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  1. 6 hours ago, Mudfrog said:

    Don't want to sound too critical but i would rather see information stated on the cache page. I know you said that you deleted the description to get the cache enabled but i still think it needs to have something besides links. Doesn't have to be much, maybe a bit about him, the heinous tragedy that occurred, and/or his memorial. In this case, keep to the facts. I don't care to click on links, especially when i'm out in the field.

    I agree. Originally the links were just for additional information. I had information on the cache page. I had to delete a lot of it, but it got disabled again. At that oint, the option seemed to be to delete it all. Not my choice. GS and reviewers choice.

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  2. On 8/21/2017 at 4:30 PM, geocat_ said:

    Alt.left would say "yes" emphatically.  Remove anything from history that might be offensive to anyone.  That way they can re-write it all covered in snowflakes.

    A Conservative snowflake complained and caused my new virtual to be disabled until I deleted the cache description. It goes both ways. Snowflakes on both sides want to rewrite whatever history doesn't support their views.

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  3. That has happened to me a couple times:


    The first time, I didn't mind so much because the cacher asked me if they could do it. My cache had been out a number of months so I gave them the ok.


    The second time, my cache had only been out a few days and a cacher found it and said in his log he was going to copy it. I thought he was joking and was surprised when the same exact cache as mine was published a day or two later. I found the guys copycat cache and totally went off on him for it in my find log on his cache page. Needless to say, I was offended. He deleted my find log and then a very argumentative email corespondence with him ensued. He suggested I come over to his house and talk face to face. The next day, I went over to his house. After some discussion, I insisted that he thank me for the idea on his cache page and he agreed. Both caches have since been long archived. I held on to some resentment towards this person, but since going through a little spiritual awkening, I felt it was important for me to make amends to him and I feel much better about the situation after I did.


    The third time, was not so much a copy cat cache as a 'piggyback' cache on one of mine. I placed a cache with a certain theme and a cacher decided to place a cache very nearby that played off of my theme. I didn't really appreciate this, but I've practiced a lot of acceptance and tolerance and am ok with it for the most part.


    At the time of these instances, I was angry and felt like they were stealing my genious idea, etc. I also cringed at the thought that someone might find my cache and think I was the one who copied the other persons idea. Thankfully, I've come to realize that I'm a pretty selfish person and I think my former attitude was rooted in a lot of selfishness and ego. (ie Thats MY idea not theirs! They're stealing MY idea! I deserve the credit for the cache not them!). Today, I try to look at it as gratitude that I can bring someone joy and if their cache achieves that goal as well then even better. I try to be humble and hope to contribute to the game and not search for all the ego feeding accolades I think I can get from the game.

  4. I like historical caches, but I think they are difficult to do. I believe if someone takes on a historical cache, they owe it to the history and their fellow cachers to make sure their historical information is accurate. I've seen caches that claim history, but actually just spew misinformation. There is one cache in particular that claimed to be at the site of a historical event (that I am personally very interested in) but in reality was over a mile off. When it comes to sharing history, I expect better.

  5. do you search for a unpublished cache if you see a pattern in a daily cache series?

    - since I'm currently doing a 'cache-a-day' streak and am running out of caches within 10 miles of home, I'd totally do this.


    If you do find a unpublished cache would you ever take the ftf slot on the paper or would you write your name below?

    - If I was ftf, I'd claim ftf wether it is published or not. Once/if it is published, I'd backdate my log to the day I found it.


    would you take the ftf prize of a unpublished cache?

    - If I knew it was the ftf prize and I was FTF and I could get some use out of the prize, yes....I'd take it.


    all these ive encountered and imo from what i see is, the game is very simple with very few simple rules. People could add twists to how they play the game, but if it conflicts with the basic way of playing for others why ruin it by writting off ftf on paperwork and snaging the prize the day before? Ive always stuck up for what seems wrong correct me if im incorrect?

    - I'm a bit confused, but it sounds like you would not claim ftf or take the prize on an unpublished cache. You are not incorrect for playing how you play. I don't think it is incorrect at all to find a cache first and claim ftf on it even if the cache has not been published yet. The cache is 'born' the second it is placed. Not the second it is published online. Neither of us are incorrect. We just have differeing perspectives.

  6. There are hidden caches in Red Dead Redemption. You find them via treasure maps. Then you match landmarks on the map to landmarks in the game to find the cache. The caches are even in little rock piles. It was one of my favorite parts of the game. There were only 10 (I think) but if there had been 1,000, I surely would have found them all!


    I brought it up years ago on this forum about how the old Doom games would taunt you with a percentage of secrets found. I couldn't move on until I had 100% on every level.

    yeah that is still big in games. Now theres even more incentive to find all the collectables so that you can get the Platinum Trophy for the game.

  7. There are hidden caches in Red Dead Redemption. You find them via treasure maps. Then you match landmarks on the map to landmarks in the game to find the cache. The caches are even in little rock piles. It was one of my favorite parts of the game. There were only 10 (I think) but if there had been 1,000, I surely would have found them all!


  8. Yeah I rarely go through with the steps to 'lock' and 'unlock' the screen so sometimes I'll be on say...the "trip calculator (mileage, distance, avg. speed, etc)" screen and when I look at it again all my fields have changed to random stuff and I have to go back and change them back how I want them. :rolleyes:


    I try to use the carabiner clip it came with as much as I can so it hangs free off my belt loop or something to prevent accidental button pushing.

  9. When on the map screen, there are points that you can select. When you touch them, there will be a red pin. When you have a red pin up, there will be a little white rectangle at the top of the screen that has the name (or coords) of the location the red pin is at. If you touch that white box, it will bring up a new screen with some additional info about the spot. There will also be a larger green button on the bottom right corner of the screen that says "Go" in it. If you click the green "go" button then you are setting the GPS to navigate to the spot. At that point, the red pin turns blue and the magenta line shows up to show you the shortest route to the spot.

  10. Roman, instead of turning an uncompetitive hobby in to a competitive sport to satisfy your competitive urge, why don't you just go play a competitive sport? There are adults sports leagues just like they have for kids. I'm sure they have them in your area. Bowling is popular in Canada right? Join a bowling league and go kick some butt!

  11. The farthest I've gone with the intent to fulfill a statistic was about 9 miles one way to find a quick cache so I could keep my 'one cache a day' streak going.


    Filling my D/T grid has not been a big concern for me. Casual interest at best. However, I suppose hunting a cache that fulfills a certain grid spot would be an interesting way of picking a cache to hunt. Maybe I should run a couple PQ's and see what comes up.

  12. The pin is the location you are currently going to.


    To get rid of it, go to "Where To" on the main menu and select "Stop Navigation". Then the magenta line will disappear. The pin may also disappear or it might stay there until you pick another point to navigate to.


    Hope this helps.

  13. GC14RYY


    I wrote a whole report on the cache in my archive note on the cache page complete with pictures of the containers used. The first couple logs I got on it were not very flattering, but they were totally spot on. It was a crappy location, with a lot of trash, and what turned out to be a crappy container too. I basically fit in to every "n00b cacher's first hide" sterotype on this one. I like to think I have improved since then. I did however get it mentioned on Podcacher so that was kinda cool.

  14. To me, the size distinctions that are already in place are very clear and need no changing. I'm always surprised when I hear cachers talk (or see threads) about how they are confused about what size is what. Its really straight forward people. Let's not try to fix something that ain't broke, okay?

  15. This has been an issue on 2 of my hides. Both were placed in an area that had recently been burned by forest fire. When I placed them they were really easy to get to. However, the bushes and grass and vines and stuff have come back quickly and after only 1 year, one of them was almost impossible to find. The other one in the same area was also much more difficult to reach and find as well. I've moved both of them. The one that was nearly impossible to find is in a much better spot now. The other one I'm not totally satisfied with. I plan to check on both of them again this summer to see how the forest is recovering and if the caches need to be moved again.

  16. I don't have climbing gear and have never done this kind of climbing. I now of a couple like this, but never attempted them. At some point I'd like to learn though. I completely support the OP in placing more caches like this, but I'd prefer something a little bigger than the micro pictured.

  17. I'll be totally honest here....I don't care too much about getting FTF's so the satisfaction for me comes from denying the other cachers a FTF.


    I wouldn't feel bad about denying the guy and his son the FTF. If it was easy to get FTF's, they wouldn't be as cool when you get one. The excitement comes from beating the other cachers. How would you feel if you won something only to find out that your competitor threw the competition.

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