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  1. Hi Jeff,

    If you are out of the city using a Ht then a 1/4 wave should be your minimum antenna. http://www.14er.org/gain.php I own a VX-7R and it has done well for me. If you plan on getting into APRS I would consider buying a HT with TNC and even perhaps GPS capabilities: http://www.yaesu.com/indexvs.cfm?cmd=DisplayProducts&ProdCatID=111&encProdID=64C913CDBC183621AAA39980149EA8C6&DivisionID=65&isArchived=0 You can check out APRS here: http://aprs.fi/ (Adj the map to your area)

    Good luck, Eric/n0wae

  2. :) May 29 by Didn't Sign Log (2179 found)

    Very nice area for a Multi cache, we enjoyed this cache until the final stage where a 3+ foot bull snake was guarding the cache with a series malfunction. We never got the snake to leave the cache as it's a good place to hide out so we didn't get to stamped the log. dadgum Snake won this time.

  3. That is an odd name for a pocket query file. Did it come that way in your e-mail, or did you (or your computer) rename the file? The file in your e-mail should be named something like 123456.zip (if you ordered them zipped) or 123456.gpx (if not zipped).


    What happens if you rename your file to "gpx.zip" instead of "zip.gpx"???

    Oh, man I can't type! The file name was 2924707.zip

    Looks like SQ has the link to the problem and the fix is being worked on. Thanks for the replies!

  4. Now that's more like it! Thank you for the pics, everyone!


    Robyn :laughing:

    Yes, Thanks for the pictures! I did notice one pic missing though... How about jeep parking on the China Wall trip? You know....that big bolder. :laughing: We like TRR parking!!!

  5. September 22, 2008 by Double Dipper (349 found)


    [view this log]


    September 22, 2008 by Double Dipper (349 found)


    [view this log]

    I emailed this cacher in case it was a mistake. No reply and he's been on line since. Very Sad.

  6. Make sure you email Garmin too and ask them to fix the bug in their software. Computers have been around over 50 years, there's no excuse for something as simple as a valid date input causing a program to crash completely.

    I've e-mailed this error report to Clyde and Garmin before. I believe GSAK has been improved on since then. Garmin on the other hand told me to delete and reload my Garmin program. :) I've done my part by reporting the issue to everyone again. I just feel sorry for the Geocachers out there that don't read the forums and haven't a clue of what is wrong with their failed import.

  7. Thanks for the replies. This seems to be a re-occurring problem that I've dealt with before. Glad Groundspeak is aware of the problem. I too like the idea of locking down the code to limit the cache date input to within a window that won't cause other programs to crash. Thanks, n0wae

  8. Hello,

    Lately my Garmin nRoute program has been crashing when I try to import my PQ. I traced the problem to GC1K8ZM with a cache Hidden date of 12/31/1901. Apparently the year is causing problems with nRoute. I've e-mailed the cache owner and asked for the mistake to be corrected. Would it be possible for the on-line cache report form to limit the dates entered to ovoid this problem?

  9. Don't mind using my legs either, usually try to do a 14er or 2 each year. I prefer the warmer weather for hiking though...

    Welcome again from the n0wae team. Yep, hiking, jeepin, camping & Haming... we do it all. I have a cache on a 14er that you can jeep and hike to. Make sure you check out the bookmarks on the cache page for other 14er and jeeping caches. :angry:

  10. Just read this disturbing thread. It's a shame FS can't find something more wholesome and constructive to do with his spare time. Some of todays youth are a real disappointment in so many ways. A few wise sayings popped into my head as I waded through the intolerant foul language:


    Live and let live


    The definition of the word "profanity" is: The attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcibly.


    Hire a teenager... while they still know everything!


    Great minds talk about ideas

    Average minds talk about events

    Small minds talk about other people

  11. I've been waiting for the VX-8R to be released. Yaesu keeps pushing back the release date, so I have to wonder if they are having some serious problems with the unit, which they are trying to correct? Each time I look at various stores to purchase one, the date has been pushed back another month.


    The VX-8R seems like it will be a nice unit. The main feature I like, is the integrated GPS that you can attach to the Mic jack, or to speaker mic. This eliminates a seperate cord connecting your gps to the radio.


    My ARES team has 4 of the Kenwood D7A's. I take them out from time to time and give them a shake down. They work fine in a mobile (car) application, but they are a pain to use for APRS when on foot. You end up with the GPS cable connected to a Kenwood cable, which is usually about 8 feet of cable. All this cable tends to snag and get caught on things, unless you have it all wrapped up together in a backpack or bag.


    I too am looking for a APRS tracker that I can use Geocaching, hunting, fishing, or when I'm out on ski's or snowshoes. I don't want the hassle of all the cords. The VX-8R seems to be a good solution. If you use the attached GPS, you have basically a one piece unit. This would be easy to put on your belt, pocket, or bag. You should also be able to use the radio for conventional voice, and the packets will be sent out on the 2nd VFO (144.390) when it beacons it's position.


    I have a Kenwood D710a in my truck. When I go portable APRS, I put the D710 on Wide1-1 digipeat, so the truck Digipeats my portable's beacon. This usually works very well.


    Like I said, I've been waiting for the VX8R to be released, but I think I will sit back and see the reviews on the radio before I buy one. You are going to be shelling out about $400 for this radio, and close to $500 if you get the GPS and Mic with it.


    There are cheaper ways to use APRS while portable, but I've had poor success with them. Devices like the Tinytrak are available for about $40.00, but they are very sensative to RF. When used in close proximity to an HT or other radio, they get overloaded with RF and start looping. I've only had success with the radios on low power.


    There are also stand alone trackers that can be used while portable. Check out the MicroTrak by Byonics: http://www.byonics.com/microtrak/mtaio.php This device will put out 10 watts of power, has self contained radio transmitter, GPS, and TNC. These are transmitters, and don't have a receiver built in. That means they won't listen for an open channel before they transmit. Some of their beacons may be lost because they are transmitting at the same time as higher power beacons. This unit costs about $250, and it looks very promising. It would be easy to stick it in a backpack. You could buy a MicroTrak, and a 2 VHF HT for less money then the VX-8.





    Well it looks like some of the new HTs are being sold. Here are the first eham reviews.

    If you have a fast Internet connection you can download this informative 6.92meg VX-8R brochure. It shows pictures of the two ways the GPS module can be mounted on the HT as well as screen APRS shots. The blue tooth option looks pretty cool too! I wonder if they will take my VX-7Rs as trade ins! <_<

  12. I'm a new ham - KD0FQX. So, of course I need a radio, the one with the most doo dads possible attached :rolleyes: . Was thinking about a VX8R because I'm pretty interested in APRS. The question is: do the GPS functions on these radios act anything like a GPSr you'd use in geocache? IE, can you store way points or anything? Or is it pretty much narrowed to sending packet functions. I'm pretty sure that's the deal, but thought I would check here anyway since you folks would know more than anyone :rolleyes:


    Here is a link to some info on a VX8R My guess would be that the built in GPS option would only be an all in one package APRS HT. (cool!) The built in GPS module's (non-screen) purpose would be only to output NMEA data to the built in TNC. With the kenwood HT or even the D700 (I own two of them) you have to plug a separate GPS unit into the transceiver. Not a big deal in a car but kinda cumbersome hiking. I also own two VX7R's but they don't even have the built in TNC. The VX8R would be my choice if I was serious about APRS while hiking.

    73, Eric

  13. September 12, 2007 by rrrrrrrr (45 found)

    I've done this cache before as a muggle with vvvvvvvvvv but it doesn't really count doing it as a muggle so I found it again!

    That one happens all the time, and sees pretty legit. At least he went out and found it again. A lot of people just back date their logs when they create an account, which still is reasonable, but he went one step beyond!

    Good for him! :D:D:P His honesty is indeed refreashing!

  14. Team Red Rubicon had an adventure this weekend to the top of "Nugget Hill" via the dreaded Rowena route that has a 4WD obstacle called "The Rock". (Not for the faint of heart!) All went well and the team enjoyed lunch on the top of Nugget Hill and explored interesting mine ruins in the area. Hopefully other members will share some more pictures. After the run we all had dinner at the Mill Site Inn. Rocketman picked up the tab! :) (Thank you!)

    Nugget Hill Trail:


    Team Red Rubicon above "The Rock"


    n0wae & Zoltig on "The Rock" 4WD obsticle:


    An interesting mine door at a mine site:


  15. :huh: September 14 by Brain (xxxx found)

    Used Seekers eyes to do this one.



    :P September 14 by Seeker (xxxxx found)

    Brain did the heavy work on this one. SL. Thanks!

    (Brain and Seeker are a puzzle caching 'team')

    (1) The out-of-state cacher (Brain) solves the puzzle.

    (2) The in-state cacher (Seeker) finds the cache. (by himself)

    (3) Both get a B) !!!

  16. You can use your GPS to convert the numbers for you:

    1. Set your GPS datum and format to match the datum & format of the waypoint you want to convert.

    2. Make a new waypoint and then edit it to match the origional you want to convert and save.

    3. Set your GPS to the new datum and format you want to convert to.

    4. Look at the waypoint you saved. (It was converted to the new datum & format)

  17. :rolleyes: September 1 by I Found No Cache (50 found)

    I think it's been muggled. Cool cabin though. Your right about the gates. I freakin got a little lost and kept driving down roads with a gate. I finally got out of there around 9pm. I should have just blasted thought one of them.

    I am very respectful to private property but how in the world I ended up on several roads with locked gates is a mystery to me.


    DNF July 12 by Honest Cacher (3893 found)

    Drove in the long way via Moon Gulch. We looked hard but the cache eluded us. TFTC


    Yep, numbers don't mean much any more.

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