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  1. Hi Well done, and we all look forward to some great Park caches. If you do need help from a school angle, let me know. Paul
  2. Excellent news... Glad you finally got your birthday package - sorry the first one was lost... but it has been returned to me now, so you might just get an unbirthday pacage in the near future. Geoghunt
  3. Still nothing... HI, Has the 2nd parcel arrived yet... I posted it nearly a month ago now. Getting worried now.
  4. Birthday Mission Update from Geoghunt. Sorry, my computer decided to lose its hard drive a few weeks back, and I have only just recovered the contents... So to my Birthday mission cacher... sorry, I have only just relocated your address, but it is on its way... sorry. (Your birthday is tommorow so it will only be a week late hopefully) Also a big thank you to Ezcphs3 for my birthday gift... photos to be uploaded soon. Geoghunt
  5. Adult Mission (Geoghunt) Birthday Mission Email Sent - 11/12/08 Birthday Mission Name Received - NO Birthday Mission Sent - NO Birthday Mission Received - NO
  6. 1. Participating: Yes. Email sent 2. Received Name: Yes 3. Mission Sent: 25th Nov 4. Package Received!: Yes! 20-11-08 Hoping that the package gets to the USA in one shape. Merry Christmas everyone! :-)
  7. 1. Participating: Yes. Email sent 2. Received Name: Yes 3. Mission Sent: Just recieved the geocoin today (24th) , so sending it 25th Nov 4. Package Received!: Yes! 20-11-08 A wonderful package from my Sercet S@nt@ in NY! Made my day. I shall post the photo and more details as soon as I have oped it all. A great idea, can't wait to do another mission, as this was my first. Geoghunt
  8. Looking forward to doing my first mission! Adult - Geoghunt 1. Participating: email sent 19-10-08 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  9. It seems a shame that when placed, the caches had permission (I'm guessing) from thew rangers - why has their attitude changed? Will there be any london ones left....... Should virtuals be re-instated in cities like London?
  10. I would love to swap a Cliffton Bridge coin I have for a London Eye one - more in keeping with my London location! Please PM me if you want to swap.
  11. Hi, I might be able to help out, as I live in Billericay. Email me if you need a hand.
  12. I am more than happy to help if needed, as a school teacher I think geocaching has lots to offer.
  13. In this case, I would go with the laminated copy idea (something I had not thought of, and wish I had, as I have lost a few slugs and coins now 3out of the 6 released are lost, or in one case with a geogcacher who does not reply to emails... The Laminated method allows you to take part in the game, but also allows you daughter to take to events etc.. Rather a laminated coin "Missing" than a real coin "missing" AKA in a box. But the great thing about the hobby is that its up to you
  14. Called at 9.10 to Romford, Basildon and Brentwood - no luck, did not know what I was on about... Shall try again Sat
  15. Hi, Scrapbooksally has currently got my Travel Slug Nicola the travel slug, TB1WNHT . She has not logged on since March 09. Does anyone know her / them, so I can get the TB moving again. Cheers Geoghunt
  16. You need to make sure that they are aware of what geocaching is all about. I sent an email to the head of the South East region, of the Essex Wildlife trust, for my Hanningfield Reservor cache. They then got in contact giving permision, but I had to speak to the warden. The warden came out with me to place the cache in a suitable location. Basildon Council are a nightmere though!! Keep at it.
  17. Do you think it ok to send a coin over to the US? It would be a shame to end up in some collection..., or worse sold! In terms of spelling BLACKS.. What a cool idea Could have had Kielder Water , any other suggestions?
  18. Would love a geocoin, for my school Geocache Club to move on.... A great hobby for a gegraphy teacher! email sent.
  19. dadgum School meeting!! I shall not be going tonight, as we have just finished our meeting.... If anyone could be kind enough to get a spare, I shall pay for the postage Cheers Paul
  20. I would love to pop along and put names to faces ect.. How about a geocache time trial? Geoghunt
  21. Hoping to be there on Wed night, but my school does not finish until 5pm... so fingers crossed. If an Essex cachers are going, I hope to set mine free (if I make it) in Thorndon Geoghunt
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