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  1. I came across this site today that was just plain awesome. I uploaded my Finds PQ onto the website. You have several options to view--Google Map, Google Earth, etc. You can upload info to your website/blog too though it is a bit techy. Check out the FAQ section for more info. Enjoy! Chris GPS Visualizer
  2. Some snakes are more aggressive than others. Some rattlers won't bite until provoked. Others need little provocation. A herpetologist I know told me that a bite from a watersnake (not a venomous species) could be of concern because of the possible infection you could get from an animal that is in water, eating whatever is floating (rotting?) around there. Also, it is an aggressive snake to boot. I just try to be alert when walking through wetlands--and let the geo-husband go first. Chris
  3. Deer, squirrels, turkey, and coyote are about the extent of it for me, though we did encounter a fox the other day on a cache hunt. Bears sometimes make it down our way, but not often. Have to say I'd be more than a bit frightened if I did encounter one. I remember a quote from a bear researcher's book (sorry can't remember the name) who said something to the effect that if a grizzly bear followed you up the tree, kiss your a** good-bye. Chris
  4. I wouldn't say there's anything wrong. It just takes time for the satellites to pinpoint your location. Besides on most days there will be some margin of error. A GPSr is only so accurate. What we do is to rely on the arrow with our older Garmin 12 MAP (they don't make them anymore) until maybe within about 40 feet and then rely on the coordinates. Doing so for us gets us very close if not on top of the cache if the there's minimal tree cover and cloud cover both at the time we find the cache and when it was placed. Good luck! Chris
  5. I've done caches on islands, getting to all of them via boat. I thought they were great! It was fun to go someplace I might not have gone before and there's also a fun feel of doing a cache that requires travel like boating. Chris
  6. Never found anything of this sort myself, but appreciate the education. Perhaps to add with finding meth discussion that this in effect a crime scene and shouldn't be tampered with. Unmarked bills, of course. Chris
  7. I'm allergic but my husband isn't. I send him in for those caches hidden in PI. Chris
  8. Had one of those. It sucked. I've been employed in conservation most of my life. I hate to come across a cache that tramples on what I perceive as sensitive ground. So many other places to hide a cache. Chris
  9. As a caver (appreciate the reference as opposed to "splenker"), I'd appreciate a cache here, yet the concerns about trending on sensitive ground would be of a concern. Just make sure it's ok with owners/state/feds. Chris
  10. GeoHubby is 52 and I'm 45, but tell everyone I'm 35. In fact, I know lots of women who have been 35 for years. Chris
  11. We had a muggle today watching at the end of the trail as we walked up. He just stood there watching us. We both got a bit spooked and decided to leave. As we approached our car, he followed and started telling us about geocaches he found. How should I put this so as not to offend? Let's just say he was challenged. We moved on to some other caches for the day, with the idea of coming back later when no one was around. Chris
  12. BobLog was a scream! Anti Spell Checker? (I work with people that must be the the test team for that! Idiots. ) I still laugh at that one. Chris
  13. I had something of a similar experience. We were hunting a cache (a DNF ) in an area around a city water tower. A car slowed down, curious I'm sure to why we were there, but no questions asked. Had they stopped, I would have just told the truth. Truth can be stranger than fiction after all. Chris
  14. I love finding them. It's fun to see who has visited a cache. I haven't taken them, but I've left them. I wouldn't mind someone collecting them either. It's all for the fun of it. Chris
  15. I hear you! We logged a DNF recently that frankly was not what the cache description led us to believe. Equally depressing was reading subsequent posts of others actually finding the darn thing. My consolation was that in those later posts others complained of the amount of bushwhacking, so maybe we weren't too far off course. Chris
  16. I'm sure this has come up before, but lately I seem to be finding caches with frankly junk inside them. I'm talking napkins, floss sticks (yuck!), dirty golf balls, and other assorted trash. Kind of a bummer when you're looking forward to finding a cool cache only to find nothing of value. I always try to leave something nice, something of some value when I find a cache. Sorry, just had to vent about that one. chris
  17. I personally don't like it when the description states "trailhead" where there is nothing in the least representing a trailhead. I've appreciated the later logs of such caches that state "bushwhacking involved" so I know that I wasn't totally off. Chris
  18. I use CacheMate too. I try not to look, but when I did go caching with some newbies, I gave the hint out. A lot of good though; we took it too literally and spent a lot of time on a relatively easy find. Chris
  19. I've often found that the GPS will get me close, but inevitably the cache is located in thick tree cover. At that point, I'm relying on the look of likely places---and trambled down ground. I've been finding several caches that are extremely popular now that it's tourist season, some visited 2+ times a day. Look for the trambled down weeds and you're at least on the track of the last hunter. Chris
  20. We were thrilled to log our first to find at this geocache. The boating over to the island was an adventure, to say nothing of the adventure of finding it. Thanks to all those geocachers who place geocaches in little known places to encourage others to explore! Chris
  21. In a mass of juniper bushes. Hate that. Poison ivy is up there too, but the hubby isn't allergic so I send him in for those. I did catch myself saying "Oh, no," when the description for one geocache I thought about doing read "some minor rock climbing involved." This acrophobic said no way. Chris
  22. I tried a product I found at my local grocery store called BuggSpray. It's scented with vanilla so it's not as unpleasant to use. Found it very effective against mosquitoes and ticks. They have another product that is supposed to work for biting flies. Those demons made an appearance this weekend, so I'm going to give that one a try. Chris
  23. Thank you! These are always a good find. Kleenex is also a welcome find (clean, unopened package). I found a squirt gun in one cache that turned out to be a great find when out on the boat the other day and in need of something to keep the nephews in line. I've been bringing extra ziplock bags lately and putting items together (especially swag that needs to be kept dry). Chris
  24. I use a Handspring Visor Deluxe. Don't know if they even make them anymore, but mine has served me well. The only drawback with it is that I cannot upgrade to the 5.0 version of the operating system because the hardware is dated. Only an issue with programs, but I can usually find something I want in a compatible version. Something to bear in mind if you buy one used though. Chris
  25. I am trying to upload the waypoints directly from the website to my Garmin GPS unit. It starts like it may be working, but just clocks and clocks, with no waypoint transmitted. I have installed the Garmin plug-in, but still no luck. The unit works fine with MapSource, so I've eliminated a cable issue. Now I do have an older, since discontinued model (Map 12). Could that be the issue? Chris
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