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  1. You could always saran wrap a handwarmer pack to the back side of the unit!
  2. Yes, it is one of those Unite for Diabetes TB's. I'll probably just try to check it into and out a couple of caches before Christmas comes. Thanks, everyone for all the advice! Kent
  3. What is considered an acceptable "hold time" for keeping a travel bug in your possession? The reason I'm asking is that I found a TB that is for Diabetes, and my Father is new to the sport, and is Diabetic. I think it would be neat to hand off to him to hide, but I probably won't see him until Christmas. Kent
  4. I second the Sharpie Pen. Very much different from just a Fine Tipped Sharpie Marker. I bought several packs. Kent
  5. I'm surprised no one has mentioned these yet. They are fairly new. It's the Sharpie Pen. Doens't bleed through, writes on the damp-wet logs, upside down. Four colors available. I love them. Bought a bunch on eBay. http://pen.sharpie.com Kent
  6. I guess I'm a Dr. Pepper. I love my Delorme PN-20. The ability to overlay the satellite maps, topos, and even nautical charts it what sold me. I only wish the screen were a bit larger, but I'm sure that would effect battery life. Kent
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