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  1. If you want to see something even funnier, do a search on eBay for ghost in a jar. Click Here to see all the other auctions that have stuff to go with your ghost in a jar....LOL
  2. quote:Originally posted by georgeandmary: If you know of a heterosexual cruzing spot, please post it because I have yet to find one in a public park and I know people who would like to visit. Judging from the commercials I’ve seen on TV for some videos, I think that location is on some beach in Florida during Spring Break..LOL
  3. There's just too many good ones to make a call. After seeing one I think I like the most another one shows up.
  4. Oh, I agree 100% Brian. I still have my DEET also. Didn't mean to imply that DEET was not needed.
  5. I think you'll find that DEET will not do much for ticks. Here's a link that might give you more information: Article by the Lyme Alliance The best stuff I've found is this:
  6. Perhaps this might calm your fears, from AMSAT-NA News Service May 4, 2003: Upgraded GPS Satellite Shipped to Cape for July Launch As the U.S. Air Force prepares to launch its third Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite this year, prime contractor Lockheed Martin has set a new record for operational checkout of the recently-launched GPS IIR-9 satellite. Following the March 31 launch of GPS IIR-9, Lockheed Martin executed an accelerated on-orbit payload initialization in just 11 days -- a record for any GPS satellite -- so that the satellite could be quickly placed into service in support of the current military operations. Two months earlier, the team achieved a 20-day check out of GPS IIR-8, which was launched on Jan 29. The next satellite, designated GPS IIR-10, was recently shipped to Cape Canaveral from Lockheed Martin's facilities in Valley Forge, PA for a scheduled launch in late July. The satellite features significant performance upgrades, including a modernized antenna panel and increased power for GPS receivers. There are eight new-generation GPS IIR spacecraft currently on orbit out of a total GPS constellation of 28 satellites. The GPS IIR satellites are compatible with the current system and provide improved navigation accuracy, achieved by using an ITT Industries payload system. Additionally, increased autonomy and longer spacecraft life are inherent in the Lockheed Martin satellite design. To bring new capabilities to the GPS constellation, Lockheed Martin is under contract to modernize eight existing GPS IIR spacecraft already built and in storage. GPS modernization is being performed at the Space & Strategic Missiles - Valley Forge, PA facilities and ITT Industries, Clifton, NJ facilities. The first launch of a GPS IIR-M satellite is scheduled for July 2004. The U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, El Segundo, CA is the contracting agency. AMSAT-NA News Service
  7. Here are my two: http://www.heavens-above.com/ for looking at those Iridium flares that we talked about earlier. http://www.terrafly.com/ for seeing satellite images of your coordinates or even just flying over a given area. Neat site, check it out. Hit the advance button to enter your coordinates. Any others???
  8. Most camping stores sell this little item for around three dollars. It might do the trick for you.
  9. Just about any Army/Navy store should have them. I have yet to see an Army/Navy store that doesn't have them.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Tsegi Mike and Desert Viking:I didn't say I agree with asking permission, only that some land agencies don't see a difference between virtual and physical caches. NPS doesn't allow caches. Therefore permission should be obtained for the virtual cache. And the enforcement of this NPS rule would be?????
  11. quote:Originally posted by Tsegi Mike and Desert Viking:I didn't say I agree with asking permission, only that some land agencies don't see a difference between virtual and physical caches. NPS doesn't allow caches. Therefore permission should be obtained for the virtual cache. And the enforcement of this NPS rule would be?????
  12. I agree Getting permission for a virtual cache seems kind of pointless.
  13. Okay, I can't take it any longer. Amazon.com has dropped the price of the Garmin Mapsource CD Rom (USA TOPO) to $76.15. I just ordered it. I'll let you folks know if turning up the map detail bar to high does in fact work. I just got to have that software..
  14. Renegade, A possible explanation of your Iridium flare failure could be that the Iridium satellite, that was to produce the flare, is tumbling in its orbit. I do know that a handful of the Iridium satellites have started to tumble in their orbit and have had to be replaced with newer satellites. A tumbling satellite will not produce a flare at the predictive time. It can sometimes produce a flashing flare but that’s about impossible to predict. One additional note to people using www.heavens-above.com, please pay close attention to the format requirements of the coordinates. I think most people here on this forum understand that, I’m just stating this to the casual observer who may not be aware of the different formats of LON/LAT.
  15. We look for geocaches and benchmarks, why not Iridium flares? The neat thing about this is that on just about any clear night you can see one. The challenge is using your GPS to get you to the right location to log that Iridium flare. What is an Iridium flare? They are dazzlingly bright flares from Iridium satellites as they pass over head in the morning just before the sun comes up or evening just after sunset. The flare is really a reflection of the sun off of the huge mirror like antennas on the satellite. I’ve seen about a dozen over the past few years and they are very very bright! It last for about 6 of 7 seconds and are just a trip to see if you have never seen one. What’s the rub? Well, this reflection is only on a very small area (or footprint as they say in satellite terms) on the earth surface. You are going to need your GPS to get you in the center of this footprint. Second, timing is everything here. You are going to keep a very close eye on your GPS clock. Your GPS clock is vary accurate, it get it’s timing from the GPS satellites, which is why you didn’t have to set it. Try entering in your coordinates at this URL: http://www.heavens-above.com/ Along with giving you the time and date of the Iridium flares over the next 7 days, it will also tell you which Iridium satellites will produce the flare for those coordinates. So why not make a special section for Iridium flares? Just like we have a special page for each cache, let’s have one for each Iridium satellite. When you see an Iridium flare, log the sighting under the page for that satellite. So, I propose that for a change of pace, that we look up rather than down. Any comments?
  16. I've got the Garmin eTrex Legend along with the Garmin MapSource MetroGuide USA software. They work great togther and I'm all the time uploading my tracks information to the PC software to see it better on the PC. I'm thinking of getting the topo software next.
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