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  1. The first thing I do is sign the log.


    ( i have had people say to me that thats not my job and thats the owners job and i should just be geocaching and show the owner that it was wet.. but in some cases what if the owner lives to far away i think its just a thank ya for the cache and i dryed it so you dont have to worry maybe added a piece of paper or two to make others enjoy:D)


    If the onwer can't maintain it, they shouldn't own it.

  2. Nothing. I've seen people call other people out on this and it never ends well. If you're planning on calling someone out you better have pretty solid proof because logging ambiguities take place all the time for all sorts of reasons. I'd also consider how 'worth it' it is because calling someone out for cheating is like something a little kid would do when playing at recess.


    That said, as a cache owner, I do feel some (albeit little) obligation to delete bogus logs, but again, if I didn't have rock solid proof, I'd just go on my way and continue to have fun playing, because it's just not worth it.

  3. Exactly, nothing descriptive to give unwanted clues or hints. But KNOWN hazards should be on the cache page. If you don't read up on a cache before you go looking, you fall into the "STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES" bucket. I read the entire cache, last 10 logs, was fully equipped, and just had the great misfortune to have a supposedly TOP-of-the-line flashlight take a dump on me (The LED fried, batteries were fine). I tried to follow my track back slowly, but anyone who has ever found barbed wire the hard way, you know it does not allow for second chances. Ironically, I got my first FTF magazine today, and am doing some rearranging on my "searching gear". I like the tactical vest approach, and it has a nice article on using a tactical vest properly. :anicute:

    You don't carry backup bulbs? I do. My minimag always has a backup bulb in the battery compartment and I have two extras in my geobag to replace them as needed. This sounds more like a case of 'unprepared cacher' than inadequete cache page. I can relate though. Early on, I had a bulb burn out while night caching too. Learned my lesson and now I'm a more prepared cacher because of it.

  4. yeah, I don't remember anyone ever telling me this was a treasure hunt. If I had that impression, I'd be disappointed too.


    I pay little mind to swag except when I drop the cache and have to pick up all the swag and put it back in, and when placing my own caches. I always start my own out with some above average swag.


    If you're looking for better swag, I'd suggest finding newer large caches that are not often found. Something along a nice hiking trail for example.

  5. If I use my cache page to warn people of all the possible dangers of being in the desert, my description will be a huge mass of fine print that would put the fine print on medications to shame! Maybe after the fine print I could add a check box that says "I agree to the terms and conditions of attempting this cache", because we all know that everyone reads that stuff before hitting agree, right?


    Maybe I could compromise and just add one of my favorite sayings to each cache page: "Warning! Life is hazardous to your health and will lead to death!" :anibad:

  6. My husband and I started caching last summer. I became interested in caching while taking a literacy class for my Ed.d work at the U of R, in which i have learned there are many cool hidden caches. We soon became addicted. I began logging our finds, though not faithfully. We have found many caches and have had many good life learning experiences while on our adventures. I have heard stories about some players not putting the cach back after planting an item inside. Is this true?

    I suppose it happens from time to time. The cache should be replaced as found however.


    Am I a lurker? Not quite sure! I do wish I had more time for caching. this forum jazz is new to me and is going to be my digital experience for the class I'm taking now on Advanced Seminar Digital Epstemologies. I hope to find through this interaction how humans use geocaching in relation to digital literacies for learning. I am welccome to some feedback in any form

    You're wondering how I 'use geocaching in relation to digital literacies for learning'? I'm not sure exactly what you're asking... :huh:

  7. I have a Garmin Oregon 450t. I currently have the maps that come with it (TOPO U.S. 100k). As it stands, I am satisfied with the topographic maps and have used it while out hiking and thought it was fine. The problem I'm having is with the city roads.


    I live in an area where new roads and freeways are being built all the time. There are a bunch of caches placed in new neighborhoods and stuff and on my unit it's just a blank open area with no road maps at all. Whole sections of new freeways are missing as well. It seems the map was made 10 years ago and all the new roads/highways didn't exist then.


    So I want to get new road maps that contain all the new roads and highways that have been built in the last 10 years. The most current, the better. I see "City Navigator® North America NT - Lower 49 States" and that seems like it would do what I want, but I don't see a way to preview my area before buying. I'd be really peeved if I bought it and it is 5+ years old and is missing new roads/highways. Also I haven't been able to find if this would also have topo data on par with TOPO US 100k or if it is just streets and then blank spaces outside the city.


    So my questions:


    1) How current is "City Navigator® North America NT - Lower 49 States"?

    2) Does it include maps for hiking areas that are on par with TOPO 100k?

    3) If it doesn't, can I somehow load "City Navigator® North America NT - Lower 49 States" for navigating streets and switch to TOPO 100k while hiking without having to hook my GPS up and switch maps? That seems like it would be a PITA.

    4) Seeing as though some of you really know a lot about this, is there a way to accomplish what I want that I obviously don't know about? I see there are sites where you can download maps for free. Is this what I should be doing instead?

  8. In the Southwest there is a really cool website lonelycache. It has a whole points sytem where you get more points by finding rarely found caches. An everyday micro will get about 1 point, but a cache on a 6 mile hike that hasn't been found in a year or two will get you about 50 points. I don't know how the points are calculated or how to make a site like that, but I've been checking it out a lot lately and it encourages me to seek out lonely caches.


    Check it out: www.lonelycache.com

  9. The geocachers in our area are under the impression that just because they have a thousand or two thousand caches that there god.

    It isn't that they think they're god, but they do have a lot of experience. These cachers (of which I'm one) have hidden many caches and found even more, so we've seen what can go wrong with caches. By your own admission in a now deleted note, your original coordinates were intentionally not at GZ, which is contrary to the guidelines and why your cache was archived. It's no wonder the first cachers to attempt it had problems finding it and stated that there seemed to be a problem with the cache. Also, I've found several caches over the last few years in Banfield Park, and there has always been either garbage, drug paraphernalia, homeless camps, or other unsavoury experiences near the caches. That's just the way that park is. Those of us with more experience have seen these problems in the past and know the park's reputation, so we wanted to communicate that to others that may not know its history. Unfortunately, you felt that we were making your cache look bad, so you deleted valid DNF logs and notes to cover it up. We weren't lying. There really was a homeless guy camping near GZ and there was garbage and needles immediately surrounding GZ, and others needed to know that.


    The cachers who were posting in the first few days of your cache were only trying to notify yourself and others about problems with the cache and the area around the cache.


    and your off topic.


    the cache has always been where you found it. there was no secret squirrel go find it it was there within 6 meters of the listed coordinates as there is a 6m accuracy.the cache was always there hiding awayyyy.:) we searched the area before we put the cache and found garbage and we did find bottles etc we were aware of that cleaned the area i walk by clean the area as i work somewhere around there and beside the fact we seem to be dwelling on this cache with the trash i could take you to 4 or 5 places that have had worse than said cache and we did not post that on there page. to say hey maybe clean the cache than we cito and leave.and thats because no one ever phoned the police or dealt with the homeless person in question as a citizen i am allowed to take care of such matters. in fact he actual swore at me and i found it offensive and i called the cops and got it dealt with now there is no homeless guy there and from now on there will be no homeless people there ever. obviously no one cared before about this matter and we care about this matter as there are children there and moms and the y we were very concerned.


    we have had visitors and there have been no issues problems or concerns after.......


    this forum question was merely a question had nothing to do with the cache. happy caching

    Part of the new CIHO program.... Cache In Homeless Out :rolleyes:


    I like to look at my own stats. They are interesting to me. I look at other peoples stats every so often. Mostly to see their timeline to see how active they are (especially when I don't recognize their name). Other times to see the terrain stats to see if they're more of an urban cacher or a hiking type cacher. I rarely look at their find count. If I do, it's to see if they go for multis and puzzles and stuff or if they're just the drive along the side of the road traditional type cacher.


    I think stats can suggest experience level, but I'm weary of coming to any real conclusions. And not all experience is good experience. When I see someone with 17,500+ finds I suspect they have a lot of leapfrogging, cache shuffling, and throwdown caching experience. <_<

  10. ....and what do you do if the cache is muggled and you have no log book to check? Delete everyones find just in case they're bogus?


    ....and what if a page of the logbook falls out and blows away the next time the cache is opened? More finds to delete?


    It's ideal that the online logs are accurate, but I'd rather see a bogus online log that a legit find get deleted. I hope the OP gets his find back.

  11. There are caches around lakes in AZ that require boating or suggest boating as the best method of finding them. I know of one that requires scuba gear to reach and another that is on a rock island in the middle of the lake. I have never boated to a cache, but I hope to change that soon. I don't know of any that are connected to a buoy or lighthouse.

  12. Simpjkee, may I recommend since you are a premium member to download a my finds query. It will give you every find you have had on geocaching in a gpx form and if GC ever did go down, you would have a copy of the finds. I run a weekly pocket query of the closest caches to my house and each weekend, I'll delete out the old gpx files and replace it with a fresh pocket query.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I used to run it a lot more when I needed it to input in to another program for stats. Now that the profiles have stats, I don't run it as much. I suppose having a back up copy of all my finds would be a good reason to get back in the habit of running it regularly.

  13. If you get no response from the owner, then let the cache die. When it's gone, log a NA.

    If you don't get a response, why would you leave the container there to be destroyed? Why not pick it up and log a NA so it can be reused?

    I don't like the idea of taking someone elses property without their permission even if they seem to be ignoring it. The cache is property of the owner. The cache is not mine to take. I'd prefer to stay out of that. If the CO has decided that they're leaving their stuff in the desert, thats their decision (albeit an unfortunate one).


    I also say let it die, because I don't want to suggest that cachers do anything with caches that aren't theirs except find them and rehide them. When exceptions are made, then everyone begins to think their case is exceptional and they now have a good reason to mess with other peopls caches. I think I'd rather see this cache get bulldozed than put it out there that its okay to take other peoples caches in some cases. Truth be told, I may remove the container in this case, but still come on the forums and suggest that others leave the container just because I trust my judgement more than I trust yours. I guess I'm a little hipocritical like that.


    Either way, if I were to pick up the cache (and I might) it would not be to preserve the cache or container for re use or whatever, it would be to prevent the workers from having to pick up trash caused by a fellow geocacher, and thus hopefully preventing the proverbial black eye on the game.


    Without a doubt, all the trackables would be removed before destruction.

  14. I clear out all waypoints and logs from my GPS every night as well when I'm logging my finds online. I used to write down on papaer all the caches I found each day, but have not been doing that since my GPS now does 'Field Notes'. I also have a geocaching/hiking folder (on my pc and external hd) and keep a copy of every picture (and more) that is in my gallery.


    I currently do not have any sort of list of all my finds backed up. If, God forbid, the website crashed hardcore and lost all the data, I would have no way of knowing which caches I've found and which I haven't except by memory.

  15. I've never been in to the FTF game, but I have gotten a couple.


    My friend was huge in to the FTF game though. He told me that his favorite part about it was imagining the disappointing look on the second to find's face when they unroll the logsheet and see his name on it already.

  16. The only thing I see wrong with signing the steak or for that matter the outside of any cache, is that many cacher would start signing anything they think is the cache. This would lead to many areas banning caching due to vandelism. If the signatures are hidden inside an 'box' and not out for everyone to see, caching will be precieved in better light.

    This ball is slowly starting to roll in my area. One cacher has done some 'stake hides' and has upped the anty to 'landscaping pole hides'. These are not landscaping poles that the CO placed in the location however, they are poles that were aleady in place. All the CO did was take the coords of the pole and write 'sign here' at the top. Now the pole has a list of geonames on it.


    Here's an example of a landscaping pole. They're commonly found in landscaping islands of parking lots and along the street:



  17. Thanks everyone for your help and opinions. Ok I've emailed the OC to let them know. If I don't hear back in time I'll move it and update why its moved and correct the coordinates. My daughters really like this one because its in a pretty neat little box so I feel a little emotionally attached to it, and I would be bummed if they asked me if we could go treasure hunting and it wasn't there anymore. I'll update what happens with it!!

    How do you plan on 'correcting the coordinates'? Unless you are the owner or can get in to the owners account, it is impossible. Unless the CO intervenes, the cache is doomed. Do the right thing and let it go.

  18. Since I'm a stickler for putting caches back as found, I would have done my best to get the cache back exactly or as close to the original location as possible and taken note of my action for the CO. Then I would have pulled out my camera and taken some sweet nature pics of the wasps to post in my log on the cache page.


    I definitely would not have knocked the nest down.I once placed a cache at night and it was clear. People found it during the day and complained of ants. I disabled it and replaced it with a new container in a different location away from the ants. I then saw one of the cachers at an event and he asked me why I moved it. I said 'the ants'. He said I should have just gotten a can of Raid and annihilated them :o . I thought the idea proposterous! and this was in the city... no way I would do something like this out in nature.


    I definitely don't think it is up to me to decide wether caches should or should not be allowed based on what I feel is dangerous or not. It's up to the CO to place their cache and the finder to assume the risk and know their limits. Definitely no note to reviewer from me.

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