with my time. I enjoy Geocaching and other outdoor activities. Nope, don't have an avatar... sorta reminds me of an alligator shirt but I guess I'll probably make one one of these days when I don't have anything better to do. Until then I guess I'll just go Geocaching!
  16. quote:Originally posted by runner_one:I think as a matter of courtesy if someone goes to the trouble of finding the cache finding the answers e-mailing you and logging the cache the least you could do as a cache owner is send a thank you note. ( I think you have it backwards. You enjoyed finding a cache and YOU should thank the cache owner. When you go to a free concert do you expect the stars to thank you ?!?
  17. n0wae formerly wd4rpo. I do HF, VHF, APRS and Geocaching. Always fun to try different things. Small world with lots of cross roads. E
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