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  1. if you sign up for a premium member, you can run a Pocket Querrie based on specific terrain or difficulty levels and container size You can also click on the D/T column on the search pages to sort them from easiest to hardest without being a premium member
  2. I am amazed! I was wondering if it had been lost being it had been in the same spot without being "discovered" for a few months. Yours has had quite a journey and has moved far, but still a bit too far for me to go out to rescue
  3. mine has been stuck with no movement in 2 months. So close to goal, but so far to go still. Hopefully with summer starting (officially), people will have more time to be out and about
  4. My bug is less than 80 miles, in a straight line or 180 miles driving, from it's target, but it has been like that for a bit now
  5. they will if you do a pocket query. You have to select the query in the map options though. It would be nice if it showed all the time
  6. you can also get a 3 month premium membership for $10. That would get you through your holidays.
  7. kind of glad they are all spoken for. I'm terrified to even get started on coins, I like looking at everyones pictures of them and I think I would end up broke if I started
  8. on the legft side of your map there is a vertical grey bar. when you click it it opens up and near the bottom there is a spot to set map preferences. click that then choose google
  9. Mine started Dec 6. Just noticed the one that I am racing against was picked up for the first time and is going to be within 45 mins of me in a few days! I might be losing this one. Canada Christmas Gift--Coffee Traveler
  10. first, after it is plugged in to your computer, check to make sure there are no files that are .LOC files. Delete them if they are there. When using a pocket querrie, you might have to extract the files after transfering them to your GPS. Here is a helpful link http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/paperless.html#showmehow
  11. After you solve the puzzle and change the coordinates on the cache page (updated coordinates spot) and you save it to a bookmark list, run a pocket querrie for that list. The corrected coordinates will show up on your map, but only when you chose that pocket querrie to view, not when you are just looking at the map.
  12. I have a Lenovo tablet and the USB ports or plugs are not the right size to plug my GPSr to it. It has the same size plugs as a playbook.
  13. FTF race isn't a Groundspeak thing, it is something that developed in some areas over time, therefore it isn't their problem that you want it to be easier to get there first. I have yet to get a FTF.
  14. there is a group in Kitchener that hold events. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4RDDP_c-r-e-w-meet-and-eat-december-2013
  15. I don't use an app for my tablet, just use wifi and the main site. Viewing the caches from the map sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I haven't figured out the magic way of tapping the screen to open them all the time. I know this doesn't help, but keep fiddling with it, you might come up with the perfect technique
  16. You're welcome. It's one of those silly things that I found by accident.
  17. on the left hand side of the map, there is an arrow type symbol and a grey vertical bar. If you click on the arrow, an options page slides out. Near the bottom there is a spot that says "set map preferences" click on that to change to google maps
  18. Sounds like fun. I would be willing to give it a try
  19. you might also check to make sure that your settings on your GPS haven't been changed to magnetic north from true north
  20. Was it hidden by the same hider that listed the challenge? If you know who the hider was, it will still show up on their profile even if it was archived.
  21. there is one in my area which is a small plastic garbage can with the metal fasteners to keep it closed. The log book is in another piece of tupperware inside of it. It is hidden in a forest are just off a common trail disguised by paint,a group of trees and a few extra branches. Now go look for more in your area to see what others are doing and what is and is not working around you
  22. I have an etrex 20 and can put 5 full pocket queries on it(1000 each) The 6th one will load most but tells me I have exceeded my limit. This is without an SD card
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