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  1. Is there a way to see which TB/Coins have been logged into and out of a cache you own? Say for example an cacher books a TB into one of your caches, and the next day someone else books it out. And in this period you have not log onto geocaching.com? I also do not see which TB/Coin has been booked into a cache you own on the e-mail notification, unless the cacher specifically mentions it? Am I missing something, or is this just not possible? We enjoy reading up on the "history" of TB/coins passing through our geocaches...
  2. I see 14 of the 18 listed allready. So only 4 outstanding. . . Before I dare start traveling, I will wait for the last 4 Who will be the first to have all 18 found . . .
  3. Brick, if you want quick finds close to “Joshua's Seagull Junction” you can do 2 of mine if you want. They are both size small , so can take geocoins and of the smaller TB’s. 1) Tonteldoos I - Die Groot Trek (GC1CBXX) 2) Shark Rock Pier (GC1936F) - There are currently 2 TB’s in this one. If you can squeeze the time in, try to get to “St George's Stash – (GC10HET)” by bosveldklong. The rest of the caches close to there (which are quickies) we have unfortunately not yet had the oppertunity to search for, so cannot do any recommendations. I’m sure others can give you more info. Happy caching!
  4. Great work Vespax! What an achievement! Team amaSoekSoek only have 1209 to go.... Agghhhh - I misread that one. Its days not caches.... *going into hiding. . .
  5. Great work Vespax! What an achievement! Team amaSoekSoek only have 1209 to go....
  6. Agreed, I suppose that is why we also "try" not to place caches which are "high" maintenance. Allthough, we recently noted that some rats/or other animal had chewed holes in a couple of our waterproof cache-bags out in the sticks. Back to the drawing board then, as wet logs are no good!
  7. amaSoekSoek

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    Helllooooo... . echooo .... echooo ... echoooo .... Anybody homeee?.. echooo... echoo.... echo ... I guess it's just me tonight.
  8. Have a look at: Tonteldoos Tonteldoos in Forum I'm sure others might know of more. Happy caching
  9. WOW: It took about 60 min for Ravenmeistre to log a FTF ! I think he has a intervenious geo feed...
  10. Tonteldoos I - Die Groot Trek is reg om gesoek te word. Kom nou julle Walies, Mielie, Wyn en Piesang boere. Julle sal moet Oos-Kaap toe!
  11. Mine figured out close to where I thought +- ... Halfway between Queenstown and Umtata at a dam called Ncora dam. Nice! Wonder it there are any caches in that area...? mmm The macro also reveals something else: Total cache-to-cache distance: 6896 km !!!!
  12. Tondeldoos I ..... (PE) Groot werks druk op die oomblik, en baie min dinge wat met die boere te doen gehad het hier in die Port Elizabeth area. Was besig om aan 'n baie interesante een te werk maar die "navorsing" gaan nog so 'n rukkie duur. En in die midde van dit toe ontdek ek iets anners hier reg onner ons neuse.... Dit sal heelwat makliker wees om te soek. So dit lyk darem ek sal die 31Mei "deadline" maak. Nou moet ek net 'n plan maak oor HOE om die tondeldoos weg gesteek te kry....... Groete amaSoekSoek PS: Kan Olietange my "Hint" weer aan my pos? - Myne het in die internet ruimte heen verdwyn.
  13. In the case I mentioned- the nature of "where" you are going and what you are going to experience remains the same. Thus in this case I would think that it would then not warrant a NEW cache. Thanks all for the guidance !
  14. Hi Fish Eagle Thanks for the heads-up; I will make sure that no re-claims are done - Then it all stays above board.... ;-) amaSoekSoek
  15. Agreed; Since the Cache is still the "same" cache (same GC number), another FTF cannot be claimed. Although logging another find on it (if you have found it before) can be allowed. Right?
  16. Quick question (My apologies if asked before) If I have re-located (by +-100m), changed the container size & shape: Can a geocacher claim a FTF on the new one?
  17. amaSoekSoek

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    10:30pm: Good evening: +RedGlobe, Wazat, +Tricky Vicky & Mickey, +tomtwogates All logging those multiple finds of the weekend?
  18. I see the short for Discombob is DB. Maybe I should've picked a different name....
  19. amaSoekSoek

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    Yip buzy today i spy +the pooks, cincol, +hijackhippo, +eragonSaphira Preparing for some serious weekend caching ?
  20. Hi DavidMac According to your Avatar, I assume you enjoy scuba diving. While you are traveling our beautiful country, don't miss out on some great diving opportunities: Try: Umkomaas - S30 12.371 E30 47.854 (Kwazulu Natal South Coast) Sodwana - S27 32.490 E32 40.615 (Kwazulu Natal North Coast) Punto Malongane / Ponta Do Ouro - S26 50.551 E32 53.239 (Southern Mozambique - need off-road vehicle) Enjoy your planning ammaSoekSoek PS: If you need contact info drop me a PM.
  21. Hallo mense Ek sekondeer die KISS idee. Miskien moet die hele ding na een (maks 2) DT'se per provinsie beperk word. Ek weet nie eers teen watter eeu ek by almal sal kan uitkom nie, om die finale een te kry nie! ;-) En die enigste boere konsentrasie kamp denkplaat hier in PE, het hulle toe-gebou!!!! Krap nou kop vir nuwe DT wegsteek plek vir TD I -PE. Groetnis ammaSoekSoek Nogge Sakkie
  22. Ollietande Sien pm e-pos vir my kontak informasie. Groetnis ammaSoekSoek
  23. I decided that it will be far more fun if I rather worked this weekend.... Yeah right! Hope all have a great caching weekend!
  24. Tonteldoos I - PE - ammaSoekSoek - (Ek sal oor 2 weke daarby uitkom, op werk weg van PE af op die oomblik..) Tonteldoos II - Oosrand Tonteldoos III - Rustenburg Tonteldoos IV - Linden
  25. Funny no, we were in a Charcoal Tucson, otherwise you will find me on a XT600. Sounds like I was lucky on that day, and that I will have to get up earlier to beat you guys at it. ;-) I'll be on a lookout for a black Colt. It might be difficult to spot it at 2am in the morning though!
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