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  1. Oh yeah, I've had ticks come at me from the bottom up. I grew up in the land of more than 10,000 lakes (Wisconsin) and there were times where I thought they were opening some kind of time-space portal to come at me from additional axes.
  2. On a related note, does finding the first stage of a multi = find? I have been meaning to get to this cache so I put it on my watch list: Lord of the Rings I have noticed that the last couple of logs are by people who found the first stage then stopped and still logged it as a find. Like I said, I haven't done it (hopefully this weekend) so I don't know if there is a log book or something in the first stage, but in my opinion you haven't found a multi until you've found the last stage.
  3. I was kind of surprised that I only got two hits on my three caches. I thought my Howe Farm cache, which is part of a five cache by five users series, would have got more hits. Then, I guess I only hit four caches this weekend myself.
  4. I'd think it was a good idea, except for sometimes if you're dense, you're dense, and no amount of Powerpont presentations is going to change that. I recently had one of my TBs picked up and moved to another cache (at least they got that part right) without it being logged on my TB log. I was able to track down where it went via the cache logs. I moved it manually and sent the user the URL for how to use a TB since he picked up another one when he left mine. Now he's figured out how to pick them up, but not drop them off. Oh well...
  5. Wow. I'm impressed at the durability of this thread. It just won't die.
  6. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat: Sounds like a cool place. Why don't you make it an "offset cache" and use something on the monument to give coordinates to a real cache nearby. One hint is to take the letters in the person's name, make up a specific code (e.g. a=1, b=2, c=3, etc...). By adding the numbers derived from the name to a set number, you get the coordinates of the actual cache. Yeah, I might do that eventually. I'd have to find a new spot in one of the state parks that are around there.
  7. quote:Originally posted by jimnclora:Has anyone had trouble getting a virtual cache approved? Yep. I found a really cool plaque/monument in Port Townsend, WA dedicated to a man who grew up there and was the first Seabee who won the Medeal of Honor when he was KIA in Vietnam and who also had a frigagte named after him. It is located just off the sidewalk on Coast Guard property in an extremely high traffic tourist area. I say there is no way in hell to put a micro there, even on the off chance the Coast Gurad gives permission, so I submitted a virtual. Nothing doing. They insisted on keeping the adjacent 582 feet clear for the slim chance of someone putting a micro there. Never mind that there are a lot of caches outside of town, but none in the area. Well, I guess they have their reasons...
  8. quote:Originally posted by nincehelser: Like you said "it takes more than being butt nakid and exposed to make something perverse". Well, this is a caricature with emphasis on a sexual organ. It's pretty clear what it was meant to imply. It's not simply a naked monkey...it's a monkey designed to be obscene by flaunting an unaturally large member. If you don't understand this, then *YOU* are messed up. Some people get their kicks through "shock value" and being "counter culture". One can only hope that they will grow up. George Not that I disagree, but I find that statement kind of funny coming from a guy whose avatar is him (I assume) standing next to a giant phallus.
  9. Yep. Chewie goes Geocaching when I do. He's become very good at sit-stay. I've found having a dog along makes you look less suspicious to geo-muggles. "Oh, that guy's dog must be real interested in that tree." is a lot more sane sounding to folks than "That guy is really interested in that tree."
  10. Worldtraveler: I like your idea. How did you go back and log the TB in the caches you have already done?
  11. My first piece of swag was a Malcolm McDowell from Star Trek: Generations (or maybe Tank Girl) action figure. He sits near my computer.
  12. quote:Originally posted by TEAM 360:In the Bruce Willis movie "Unbreakable", the phone number that rolls across the screen for relatives of victims killed in the train wreck was 1-800-656-1482. Go ahead and call it, and listen to the recording. [This message was edited by TEAM 360 on May 11, 2003 at 03:01 PM.] I think it's funny that the recording says "this is a fictional number." No it's not. If it were a "fictional" number, I wouldn't have been able to call it. Kind of like I can't go to Middle Earth.
  13. I'm BullMoose because my hero is Teddy Roosevelt. I usually incorporate that into screen names, etc, when I can. In fact, if any of you are into Xbox Live, look for Bull Moose. That's me, too.
  14. Sheesh, Fledermaus, I hope I've been putting them back well enough! Yes, we are very lucky in the Kitsap area to have Fledermaus. He keeps me very busy! The first two pages of caches closest to my home coordinates are dominated by his caches.
  15. He's not serious. He's hidden 12 caches, 11 of them physical as late as 3/23/03. Well, he's not serious of he's a hyprocrite...
  16. quote:Originally posted by StarshipTrooper:I get a laugh out of the "leave no trace" manifesto. There was a time when these folks preached that the propoer thing to do when you cr*p in the woods was to either pack out the TP or burn it. Actually, in that very issue of Backpacker there is a discussion on whether TP should be used. One person advocated using a rock. The day I have to give up my TP and use a rock is the day I stop backpacking.
  17. So apparently, there in the Twin Cities area if you want Police attention and charges to stick, don't run over traffic control officers like Randy Moss, or sexually assault women like Kirby Puckett, just plant a marked geocache in an out of the way area.
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