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  1. Nou moet ek net 'n lekker plek opspoor vir Tondeldoos I - PE !
  2. I take my hat off to you Zantus. Many happy FTF's to you!
  3. Geagte Ollietande As mede dutchman, dink ek dit is 'n briljante plan. Ek dink elke provinsie/stad behoort ten minste een "boereskat" te he. Hoekom nie met dieselfde tema en/of soortgelyke naam. Ek sal een plant in PE. Enige voorstel vir 'n naam? Die uwe ammaSoekSoek
  4. Aggh - I was just litle bit yellow, due to lack of first-to-find's myself. But thats all cured now... ;-) Oh - I'm heading back to PE soon... Maybe I will meet up with "Geobuddie 1 & 2", and have a chat with them...
  5. Check out this one: ********************************************** Micro cache by "Geo-buddie 1": Cache Logs January 20 by erik88l-r (2138 found) Published [view this log on a separate page] January 18 by "Geo-Buddie 2" (36 found) FTF!!! ********************************************** -
  6. Upgrading from a Garmin 60CSX! Whoa.- to what?! ;-)
  7. This area brings back some memories: We got "lost" in the mountains here, on the wrong side of the dam. If it wasn't for a scientist on a small little boat, a sleep over in the middle of nowhere, with no provisions would have been necessary. Actually the reason I got a GPS in the first place... I'm putting “10 Stop Hill” on the to-do list.... (Now with GPS on hand…)
  8. Ok, I decided to be sportsman like, and try for my First first-to-find. Covering 830km round trip over the weekend to do it.... ! Almost not making it before another cacher with the same idea. Crazy ? - Yes, I think so.... What is the furthest you had to travel for a first-to-find? PS: Oh by the way - I had to be in the area for some other reasons as well.. smile
  9. Thanks all, I new it had to be simple! I will contact previous owner...
  10. My humble apologies if this quesion has been asked before: Someone has a disabled cache in close facinity of where I live. This place is one of my favourite places. The owner I see now operates (lives) about 1000km away. Is it possible that if I replace the cache- that I can adobt his? Thus showing up as my cache in future? with finds coming to my e-mail? Obviously all with his agreement... How is this done?
  11. Oh for sure, you do get the true FTF masters! But if the same two caching buddies, repeatedly find each others , mmmmm - suspect!
  12. I've got little bit more than a month left to give it a go, but I think I concede against the master of FTF's!
  13. I agree whole heartedly. PS: I must mention it is not happening here in the area where I am currently geocaching, but in another area where I am soon moving to.....
  14. Rant Open I'm just so slightly irritated, with so called geo-buddies. Buddie cacher 1: Look here is my new cache (normally micro…) Buddie cacher 2: Look I’ve logged the FTF for this cache (3 “micro” seconds later) Anyone feel the same? /Rant Closed Will have to organise this soon myself, just to get my first FTF !!!
  15. Actually 2 in East London In East London do not miss the oppertunity to do: 1) The Swinging Monkeys by iNokia ! (GC133FY) - Brilliant 2) The Tree Dassie by iPajero (GC10R3F) - Nature at its best. Thanks Discombob! I took us 3 months to come up with a "lekker local" name!
  16. In East London do not miss the oppertunity to do: The Swinging Monkeys by iNokia ! (GC133FY) Brilliant!
  17. Thanks LeonW, they are now added to the list ...
  18. Thankyou Fish Eagle for some great advice. We looking forward to some succesfull cache hunting in your area! We'll have to give the N4 a pass (regaring finding caches), as we have to cover 1500km to get there. At this stage in one go....
  19. Believe it or not, but I have never been to the Kruger national Park or Lyndenberg (Blyderiver Canyon) area. Planning on rectifying that mistake towards the end of Apr this year! during some 8 days in this area. Well some 7 years ago this should have not been a problem for any geoachers, but with +- 321 cache options in this area, we do not even know where to start!!!!!! After some searching on this form I have found 2 favourites of other geocachers: 1) Pilgrim's Secret created by Guineafowl (GCXYEN) 2) Sabie Saunter created by Fish Eagle (GCRHYY) Anyone got some suggestion on quick finds for us of say: +- 5 in KNP and +- 5 outside in the Blyderiver Canyon / Pilgrims rest area! Thanks for the help ! amma-SoekSoek
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