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  1. I'm thinking about personalized plates for my motorcycle and TNLNSL was one I am thinking about. I was kind of surprised it was available, too.
  2. Agreed. My silver coin is fantastic. Nice work!
  3. The cache site is out of the picture. And it's a terracache. And it's archived now. So I don't think it'll do you much good, Dick. Gee, I was hoping that it would be the cache site of Ray's "NAD/Soroptimist Park. I see that the Grays found it after dark. I will have to try again. Thanks Dick, W7WT If I knew where the heck that one was, I'd give you a hint.
  4. Do I risk stepping on it or baby slobber. Hmm... tough call. The cache site is out of the picture. And it's a terracache. And it's archived now. So I don't think it'll do you much good, Dick.
  5. Well, it looks like it paid off. Here we are at our first cache with the new GPS, and there she is in one of her favorite places:
  6. This transplanted Badger is looking for a Wisconsin geocoin. I have either an '04 or an '05 Washington geocoin to trade. Please e-mail or PM me if you are interested.
  7. Wow. It's like it's right out of my contract law casebook. I'm studying for the final. I'm not a lawyer yet, but if this was a problem on my final I'd say: He's stuck with $2.10 a coin. The $135 you sent him is consideration for a negotiated contract. When he accepted it, he was bound. As for shipping and handling, since that wasn't expressly stated, the UCC (which usually covers the sale of goods in almost every state) will allow for a gap filling term of fair market value - the actual cost of UPS or whatever, plus actual cost of shipping materials, plus a few bucks for time would seem fair. The only problem is, for over $500 the UCC requires something in writing. (Any of this on e-mail?) In any case, since he is the one breaching, he certainly isn't entitled to your $135 if he doesn't deliver the coins. Too bad in reality there's probably not much you can do, other than send a letter stating your position and hope he gives in since $135 probably isn't worth the time and effort. EDIT: Or just get AG to call.
  8. Well, I'm probably not going to be near a computer at 3 on Sunday, but hopefully there'll still be a silver one I can buy when I finally get back to one. Living in beautiful Bremerton pays off once in awhile.
  9. I'm Garmin guy, but that eXplorist 600 looks like a nice unit! Price tag is rather high though. Ouch! Yeah... looks like she got ahold of mom's credit card.
  10. Ooo... that looks like fun. Peace, Nolenator I missed my annual DNF on that cache this year. I DNF Mt. Townsend instead this year.
  11. My 9 month old daughter "gave" me my Christmas present early yesterday - a brand spanking new eXplorist 600 to replace my comparatively bulky, monochromatic Meridian Gold. Yee-haw! "She" decided I needed it early since I only have about 5 weeks between classes to squeeze in as many caches as possible. I think she may be angling for riding in the Kelty Kids pack for many of them. Too bad it's dark after work these days.... And for all of you Garmin folks ready to skewer the eXplorist 600 - remember, she's not even a year old.
  12. I'm glad the timing worked out - I'm coming up for air as class ends just in time to see this. I would have been sad, indeed, if I would have missed the sale of the geocoin of my own county featuring the ferry I ride to work every day (not to mention have two cahces tied in with). Great job on the coin! Can't wait to see them in my hand. Wow! Plus I qualify for a silver coin! Excellent...
  13. Darn, I'll be at home in the midwest finding caches in the snow. Have fun.
  14. Then approve or deny them under the GC guidelines independent of whether they were placed for this challenge or not. Problem solved. Some of the last few posts have again demonstrated to me how people have an amazing need to take a simple concept start heaping rules and regulations on it.
  15. The ammo cans atop Mt Townsend, Ellinor, I'd maintain that those two are as hard to find as any bison capsule, hike aside.
  16. Does anyone know if Wilson Admirer was approved by and bribe... I mean fee paid to the Ranger? The owner doesn't seem to cache much these days. If not, I'd give that one a red dot. It's off trail a little and I wouldn't want Ranger Rick to figure out that it's there at this late date. It's one of my favorites and would hate to see it jacked by the Ranger.
  17. I love my Xterra 17 mpg and all. I take public transportation to work, so all that gas that I would be burning going to work can be dedicated to driving to the trailhead to do some caching*. In the end, I'll just pay what they charge for gas. *Diving save to keep on topic.
  18. Well, Dick, Illinois isn't going anywhere. As much as a Wisconsinite sometimes wish it might. September is the best time of year there, though, isn't it. Maybe if you sold a couple of those GPSrs you could afford to go.
  19. If anyone needs me I'll be crouched underneath Moun10bike's window.
  20. Way to go, Dick! Say hi to the midwest for me when you're back.
  21. Fighting against declining quality of cache contents is a fight against some combination of the second law of thermodynamics and human nature. The most we can do is throw in some better items on occasion and hope they are appreciated by the next person.
  22. That may not be as dumb as it sounds to us. I have been asked several times by some of the more suspicious and fiscally uptight people I know what my monthly fee is for using GPS. Maybe they associate it with OnStar or something. Besides, isn't the new European system going to be fee-based?
  23. Hmm... Anarchy. Who says Washington isn't the wild, wild, west?
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