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  1. Happy Birthday Andy! Hope you have a great day!
  2. Hey iPajero, congratulations for hiding the 3000th cache in SA! And to iNokia for a FTF on it!
  3. I don't know which one the "official" 3000th cache is ...., but SA are currently at 3046 active caches. DATE 2008: Oct 09 West Cape - 706 Gauteng - 666 KwaZNatal - 456 East Cape - 380 Mpumalanga - 352 Limpopo - 204 North West - 126 Free State - 112 North Cape - 44 Active Event Caches - 1 TOTAL = 3046
  4. My most trustworthy and fun geocaching mobile....
  5. OK thats it! I'm leaving work emmediatly!! I'm never going to get to all those caches if I don't start today!
  6. Now on 3015 ! "SA Caches goes beserk" Looks like we're following the example of the gold price!
  7. amaSoekSoek

    I spy

    Good afternoon Kwenda Tafuta & Team Ginger ! Ready for the weekend caching? Oh wait! Don't Team Ginger have GPS issues at the moment? . . .
  8. The first topic of the weekly notification really caught my attention this morning... Fish Eagle we just want to thank you for the time and dedication that you put into this game we luv! Thank you for you guidance (and very quick reponse) when you review (and maintain) our cache listings. Keeping the quality level at the highest here in South Africa! We really appreaciate your generosity! amaSoekSoek
  9. Well done everyone ! Now I only have +- 2860 to find still....
  10. 2997 UP! of which 5 are Event caches.... DATE: 6 Aug - 22Aug - 8Sep - 15 Sep West Cape: 709 - 705 - 708 - 709 Gauteng: 650 - 646 - 643 - 645 KwaZNatal 441 - 448 - 447 - 453 East Cape: 345 - 356 - 361 - 367 Mpumalanga: 340 - 342 - 344 - 348 Limpopo: 200 - 201 - 204 - 205 North West: 116 - 118 - 118 - 119 Free State: 108 - 107 - 107 - 107 North Cape: 45 - 44 - 44 - 44 ------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL: 2954 - 2967 - 2976 - 2997
  11. Latest Update (20 new caches added lately, some de-activated) DATE: 6 Aug - 22Aug - 8Sep West Cape: 709 - 705 - 708 Gauteng: 650 - 646 - 643 KwaZNatal 441 - 448 - 447 East Cape: 345 - 356 - 361 Mpumalanga: 340 - 342 - 344 Limpopo: 200 - 201 - 204 North West: 116 - 118 - 118 Free State: 108 - 107 - 107 North Cape: 45 - 44 - 44 ------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL: 2954 - 2967 - 2976
  12. Hey CapeDoc, why dont you organize a SA Mega event and invite everyone in SA? Or to world standards - I guess that will be a mini event !
  13. Just over 5 caches per owner on average... The amount of cachers here in the East cape is growing quickly though. My guess is we will see quite a few more caches here (EC) shortly
  14. Latest Update (6 Aug) (22Aug) West Cape (709) (705) Gauteng (650) (646) KwaZNatal (441) (448) East Cape (345) (356) Mpumalanga (340) (342) Limpopo (200) (201) North West (116) (118) Free State (108) (107) North Cape (45) (44) ------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL (2954) (2967)
  15. Here's the Breakdown on 6 Aug 2008 West Cape (709) Gauteng (650) KwaZNatal (441) East Cape (345) Mpumalanga (340) Limpopo (200) North West (116) Free State (108) North Cape (45)
  16. We are now standing on 2953 on 6 Aug 2008 (9:20am) ..... iNokia submitted 11 caches in 2 days!!!
  17. amaSoekSoek consist of: Myself, MamaSoekSoek + 2 x Junior soekers (5,7 years). Allthough it is mostly myself doing the soeking. Normally I have to drag the others allong (forcefully) ;-) We started caching last year while working on a project in East Londen, then moved back to PE beginning this year. Now I am giving the "locals" a run for their money/cache. Then I introduced Karldup - which is my "ouboet", with one of their older kids (primary school) as Chessmate.
  18. I know there is a place for milestones on this forum, but I think iPajero needs a special mention. I quote iPajero's log: "Log Date: 7/9/2008 Wow! A huge milestone for us in more ways than one travelling 13400km and 563 caches later in nearly two months to make this our 1000th cache! " Congratulations iPajero ! This is a huge achievement and am I honoured that this happend on one of my caches.
  19. All weekends until 2 Aug not possible for me. How about Sat 9 Aug? Since we must at least braai afterwards?
  20. No way - serious? Through Africa with just a mobile phone GPS?! Also I didn't know they made another trip? I have read, seen the documentary, and enjoyed "The Long way round" and "The Road to Dakar". Is the book out for sale?
  21. This post has also been placed on the GeocacheNavigator Forum, but having been so fustrated with this issue, thought I will place it here as well. Maybe it will spare someone the same frustration. SOLUTION FOUND: GeocacheNavigator not connecting to internet (Vodacom SA) on the Nokia N95 8Gb I have found the solution to this issue, but although it now works, it doesn’t make sense to me. The Nokia 95 8Gb from Vodacom South Africa comes out-of-the box with the following internet connections (Access Points): VLive! VLive!MMS VLive!Streaming VLive.Internet Not one of these connections worked for Navigator. I even tried to setup an Access Points from the Vodacom website (They send you a setup text message with the setup configuration), this created a connection called WAP.GPRS. , but also this did not work. In the end I copied the Access Points settings from my brothers Nokia 6110, upon which Navigator connected to Vodacom without issues. These setting are (copied exactly): Connection Name: Internet.GPRS Data bearer: Packet Data Access Point Name: internet User Name: None Prompt Password: No Password: **** (I don’t know, copied other Access Point profile) Authentication: Normal Homepage: None The only real difference (I think) is the fact that Authentication is set to “Normal” and not “Secure”. Hopes this helps any other Nokia N95 8Gb users in South Africa. Hopefully I'm off today to find my first cache with the Navigator! :-) Happy Caching. amaSoekSoek
  22. When hunting for a cache, afterward I always ask myself a couple of questions. For the simple reason to "rate" the cache and to apply it to any new caches I place. The questios are: Cache Listing - Interesting info/history provided as part of the listing/name about the cache. Discovery - Getting to the cache was enjoyable (Nice riddle, nice hike, interesting multi-stages) Location - Scenic or Interesting final cache location Container - Owner put effort into cache container (Nice container, clever hide), interesting content, contents dry. Sentimental value - Does the cache bring you back to something/somewhere/some-one close to heart or of which you are fond of. Experience - Whilst finding or hunting for the cache did something interesting/funny or peculiar happen. All that cachers should do is put a little bit of thought into placing a cache. My caching infancy was in an area with lots of great quality caches! Hopefully I/we can learn from other good quality caches and try to even better them! my 2cents...
  23. Livng 15km from a cache, and having to play second fiddle for a FTF to a fellow cacher who had to do a 2400km round trip!!! I second that micro up the mountain thing. I don't mind micro's a such, if they are appropiate for the location and well though out.
  24. Thanks everyone! It turned out that ( in one of our caches that never had a TB in yet) a cacher placed a bug - that is a bug as in ant/spider not TravelBug! I think excessive work/spending to much time at work is starting to take it toll... Thanks again everyone.
  25. On the cache page, "inventory" box on the right, click on "see the history". Hope this helps. Just checked, the problem lies with if there is no TB currently in the cache, it does not display - "see the history" There must be at least one TB currently in the cache - before this is displayed. . .
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