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  1. wow....i wish i had half as much money as you! LOL
  2. Hi all. My name is Josh. I'm 25 and I'm a drug addict/alcoholic. I have no friends. I heard about geocaching and figured it would be a good way to have something to do by myself without being around drugs/alcohol. So far it's going great. I've found 4 caches.
  3. you are only a criminal if you are doing something illegal. then again, in our society, everything we do is pretty much illegal so if you feel like a criminal you should fit right in. unless you are the president. then you can do whatever you want and change the laws to make it legal.
  4. ive only been caching for a week. so far i have an ant bite to show for it.
  5. obviously the dude that logged this is an idiot who doesnt have a clue. I just started caching a week ago and already i know this. Ive spent over an hour at two different cache sites and havent found the caches. I wouldnt dare mark those caches as found. this person has. thats unfortunate. the only thing i can guess from this sort of behavior is that this person has no patience. because of his lack of patience, i figure this person will like geocaching for another, ohhhhh, 15 minutes max. then his profile will go to dead/nonexistent where it belongs. no worries all. "real geocachers" will rise to the top and get the most enjoyment out of the hobby. someday i hope to join all of you at the top. until then, i will continue to have patience and take it one cache at a time.
  6. yeah. turned out the girl had a geocache in her pants. LOL
  7. hahahahahaha......no way, man. thats just crazy. hahahahahaha
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