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  1. Okay. So I am looking through the Plucker user guide, and am in section 4.2.6 for my Plucker version for my Palm m515. Section 4.2.6 deals with Image handling. The guide says: "The --bpp and --noimages options can be used to globally set the image handling. The --bpp option takes an argument for the bits per pixels that should be used, 0, 1 (default), 2, 4, or 8. The --noimages option sets the bit depth to 0. To include images in 16 colors (grayscale), you would use: % Spider.py --bpp=4 -H plucker:/images.html -f Gray16DB" Does anyone happen to know what this is, and where I would input this? I am using Plucker to download the cache pages from GSAK to my PDA for offline viewing. Is this something that would go on the Spidering tab in the desktop Plucker while performing the file conversion? And how would I type it in? I put the spaces in there, because that is how the user guide shows it, and the plucker part is on a separate. I am confused. Please help!
  2. Thanks for the reply, but considering I still have a stack of paper printouts hanging around, you can see the fact that I upgraded to any kind of device is a bit step forward, no matter how outdated it may be. I was just hoping. I think what I am going to have to do is come up with some way to make a file for myself (maybe using the driving directions from GC.com) that I can also add to the pda. I'll have to figure something out in that respect. Thanks though. The information helps. And if I ever decide to get a phone other than a prepaid without internet ability, I am likely going to look into something like an iPhone or something of that sort, but that is still at least a year off.
  3. Let me just say that I also currently have no way to link my Garmin Geko 201 with my Palm M515 directly (is there even such a thing as a cable that would do this? I didn't think to search.)
  4. So...I finally got my Palm M515 PDA from the seller on eBay, and have downloaded GSAK and Cachemate, and have 500 caches loaded onto my PDA in an attempt to get away from paper. I am excited about this, but am having a dickens of a time trying to find map software that will let me get the Google Map type map to show up on my PDA. Most map software for Palm OS is geared towards 5.0. Google maps is especially one. I have looked at various freeware apps and tried a few of them, but none of them seem to do what I am looking for. I realize my PDA limits me to using non-GoogleMap apps, but was wondering if there was something I could download that would allow me to view the map of the cache? I am even willing to download the waypoints separately if need be to generate the maps. For me, the appeal about caching with paper is the fact I have the map at hand. If I am in a particular area of the city, I can look at the cache printouts, see the maps, and know approx where I need to drive without having to rely on my gps to get me there (which is a Garmin Geko 201, btw). I have no data plan on my phone (it's a $20 every three months buy a card and reload phone, and I am not spending $$ to upgrade it, nor my GPS, because frankly I like my GPS). This is one of the reasons I chose going the PDA route to get into paperless geocaching. Anyway. Plucker, I know, is an ebook reader. Does Plucker download a "map" for the cache page, or is it simply text? I am a bit at a loss. I really like using the google maps on the cache pages, and have gotten kind of addicted to using them for caching, so I would hate to not be able to use some sort of thing that would do the same thing for me - basically pinpoint me to what street/intersection is somewhat close to where I need to go. Thanks!
  5. Just out of curiosity, is this going to be like an event cache eventually? This may be pretty amusing to hand everyone a personality and have them go try to find as many caches in a given amount of time that their "person" would attempt to do.
  6. How about: Notta Thare Searches the site for the DNF's and goes to find these to make sure they are indeed missing... Hidem Uphill Likes them uphill...both ways...in the snow. Hidem Downhill Uphill's backwards backcountry cousin (allegedly his brother and Uncle too)....who prefers slipping and sliding all the way down. Straight Enarow (couldn't figure out what this one does) Uppa Creak All the caches hidden by her involve boating, water, or nautical things. She leaves her signature Paddle when she finds a new cache. Shoe Goo Always seems to find the muddiest, dirtiest, and downright messiest caches no matter what time of year she goes. Kind of takes it upon herself to get those caches others would rather NOT do. Tri Dent All his caches get pretty banged up. Sim Plicity 1/1? Too hard.....wants someone tolook for the cache while she waits in her car. Cute thread....like it late at night when I am a bit slap happy to begin with.
  7. I bought my Geko 201 over a month ago specifically as a new geocacher. Love the thing-even got comments from some co-workers about how strange my cell phone looked. Not enough buttons...heh. Like the size-using AAA batteries doesn't bother me, like the weight, like it's simplicity, it's color makes it easy to spot, like that it doesn't have an external antennae my hubby can chew off, and since I have small hands, it really works well for me. I also like that it is WAAS enabled, and don't really care that it doesn't come with the download cable link for the pc. For what you get with its capabilities, this is the best value I saw at Galyans when I bought it.
  8. Haven't had this happen, but heard about Geocaching from a co-worker. Her roommate went to a park seminar and they talked about it there, so her roommate wanted to get involved. My co-worker knows my husband and I like to go camping and hiking, and told me about it too. Did some digging. Her roommate got her GPS this week, and so did I. We may bump into each other sometime. May be kind of fun.
  9. I have recently purchased a Hello Kitty Backpacker (plushie) keychain that is about 4 inches tall carrying a backpack and bed roll. Since she is wearing clothes and a cloth visor with cloth backpack, I would like to add the geocaching logo to her somewhere, but am not sure how to do it. It would have to be a micro-sized one, and one color would most likely be easiest. If I were to make her a TB, I would like to have her visit various parks and locations around the US, as many as she can, but it wouldn't be for a while. I am new to geocaching-just found my very first 3 yesterday with my new GPS, and definitely new to the whole TB thing. Does anyone have any ideas?
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