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  1. The biggest difference between the two is the CO has the "rock n roller" wheel and the OR is touchscreen. If you like using an iphone, I'd go with the OR. I own the CO and love it although like anything, it took a little practicing getting used to the feel of the wheel and navigating through the menus. I have never used a OR but I have seen videos on it and it seems a lot easier to use than the CO. Both units are waterproof but I'd imagine the OR screen getting pretty grimy after a few hours of hiking. Both come with the maps and the paperless caching feature which is the reason I bought the unit in the first place, it's great! You can do some searches for Garmin Colorado vs Oregon to get more info on the two.
  2. Wow. I've never come across this sort of arrangement before. What's the reasoning behind it all? Is it done for conservation reasons, to ensure that certain well-cached areas get a chance to recover? Or done so that all caches keep up to a high standard of regular maintence? Or to keep up a good regular supply of fresh caches each year? I can see it must be a lot of work for the local caching community. MrsB (Just curious) It's done so that attendees will have a fresh supply of new caches to find at the event. The current caches will be up until Oct/Nov of 2010 and then they will be archived and moved around for next year's event which btw may be bumped into January.
  3. Hmmm... Mesamint.com... M ark E lli S arah A lan Things that make you go hmmmm....
  4. Hmmm... Mesamint.com... M ark E lli S arah A lan Things that make you go hmmmm.... oh snap, good catch
  5. mine shipped 12 days ago and I just got it today, so hang in there brew I am not doing business with them again...they do not deserve a second chance, they should do everyone a favor and throw in the towel. All they had to do was reply to everyones' inquiries but they ignored every one of them, they didn't even respond to the BBB complaints, now they have an F rating, good luck bouncing back from that, see ya.
  6. I actually just received the Pirate coins I had ordered in August and they also sent a free cachin freestyle coin, but I am done with them, hope everyone else gets their coins or refunds
  7. I got an Order Shipped email too, it's also for the Pirate coins and some other items I bought from them, we'll see...
  8. in this case, no news is not good news--haven't heard a thing, no coins in mail yet...I am still hopeful every time I get the mail though
  9. Here is the address that is on the BBB site: Alan & Elli's Toys 1128 Fiesta Way Twin Falls, ID 83301-8264
  10. I did not receive any notifications either
  11. I did find this new update on their site regarding the Pirate coin: The Pirate coins will be shipping next week. All orders will be filled then the remaining coins will be listed here on Friday Dec. 5th. So, who knows what the heck is going on
  12. Looks like they closed shop on ebay...it says aetoys store name doesn't exist anymore
  13. I received my BBB confirmation too
  14. I filed the complaint through the Paypal Resolution Center, it basically said it was too late but hopefully they will see it in their system like you said... I used a bank transfer instead of the credit card on Paypal, so I guess I am out of luck, but that's good info to everyone else who used a credit card. Thanks for posting all that info
  15. I'll keep an eye out for that. A few days ago, they had a BBB rating of B-. Now they are listed with a "No Rating" which means: BBB has recently received numerous complaints against the business that are still being processed and have not been incorporated into the ratings evaluation. Good!
  16. We should all chime in on this topic every once and while and keep it on the top page, otherwise, it is going to get buried
  17. Name of coin: 2008 Pirate Treasure Coin Name of Vendor: AEToys Date Paid: 8/13/08 Shipment Due Date: Unknown
  18. I did the same thing, but I requested a refund on my orders for the Pirate and Dragonfly coins--No response! I tried that too--nothing I am thinking about buying something from them off ebay just so I can leave them negative feedback Is it against forum rules to post a new topic entitled "AETOYS ripped me off"
  19. Actually, it's been since the end of MAY. . . so did anyone do this? great idea, imo. rsg I realize that the perons running the company has done a very bad thing but I also think GS will ot look kindly on this action. The BBB and paypal is a better idea, IMHO. On second thought, I agree with you, I don't think GS would approve.
  20. Actually, it's been since the end of MAY. . . That's crazy!
  21. I was looking at my paypal receipt and it included this customer service number for them: 208-320-0735 it seems to be a cell phone number of the owner, Mark Pollett, got his voicemail though
  22. we could a post a note on one of their cache page listings, "I paid you three months ago, where's my stuff?" that should get their attention
  23. They are still actively selling on ebay (last feedback was on Nov 16) so they are obviously still doing business. Groundspeak PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS VENDOR
  24. What happened with them? I ordered the 2 Pirate coins and some other caching items from them on Aug 23, the last email I received from them was Sept 23 saying that they would ship my "other items" that week, never heard from them again, they won't return emails, now the coin is not even listed on their site any more, I guess they took the money and ran.
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