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  1. This was so sad to hear! ;)


    My deepest sympathies and condolences go to Mark's family and friends. I had the privilege to meet TheCat only once, during last years CIN foxhunt, and his enthusiasm, generosity, effort and help are well remembered, and much appreciated. He will be sorely missed and a sad loss to everyone in the Geocaching Community.


    Thanks, Mark…Your life has left Your mark on many, and continues to be an inspiration for us all.


    Cache Well as always, wherever!



  2. I saw that Billy Twigger has hidden 7 new caches on the Isle of Bute to add to the 6 already there.
    Could this be Scotlands (and the UK's) First Island Bash? Lots more caches are easily obtainable nearby, prior to, or before the crossing to the island after the short ferry trip. It is certainly an attractive proposition??..However, I have to admit to being biased and love this area and location!

    Cheers DD :lol::o

  3. Hi there,

    Got my MeriPlat at half price from the US...roughly £150...and subsequently downloaded/changed US base map from a magellanmeridian users group on yahoo to the Euro one for ziltch. Am really pleased now, but was sceptical at the start....it's relativley easy 2 do, nonetheless.

    The Meriplat is a bit on the large side but I really like the this piece of kit as it's easier to see, as a result, when driving...and a good compromise overall. I just sit it in a drinks holder on the dash..saves on custom mobile mounts, and works as well, then just lift it out for caching!

    :blink: Best of Luck, DD

  4. I'm going to have to bring someone along I can talk to and understand when I come up for the 1st Scottish Geocacher's Day Out! Or down a few pints of tartan ale before meeting up!

    Firstly, Congrats and well done on your 500th :lol:

    Ah widnae boathur wi...oops!.. I wouldn't bother a translator there will be lots of friendly help there, it's self explanatory and easier after a few pints :blink: as you so correctly observed!.. :lol:


    Cheers DD ;)

  5. Uryiyankinmachain ????


    Hi Ullium,


    No, I wasn't pulling your leg, I could see from your excellent educationial cv that you obviousley came from a wally close..and were not one of those less than refined chaps :( ! !


    Cheers DD :D


    Thanks to Snaik, for the link to a site which gives excellent hints and tips for integrating with the locals. I can also recommend firstfoot.com which has an online dictionary for visitors to Scotland.

  6. I have recently seen some queries as to Weegie (Glaswegian) speak so to help out I’ve compiled a tongue in cheek small glossary for cachers visiting the West of Scotland as follows.


    These should spoken mainly as one word.


    1. Whersracash?….Where is the cache located?

    2. Ahcannifunit!……It is difficult to locate!.

    3. Maheidsburstoeryonmulti…..I am mentally perplexed working out the clues for this multi-cache.

    4. Magpsisknackered….My GPSr has terminally malfunctioned.

    5. Yoncoordsarsh*%e…The coordinates stated are inaccurate.

    6. Yergaunnyfunit, naeprobs!…You will find the cache, with ease! (when conversing with another W. of Scotland cacher)

    7. Yonwispurebrill!……..The cachers response to really having enjoyed him/herself , obviously having located a cache easily in a picturesque setting.

    8. Macashispuremental,man …..My cache is a really difficult and an exciting one! (Again, whence conversing with another W. of Scotland cacher!)

    9. Amscunneredwicashin, amgoinfuraguidswally…….I am fed up with Geocaching, and I am now going to partake of a substantial amount of refreshment(alcoholic)

    10. Gonnae deecript yon cloo, pronto…. Would you please decrypt the clue, quickly!


    Are there any more suggestions to help visitors......Hi!


    :anitongue::P Regards DD

  7. Done it, Recorded, 508mph on a decent into Stanstead on my Meri Plat..airline not mentioned but was a 737, and I was sitting next to window, am sure they thought gps was a gameboy or similar. The mapping aspect is brill, as on a clear day you can look down and follow your progress over the country. Am I sad or whit?..Doh! but just enjoy it anyway! Cheers DD


    oh! ps As per a previous post and well covered, the exact speed (you think) your doing in your car can be influenced by a few psi in your tyres.

  8. Hi Alibi? Encountered exactly the same prob. as you (the 'United Kingdom' link not there!), until info gleaned from FoF recently re adapting the URL to get maps.


    As mentioned, the GUK, Geocaching UK, site is vy good for 'seeing' them also.


    p.s FoF's a bad influence when recruiting geocachers...too good!... you'll regret it and will be looking for some form of addiction therapy b4 2 long!! ...Oh!, send me the co-ords when you find that therapy location, as I want to be second to find at least!..and may well even place a TB there!

    Rgds and Gd GC! DD ;)

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