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  1. Methinks for the price of the goggles and batteries you could have bought a new carabiner. But he needed the batteries anyway. I think that now it is about the principle. Hope he finds it... Seems like having an itch that ya can't get to!
  2. Once...Just once would I love to put a spring loaded boxing glove in a cache! It would take care of those geodumpers!
  3. KNIVES: WEAPONS OR TOOLS? depends on what part of the city you come from.
  4. Hmmm look at it this way: alot of Californians have invaded Arizona and alot of Arizonans have invaded California....Phoenix is alot like LA..latest word is that when the Colorado River dries up there will be no more border...there will be only 49 states CALZONA or was it Arifornia?
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