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    Found it Found it

    The ___ boys were having a bad day. Lots of DNFs. When we arrived here we read some logs and realized this one was probably gone. Put a replacement where we thought it belonged. CO should check and remove our throw down if it is wrong. TFTC

    At least they admitted they placed a throwdown....

  2. So we all know that recently Groundspeak gifted virtuals to some cachers as a reward. The criteria for getting a reward seemed to be based on cache health (maintaining owned caches) and favorite points on owned caches. This has gotten me thinking about future Groundspeak rewards and what kind of criteria they will use to determine who gets the rewards. What good caching karma behaviors would you like to see Groundspeak reward cachers for and what would you like that reward to be?

    I've got two ideas so far...

    1) I'd like to see Groundspeak reward cachers who place trackables quickly. Like if they can determine how quickly someone places a TB or GC after retrieving it. Maybe the reward could be a special trackable number of some kind or a free 'special' trackable item.

    2) I'd like to see Groundspeak reward cachers who write more than TFTC in their logs. Like if they create an average word count per log and reward those cachers with high average word count. Perhaps they could mix in an average pictures posted per log score as well in to that formula. Perhaps they could also somehow take in to account whether cachers log DNF's as well.  I'm not sure what the reward would be for that however.

    So what behaviors would you like to see Groundspeak reward cachers for and what rewards would you like to see?

  3. Here's a snippet of a recent log... These are the most dangerous muggles I've ever encountered...

    "This was my last cache hunt of the night. I arrived at about 12:15a and just as I began the hunt here comes a cop driving by. I looked over and hoped he'd continue on down the road, but of course, he just had to come ask me how I was doing tonight. When he arrived, he asked me if I was working on the water gate thingy at GZ. I explained that I was just geocaching and he seemed to buy it when he noticed that I had my GPS clipped to my belt loop. I told him the cache was within 5 feet of where we were standing. For whatever reason, he seemed a bit more skeptical of me than the first cop I had been approached by at a cache earlier in the night. I told him that I had actually already been approached by a cop earlier in the night and he asked me where. I pulled my GPS off my belt loop and brought up my map so I could figure out what street corner it was on. As I brought it up I took a step closer to him to show him my GPS screen and he quickly took two steps back. At that, I began to feel a little uncomfortable with this cop considering that I was posing no threat whatsoever and he was reacting as if I was going to try and attack him or something. I found the street corner and told him the streets. He then told me that he had heard the cop earlier in the night announce his meeting with me over the radio. Then he said "Good Luck" and left. I found the cache a couple minutes later. The funny thing is of all the urban caches I've found in all areas of the valley (good and bad), I've found most of them at night and even late at night like this one. I can't remember ever feeling uncomfortable around a homeless guy or other person roaming the streets late at night, but cops are a different story. Most of them are cool, but this guy seemed a little paranoid and almost seemed like he was looking for a reason to start something with me. The scariest was a cop that actually grabbed his gun when he saw me and started yelling at me to put my hands up and stuff about 7 or 8 years ago. A 'wrong' move, or dare I say.... if I looked different.... and I could have been shot that night. I'd much rather take my chances with a homeless guy or other street walker than a cop, but that's just me. Be careful out there night cachers!"

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  4. I wonder if a simplified system that ebay or amazon uses might not work well. So for example... when you click to give a favorite point it brings up a small dialog box where you can input a quick optional note like "great location" or "cool container". Then when a potential finder goes to the cache page and clicks the "who favorited this cache" button it shows who favorited it and their quick comment on why they favorited it. The only downside being that it may be redundant since a lot of people either wouldn't leave the optional comment or would just copy paste their log in it and their log probably already says "great location" or "cool container" and once you click the "who favorited this cache" button it does already give a link to the person's log.

  5. 1 hour ago, Team Microdot said:

    Not just the numbers if they've done 2000 mystery caches as that would (assuming they actually solved them) involve a lot of time that somebody thirsty for numbers could spend clocking up more trads.

    I find that I tend to ignore multi's bacause I can't safely factor them into a predefined plan or even know where I'm going to end up relative to wherever I've parked the car.

    Nah. These are the mystery power trails/geoart where the puzzle is easily solvable. Then you have a program like GSAK or something solve all 500 mystery caches and put the solved cords in a gpx file and all 500 mysterys are one by one down an old dirt road in the desert. I've seen Wherigo power trails/geoart like this as well. Multis just don't fit in power trails like other cache types do.

  6. 1 hour ago, on4bam said:

    That trend is going on for a long time. There are even several places where we did a multi years ago where that multi is now archived and replaced by a series of traditionals and a bonus. When we started out in 2006 it seemed most of the map was filled with multi's and there were plenty of days that we just did that, one multi, just starting in the afternoon until the evening in a 10 Km radius. These days we drive up to 100 Km and start in the morning around 9:30/10:00 until 6/7 in the evening doing multi's or series with bonus that are at least a bit "special" (nature reserve, woods, traffic free, field puzzle, special containers or caches with a "story").

    We're trying to get our traditional percentage below 60% but it's not easy.


    Wow! 60%? That's pretty incredible. Mine is about 90%and I go out of my way to look for non traditionals to find.

  7. I think one bummer to the acceptance of powertrails is the now lack of new multicaches. Why place a 3 stage multi when you can place 3 traditionals? On the flipside, you can see who the powertrail cachers are by how many multis they've found. For example someone near me had found about 10,000 traditionals, 2,000 mysterys, and then like 10 multis. Clearly this person is caching for the numbers and can't be troubled for having to make 3 finds for only one smiley.

  8. The thing I like to see most in logs is pictures. Any picture is very much appreciated. Fill my cache page gallery with pics! Maybe a picture of the scenery. Maybe a goofy selfie. Maybe a picture of your cachng crew. Maybe a picture of the vegetation around the cache. Best of all.... wildlife. I love seeing pictures of rattlesnakes people ran in to while hunting my caches.

    I've found about 4400 caches and I've posted about 1200 pictures. I think that's a good ratio. I never miss an opportunity to post some kind of a picture in my logs.

    Edited to mention that I just checked and I've posted 1387 pictures.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Nomex said:

    I would if I felt it was an attempt to push some sort of agenda.

    Just some clarification on the Multi by the same name, I think it's important to point out that the Reviewer at the time (different than for your Virtual), had some concerns with the original write up.  In your response, you appeared to argue your case effectively, and the Listing appears to have been Published without any changes.  8 years later, the same argument doesn't appear to have worked out so well.

    The fact that 2 Reviewers had concerns, should have alerted you that there might have been an issue.

    The first reviewer has concerns about it not being family friendly. I made changes to it and it was published. 

    This reviewer has concerns that it promoted an agenda after someone complained. He disabled it and sent me an email about it. I complied with everything the reviewer asked me to do. I also posted an owner maintenance note explaining the complaint, the email i got, and what changes I was making. Then I reenabled it. It was then disabled again, my owner maintenance note was deleted, and I got another email saying I couldn't post the reviewers email to me on the cache page or protest his decision on the cache page. I then complied again by deleting all the wording in the cache description. I never protested it. All I did was comply. I posted an owner maintenance note without the email from the reviewer and reenabled it. This note was also deleted. Then I emailed the reviewer to ask why the note was deleted. He asked me to delete more stuff on the cache page. I complied again and I wrote a much shorter owner maintenance note. I don't have any questions about the agenda or anything. I've completed with all that. I even agree that as noble as an agenda it was there were some elements that were an agenda. I was happy to delete it to comply even though it had been fine years before on the multi.

    My only question is why I can't post an owner maintenance note explaining why it was disabled and maintenance I preformed to reenable it. That's the only part I don't understand. I was gifted this virtual for being a good cache owner/maintainer. Why then put in barriers for me to maintain this one?

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  10. 1 hour ago, Keystone said:

    It would be best to iron out the issues with one particular cache directly with your reviewer and with Appeals, rather than in the forums.  Forum community participants cannot see archived logs or prior text of cache listings.

    They can see the prior text on my old multi of the same name. I have the archived logs and emails. I'd be happy to post them since I already tried on the cache page, but it seems reviewers and GS are a little sensitive to that for some reason. I don't understand why owner maintenance notes are deleted by the reviewer in this situation.

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  11. 22 minutes ago, cerberus1 said:

    Most we've met  like to publish caches, and will work with you on "fixing" it if need be.


    Unfortunately that has not been my experience here. I think that kind of friendly assistance went out the window when I posted the owner note that he feels was me protesting GS's decision. That being said, since I already knew he felt I was protesting, I didn't ask for any more help. I just complied as much as I knew how to save the cache.

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  12. 32 minutes ago, Blue Square Thing said:

    Can I clarify for a moment: the subject of the virtual cache was a problem? Or the naming? Or the association between the two? Or something else?

    I think it would be helpful to have that clarified so that I, for example, know what an "agenda" means in this context. That would stop me falling into whatever trap simpjkee seems to have fallen into. If it's not appropriate to discuss it here then simply let me know and whom I should address these questions to. Thanks.

    I would appreciate some clarification as well.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Keystone said:

    Appeals has already been involved, and the virtual cache in question was archived by Geocaching HQ.  I think it would be best to use this cache as an example supporting the point that agendas are not permitted on cache pages, and then move back to the general topic of keeping cache pages free from agendas.

    The cache was 100% free of any agenda when it was archived this morning. I've deleted everything I wrote on the cache page over the last couple days to try and satisfy the reviewer/GS. It was archived anyway...

    ... but now it's unarchived and reenabled. I have no idea what's going on with it.

    I did not report anything to appeals. I've been trying to work it out with the reviewer, but I think there has been some miscommunication between us regarding what exactly the problem with the cache is and the way I put notes on my cache page when I do owner maintenance.

    For example, when a reviewer disables a cache, it is apparently against the rules to explain why it was disabled and what you did to reenable it. I don't think that is any different than what I do on all my caches when I complete owner maintenance. This meticulous attitude towards owner maintenance is what got me a virtual in the first place. In this occasion, the reviewer took it as me protesting GS/reviewers decisions, which I found odd because I never disagreed with their decision and my owner note explained how I was trying to comply with it.

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  14. 142. Quite frankly it was a little miserable. I was with other people and they insisted that we get up at the crack of dawn and go hit a power trail. I insisted that I sign every log and that the cache be found and rehidden as it should be. At least one person in the group seemed irritated at me because they wanted to rotate caches and engage in other nonsense that is not geocaching. I would not recommend this. It's much more rewarding spending all day finding one cache than spending all day finding 142.

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  15. A dude in my area was placing caches dozens at a time about 6 years ago. Even while he was placing new caches, his previously placed caches were already being filled with NM and NA logs by other cachers due to his shirking. At the time, I found many of them and knew that eventually they'd all be left to rot. Nothing was done and now he has not signed in to the site for 2 years. Meanwhile all of his geotrash is still littering our roads waiting to be archived by the community. Shameful behavior.

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  16. I was gifted one f these virtual caches. TBH, I think virtuals are stupid and GS should have just removed them back when they were grandfathered like they did with locationless caches. When I was gifted the virtual, I was very tempted to simply post the coords to a McDonalds sign and require the finders to tell me how many arches were on the sign in order to get the smiley. Or getting a virtual pubilshed and then archiving it right away and making a snide comment about how there are now only 3,999 new virtuals. Ultimately, I decided to use it the "right" way and it's been a headache ever since.

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  17. 6 hours ago, Blue Square Thing said:

    I'm surprised to be honest - I read the cache page just after it came out so I can recall the sort of information that was on there. Given that there seems to be a general acceptance of things like war memorials from recent wars as valid caching sites I'm rather surprised that they insisted you remove the information.

    The funny thing is, about 7 years ago I had a multi cache in this location for about 2 years. When I was gifted the virtual, I just copy/pasted the cache description from the multi to the virtual. No one ever complained about the cache description when it was multi, but someone complained within a few days when it was a virtual. I'm guessing there are just more cache complainers now, maybe more eyes on the cache page since it is a new virtual, or it's a reflection of the current political climate in this country.

    Side note... on the vitual, I provided a link to the multi and the reviewer insisted that I delete the link to the old multi as well.

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