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  1. Hi All, If your bored, and want something to look for whilst roaming(driving) from cache to cache you might like to try this site... http://www.cnps.org.uk/ Cheers, DD
  2. Well Done, Seasider!! Congrats from over the border! DD
  3. Yep, Congrats HN !! also was not aware, & esp. considering the geography in your neck of the woods! Rgds, DD.
  4. Spiora, Congrats on being over the hill..again! DD
  5. Hey!!... .Congratulations and Well Done, FoF DeputyDawg Centurion!.. more caches than the cast in a Ben Hur movie at that rate ! Hi
  6. Congrats Spioradsaor, but... Amsterdam ? Well whatever U say...Caching was that?? Well done on the Ton anyway,.. All the best, Mi Amigo, DD
  7. Congratulations and Well Found, evilrooster! It's a really big cache as well, hope ur both doing ok!! Will be watchin' out for logs from cacher 'evilchookie' in the future. All the best, enjoy!!..... DeputyDawg.
  8. I would agree!......wouldn't take anything of a percieved value, unless replacing a similar item of the same ilk/value........and would rather record an "NTNL" log than walking away with a goodie......ok....I'm sad, but finding the cache, and more importantly, some of the superb locations uncovered by cachers means more to me than locating the the actual item!!....doh!!!! I hope we can all, basically, appreciate the common denominator, and just enjoy a different day out! without condemming those who pursue the more specific aims of cache targets ......and Vice Versa!! To each their own....I would hope, and am pretty certain that GC cater's for all these aspects!!! As regards trading up or down....who cares.....how can you put a price on location or scenery... tnx FoF!!!! My Thoughts!!! and Good GC 2 all, DD To clarify, perhaps my last comment, and as mentioned by MCL I think that the value of the contents of a cache, usually does level out over a period of time whether it be up or down. In my limited experience, I have tended to find that the easier/busier the cache, then value of the contents was generally lower than that of the more demanding ones. which is really what you would expect in society. Also, as per aisledog, I find the phrase 'Trading Up/Down' a really annoying misnomer which, in my opinion, gives the wrong impression of what GC is all about, and which must certainly be disconcerting to people, perhaps considering becoming a player, in an interest thats emphasis is really that of an outdoors pursuit. How much can you trade up or down in a 35mm film canister anyway?. But Wait!, Now where did I put the Penny Black, the uncut Diamond and the neatly folded winning Lottery ticket?...I don't think so! Can you Trade up/ down at a Virtual?...maybe that's part of their appeal, but hey, that's another story ! Rgds DD
  9. Please explain the issue of 'Trading Up....or Down' for that matter?.....as I have no conception how it could possibly relate to Geocaching Am pretty sure I'm not the only one! Regards DD ....can resort 2 weegie speak if u require, but not on this forum!
  10. Its maybe not just your GPS acting strangely at times, in fact, it may be totally accurate. I have uncovered a 'Safari' site in the middle of the Atlantic ..............according to the GC site (map) and the relevant co-ordinates stated? GCGW02 "Safariland - the vanished theme park". The park has not vanished but has obviously been relocated to the Kingdom of Neptune. This, I note, is not in the GC countries list as yet. I see also that there are some others nearby, but, please don't hire a boat, unless you can otherwise positively confirm co-ords! On reflection, I hope all GC UK cachers appreciate the work done by the UK approvers in making sure our caches are as accurate as possible! I will not mention the countries concerned re the latter inaccuracies, but I’m sure there must be some more amusing anomalies in inappropriate locations around the world. The aforementioned location was found a few times by players early on, obviously realising the E-W mistake… doh!, amending same in the additional cache info, however, the original co-ords exist on the GC site! ....... I still don’t think I’ll find that elusive Giraffimus Atlanticii, although I believe a Sea Hippo does exist, and living in Scotland I know that Nessie definitely does!. Regards, DD
  11. Hi Paul et all, Call here is GM0DEX (seem to be the only Scottish one so far?)....got 2meters and HF here (TS850S), but 2 mts from this QTH is a wash out, unless I use linear and beam...and point it to GI land hi! 73's to all DD
  12. minstrelcat, Try This Site...works both ways!! http://www.elmundo.es/traductor/ Cheers, DeputyDawg
  13. FoF...Your article has done a great job for Scottish Geocaching Pleased to hear of some feedback and hope the potential cacher joins soon ..think that there might be a few others to follow after Xmas day!. Thinking of applying for Geo caching account as Paw Broon......but see that that 'The Broons' are already taken! Michty Me! Regards..& Gd Caching! DD
  14. Great article for any other Cachers interested!... Watch the numbers rise as the Chrissy Pressies are opened later. Hi! Nice One FoF! DD
  15. FoF, Would it be possible to see copy of the article somewhere...my local newsagents have sent the old papers back, and am interested...website only gives nice walk around 'Auld Reekie' with reference to Greyfriars Bobby! Thanks as always, DD.
  16. I heard today from a source that EGNOS after periods of testing...should be fully up and running in April next year! Will update as soon as, or any changes. DD
  17. As an ex diver I know the problem, but on my last hide I used a Biological Sample Flask which I aquired from my local friendly Vet for holding samples. It is appx 7" long and 2" diameter, Solid "Teflon" with screw in flush lid and an O ring seal. Air and Water tight and holds appx 1/3 of a normal Tupperware container. From experience I think this would do the job....go to your nearest vet and see if he has any lying around...p.s. it even comes with another container within! DeputyDawg. Or pic up an old diving torch..with bulb or batteries gone and use the carcass!
  18. See Below! [This message was edited by DeputyDawg on October 16, 2003 at 03:48 AM.]
  19. Welcome to Geocaching and its Sub Plots, I have to agree with Firth of Forths view, and the response from Krazy Kats! It is too easy to sit behind a keyboard and say things, which you wouldn’t normally say when faced with and knowing the subject (s) in person. This I have noticed in the amount of “I didn’t mean it like that” replies in the forums…sad! It is also to easy to shoot down folk who are willing to try and enhance a hobby/sport for the benefit of all. I am of the opinion that if you are willing to do this, and think you can do better, put your name down for nomination and all that it may involve, prior to expounding your criticism! You will be guaranteed that you will be the next in line for the next control freak badge. To quote FoF “I thought it was all about people having a bit of fun, getting out into the countryside or exploring parts of towns and cities not visited before, and occasionally meeting others sharing the interest.” Or have some members..(when they choose to be!) lost the basic plot somewhere along the way!! Duh! I will continue caching in FoF’s and KK’s vein however, and hope those involved in the politics of it all ‘chill out’… as an earlier contributor mentioned. Regards to all, whatever and whoever, and if you’re a newcomer, don’t let this put you off Thanks DD
  20. What a bunch of b****cks!…virts are and should be welcomed as they allow people with perhaps a disablement who can’t and don’t perhaps have the ability to manage a short or longish walk to capture caches and see various areas of interest and enjoy the hobby/sport also. As an example, Evilroosters virt around Edinburgh is a classic! I can’t wait to do it! even if I don’t manage it soon, it is simply a pleasure, and fascinating read, all told. I would regard it as a benchmark for any other virt caches to follow, and perhaps the approvers should take note Also Pooters (Electric Brae) and jstead’s (Brig o’ Doon) on the West coast are perhaps not so complex, but definitely also worth a visit…w/o much effort, but well worth the visit!. I do however see the need to curtail the number of insignificant virts that are being conjured up and that would eventually lead to a non descript object of relatively little significance to the general masses. Without real relevance, whether it be history, geography, art, architecture etc. etc. these virts are a waste of time. .. I did one recently and the co-ords were all wrong too boot. My feelings as regards caching are that the fundamental essences are not particularly the finding of the cache, but the challenge of getting there, seeing and enjoying different places of interest …… an old saying being that the best part of a holiday is the travelling! Regards DD DeputyDawg As an aside…. there are a few physical caches that I’d rather not to have found equally!!…At least you can take your family to a virt. with reasonable safety!
  21. Just to say,,, that was a good bit of publicity for the Bash on the front and inside pages of 'The Herald' supplement last Saturday!! An interesting article, well written, which will undoubtedly stir up some curiosity in geocaching overall .....nice one!! DeputyDawg
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