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  1. Thanks Teasel, Will bear it in mind!!! p.s all the best re Trig UK etc!!..fully appreciate and support you and the cats efforts! Regards DeputyDawg
  2. Hey!!...Have got to agree with you FoF, in the same way that hillwalkers and climbers collect 'Munros' and 'Corbetts'.. Then why not if the're there?, gives a reason for a nice walk/hike etc!!...checked the stats on Trigpointing UK, and there are a lot out there still to be 'claimed' (if thats the word)...am off to get some in as soon as I get a chance!! Have some nice ones near here, looking out to sea, and must remember to take camera. Am not sure if you can add many comments, re access, terrain, view etc., that would helpful to others thinking of visiting...might be useful!. Happy hunting anyway, or am I sad? DD
  3. What a bit of interest this has stirred, am new to this but wonder why wonder why 'Benchmarking' isn't as popular, or at all, for that matter, as it appears to be in the States....or am I missing something? Interesting though, thanks,Chris,etc, Wombles & Morseman --... ...-- DeputyDawg -.- -.
  4. Hope you can possibly build it into the new part of wall, would be shame to lose a bit of mapping history in the city, even if it had it has no value nowdays...p.s. may still show up as 'spot' height on an OS map of the area, SEA..MBBe
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