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  1. No I am using the same filter and loading up 3 GPSr and my older models don't seem to have the same problem. That's interesting I'm wondering if maybe the GPSr is saving founds as POI and that is why they are not being cleared. I will have to investigate.
  2. 1. I Found what you were talking about -- I kept looking for a 'declutter' option. 2. I am loading with GSAK - I filter out found caches and "wipe" my GPS prior to sync. -- but it seems that doesn't work.
  3. So I am attempting to adjust from my trusty 60Csx to this machine but there are some things I want to know if I can change. 1. The 60CSX, if I zoomed the map out all the way, the geocaches would still show up on the screen. On the 64st, at a certain point of zoom they disappear from the map, anyway to stop this behavior? 2. How do I delete found caches from the 64st? I sync with GSAK and select the wipe caches box prior to syncing but it seems the "found" caches aren't wiped out. Thanks.
  4. Yeah I thought that was a strange reason.
  5. The third unit is the CO coordinates of whatever cache I am seeking. But now, I'm going to add a 3rd GPSr 60Csx, 64st, and we'll get out my wife's eTrex (i forget the model). All units have the latest firmware. The methodology will be side by side at GZ then take an averaged reading for a mark. So in total I'd have four measurements. All units will be calibrated at the GZ prior to a measurement being taken.
  6. I used to cache with a couple people (both north of 25K finds) that used to carry two GPSr of different brands because of how they calculate position so GZ was varied between the two and some COs were using TomToms and for some reason there was noticeable variance. The caches I've mostly been going after are older caches, so I'm wondering if there is a difference between GPSrs of different generations.
  7. In my opinion, in the environment you are talking about, complaining about broken baggies and dampness *is* nitpicking. I wouldn't post NMs about those. Yes, admittedly they are things that suggest a need for maintenance, but they're always going to be problems in a climate like that, so pointing them out in find logs is the way to go, leaving it up to the CO to decide when they need to be dealt with. This is one of those things to push more to the friendly, non-log part of your relation with this CO, in my opinion. I'd wait for a while to get a feel for the culture and the overall quality before deciding which issues to push via NMs. Of course, more obvious cases such as broken containers need to be flagged for maintenance as soon as you discover them. I wasn't clear here. I don't post NM for minor things like the items listed -- I just typically note them on the Found log so they know depending on conditions (weather, cache traffic, etc) that they may have cache maintenance in the future. For example, I did a cache (different CO) the other day where a precious log by another cacher noted the logbook was damp but still useable about 3 weeks earlier, when I got to the cache the container was full of water and the logbook was soaked - I emptied the water and dried it out the best I could with a small towel. But I had to mark the cache NM because the logbook was unsalvable. The other cacher in the case did what I would have done in their shoes - the cache is still serviceable so no need for a NM. I'm not suggesting my coords are any better than the COs, that the CO did anything wrong or incorrectly, nor is it intended to be a complaint -- its merely to provide another data point / sample that is all. Bouncing / "wild" signals are just that - unstable; and the more samples you have the better average you will receive. I've also seen where different GPSr brands seem to come up with significantly different GZs for a cache so it wouldn't surprise me if there are generational differences between GPSr - I don't know what others are using. Where I'm most used to caching, where you are constantly under a rainforest tree canopy - its quite common for cachers to list alternate coords to help other cachers because the GPS signals tend to bounce wildly.
  8. I'll try a re-calibrate. I'm going to get my 60csx out compare about dozen caches to see if there is any difference -- I'll leave the 64st with the GLONAS off to make sure the comparison is apples to apples. I'll report back in a week.
  9. Here is a sample of what I write. This cache hadnt been found in a year or two -- I think an animal got into it. I mark it as the container is damaged with the NM go into detail in my found log. I think I'm being malicious and there were several on this route the CO had set up that needed maintenance - so maybe it 'felt' malicious getting several in the same day. I have my family with me, and they each have their own accounts, but we don't all log NM -- one is enough. I do try to be positive and helpful -- here's a sample, though others are more brief.
  10. Caches around here take a beating from the winter weather. So nearly everything is buried in snow, not to mention the hard freezes. So I've been hesitant to replace containers, because many cache containers are substandard for the climate. (Decon canisters, 35mm film, pill bottles, etc.) So I dont nit pick, and just note minor things - torn zip lock, damp logbooks, etc when warranted. I do this to let COs know that maintenance is on the horizon. This particular CO in question, I asked about an 'easy' roadside cache looking for a hint. They said they'd check on it in a week. 3 weeks goes by asked if they checked on it, never hear back. They replace the cache a month later, they make an owner maintenance log. I go out and make a quick find. I noticed that they have deleted several of my NM logs though the attribute remains on their caches. One the cache container has been obliterated. No owner maintenance.
  11. I have an up to date Garmin 64st and have noticed that it GZs anywhere from 25 to 50' feet north of the cache location consistently. I turned off Glonas to see if that made a difference but it didn't seem to make much if any difference. I'm going to get out my old 60csx and see if there is a noticeable difference between the two, the 60 was always rock solid and brought me to with 10 feet of a cache even under a dense rainforest canopy. I got to thinking that I've read that there has been significant movement in the earth's poles -- I wonder if that is playing a part in the accuracy issue? Anyone else experience consistently poor accuracy?
  12. So I've been going out lately and having moved to a new area, there are a lot of fresh caches for me to collect. Many of the caches haven't been found in a while or the logs indicate that the cache has a problem but hasn't been remedied. Anyway a cacher that is local has taken offense because I've marked several of their caches as needing maintenance in the last week. They don't wan't me to find anymore of their caches or stop marking them as "needing maintenance" and only make a note in the find log that there's a problem. I was informed that it was "bad etiquette" to mark a cache as needing maintenance. Though if I had hundreds of hides, it might be tiresome maintaining that many caches. I have mixed feeling on this... I don't want to generate bad feelings with another cacher - especially a local one, but at the same time if someone who isn't local is visiting, if they know a cache isn't in good shape, then they might choose another cache for their adventure. So is it bad etiquette?
  13. Thanks for the help and show the secret admin domain.
  14. Okay so I tried the "log" on the 'admin.com' site and it appears to allow me to write a note or declare I didn't find.
  15. So as a basic member, I tried logging a cache .... but I can't - I've also logged this cache in the past and personally know the cache owner.
  16. Im quite certain when I started caching PQs were not a paid feature, in fact I don't recall paying anything for a "membership" - just had to have an account on the site. I will try making the kids an account to see if I can log a cache. I'm currently doubtful, I have logged "premium caches" from before my hiatus from the past that I can't even view as a basic member so I am not sure how I would be able to log the cache.
  17. I was a pretty active cacher in the past and life kinda took me away from the game for some time. Now that I've started again, I'm disappointed that you have to pay to get pocket queries or view caches. With my oldest child I she had her own account so she could have her own record of caches she's visited. I wanted to do the same with my younger ones now that they are old enough to cache but I really can't fund 6 accounts to go geocaching and if I don't and just fund a single account - they won't be able to log the find in their accounts. How are other families addressing this?
  18. It was reported on the radio today, that this morning a Cougar has also been spotted in the Meadows neighborhood in Lacey. Be vigilant and safe when venturing out into the area.
  19. hunters are scary? Anyway I enjoy seeing all those things when I am out on the trail except maybe the Mt. Bikers, they can't stop and it seems as if I get out of the way 'just in time'. Oh.... PS. Sorry for leaving your coin so high on a mountain top not frequently traveled.
  20. Just got my coins yesterday..... these are great coins. I've always enjoyed the outdoors in the buff.
  21. Get rid of ZoneAlarm and just use the XP Firewall. You'll have better system performance overall.
  22. Sorry I didn't pickup the 'Irony' or Sarcastic nature of being 'Sad'; I took TM at face value. These nuances do not always translate well through text on a screen. I do know that that Team Misguided are reviewers, my comments wasn't intended as a dig at or about them. As for DOT {INSERT AGENCY} being the owners of all State maintained common ways {INSERT PUBLIC PROPERTY TYPE} then fine so be it. However, if you assume this logic then you must use this logic with ALL public lands... national forests, DNR forests, county roads, city roads & sidewalks, etc. Really as a community and even for simplicity sake, there needs to be consistancy to avoid confusion. Even if it means that GC has to setup a groups in every state to go out and get an audience with the powers that be of every property managing public agency for them to develop geocaching guidelines. This certainly has simplified working with National Parks, State Parks and Weyerhauser. This sort of approach also avoides confusion, negative experiences (Discovery Park), and bad press for Geocaching. When there is a "permission issue" on cache or an agency changes or forms a stance regarding geocache hides, this is the type change I think should be retro-active on all other caches affected by these type of change. I can think of at least a two caches that 'pre-date' the State Parks guidelines for hiding geocaches and I bet the Rangers do not know about these caches. I think this probably goes against the 'spirit' of the 'get permission' rule as well as the agreement made between geocachers and State Parks regarding geocaches. I know the pain of getting a permission, I am trying get permission for an Earthcache right now. Nobody at the agency I am working with wants to take on the 'responsibility' for saying "YES", so I keep getting forwarded around to different departments.
  23. You should check out Waymarking.com or terracaching.com
  24. I don't disagree with this practice and I have gotten caches archived because they were placed on private land without permission. However, the topic here is focusing public lands and more specifically the common ways used for travel.
  25. Why be sad??? Realistically, it's would be nearly impossible to get permission for EVERY cache placed on public lands or private land with public access (Walmart). The number of emails and phone calls requesting permission would eventually shutdown geocaching in these areas because most likely they would move to a "no geocache" policy to avoid the time drain from other agency/business duties. And if GC was really wanting to enforce this rule then they would do what Earthcache.org does.... right on the cache submission page you MUST place Owner / Manger name and contact information so that a reviewer can verify cache placement approval. A requirement of this order should mean that it be retro-active to all previously placed caches if only out of respect to property rights and possible envirnomental concerns. This isn't like other rule changes where changes were made to cache type or other caching nuances.
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