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  1. I'm with TeamSanruft - I stumbled across a nude sunbathing area while canoeing down the Wisconsin River. I would've liked to have mentally prepared myself for all of the tanned, sagging and wrinkled skin I still have burned into my retina. So I vote yes.
  2. Your girls never stop impressing me. I remember dragging up that trail before Criminal's cache, and have been trying to work up the motivation to do it again. Now I have to bow to the young Grays for getting it done.
  3. Every time I say I'm going to get to a cache machine something happens to screw it up, even if it is right in Bremerton. So let's try this: There is no way I can make this cache machine. I will not be there.
  4. Sweet! I look forward to getting them when Seth! returns.
  5. Give them a one-way bus ticket to Seattle like SLC did before the Olympics. To me it makes no difference if I trip over 5 or 10 of them on the way to the ferry, so what the heck, if it opens up a caching spot, we'll take one for the team.
  6. Speaking of coming from the Eastside, remember that the Hood Canal Bridge is going to be closed this weekend, so don't come across from Keystone to Port Townsend. That might look attractive because of all the extra sailings this weekend, but they are extra for a reason. /Court ordered PSA
  7. Congrats. Wow, you guys cache! I remember when you were newbies and now you have 500 more finds than me!
  8. This has not changed at all since Yahoo bought it. Getting your news from The Register is about the same as reading the Slashdot forums, if you're into that kind of thing. It might be fun, but it's rarely true. My point (joke) was more about Yahoo's judgement.
  9. Well, Mopar, I knew it might be a bad sign when Yahoo bought it. But I think it could have some value other than hula girls if the right widgets existed.
  10. Any plans for Konfabulator support? Maybe the ten newest caches from your home coords or something? I just think it's such a cool ap. I could sit in class and watch feeds from GC.
  11. I've been considering taking that day off as a decompression day after my exam Tuesday. Will you be biking or hiking?
  12. It makes me giggle every time I read this, because it took me a second to realize that in this case, "BM" was an abbreviation for Benchmark, not, well, you know... Bull Moose?
  13. Uh... I have to admit that despite the fact that Criminal said "Anderson Island" what I saw/wanted to see was "Blake Island." Since I have already done the caches on Anderson, count me out of this excursion.
  14. What other gang? Edit: Never mind. See below.
  15. Yeah, I know. Every time I pull out of my driveway on a clear day I'm reminded of my two failures at Ellinor. It's on my list of things to rectify this summer. We actually did Mt. Zion as #401. Dick, sounds like a great trip. I don't get a long geo-road trip this year or proably next, so I'm envious.
  16. It'd have to be a weekend for me, and the only dates that are out for sure are this weekend, the last weekend of July, and the weekend of the August 13.
  17. Thanks all, and congrats EGH. I'm only 2098 behind!
  18. I've been thinking about that for a while. If the date works out I'd be interested.
  19. Bull Moose

    Your Ride

    Nice bike, but where do you put the carseat, the dog, the spouse and three packs?
  20. Bull Moose

    Your Ride

    You can tell that it's my Xterra by the silhouette of the bull moose walking on the XTERRA logo and Bucky Badger on the first aid kit bump: From the front:
  21. 90% of the time I'm the only human on my hunts, but the dog is usually with me.
  22. Cool. If I'm not too overwhelmed I should be able to come. I'm thinking about going as Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force this year.
  23. OK. We can definitly put down suspicion of murder as something that will get you banned. I know I shouldn't be cracking jokes when there is a dead boy...
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