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  1. Hello, I experience a similar problem on the Official App : When I log a cache with the draft option : it is well displayed in the drafts list, and it is transfered on the website. - Sometimes after 2-3 days, some drafts randomly disappear in the App : for example I create drafts for 20 caches on the Sunday: 2 days later only 11 remains (I precise I didn't log anything on the website meanwhile). Nevertheless, all 20 cache stay displayed in the draft list on the website. - If I attach a picture with the draft log on the App, sometimes, the picture is not transfered on the website... here again, this seems to be random... - When draft are logued on the website, drafts remains on the App... - If I log out then log in with my account on the App : the draft list is simply erased (but only on the App, not on the website hopefully) - When I try to update the draft list in the App (by dragging the page down with the finger), it indefinitely wait for sync... and nothing happens... My Version is : Version 8.28.3 Android 10 Samsung SM-G973F So It seems obvious there is a big sync issue with the drafts in the latest versions... Normally, drafts should sync with the website as for the lists where all works fine... Hoping this will be quickly corrected in the next version because drafts are very useful. Jean-Paul
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