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  1. I have a garmin legend and am considering getting the mapping software. I have it narrowed down to either the Metroguide USA or the Roads & Recreation. Which do you use and why? If you use both what are the adavantages of each as you use it? I am looking for practical experience here, (checked garmin's website and also spoke to their customer service) I am wondering how you all like the maps now that you have had hands on experience... Thanks in advance. Kirk out.
  2. If I spend the 100 buck on the CD for the "all 50 states maps", is that it? I see also there is activation for any specific region. My question is this... After spending the 100 bucks do I have to spend additional money to "unlock" my CD?? Seems unethical to me. Kinda like ... I go to a car dealer and he says you can now drive all over the nation in your new car, but then when I try to leave the parking lot of the dealership he says "wait, you gotta pay extra money to access the roads on which you want to drive" How does this whole unlock/pay extra money thing work??
  3. I don't do CompUSA anymore either, because of the rebate thing. I bought a spindle of 100 CD's for $50 and then the mail in rebate for $40 would have put my cost for each CD at 10 cents. But what really happened was I went to the store and the CD's that were advertised were not available with no raincheck and the sale guy said "Here, try these out. They cost a little more and theres no rebate but I've had good luck with 'em." I said "No, I came for the special in your add. Since there are no more of the brand left you advertized, will you honor the add with another package?". He said he would have to check with the manager. After about 15 min waiting around (and being late for my lunch hour at this point), he came and said he couldn't do it. I said mentioned something about bait and switch and very quickly he was on the phone to another of their stores to see if they could bring one in for me. Then three days later I was able to get my CD's. They gave me the receipts and pointed out to make sure to send in this one specific one as part of the rebate. I did that. Well about 3 months later, I got a post card from the manufacturer saying they couldn't give me my rebate because the receipt marked "REBATE RECEIPT" didn't have the date on it and therefore there was no proof of purchase date before expiration. (mind you, logically, this was absurd since they had replied to me before the expiration of the entire promotion... ) So to make a long story short -- too late -- I no longer shop CompUSA. It is Best Buy for me now. They are great. Kirk out. (hmmmm I wonder if this had anything to do with geocaching... oh well. a nice vent from "consumer joe" anyway)
  4. okay... can't resist to post another reply... Used condoms are found at both activities.
  5. I can think of some reason how they are not similar.... GC - You want your teenage kids to do it. S - You don't want your teenage kids to do it. GC - Meeting others on the same trail is fun. S - Meeting others on the same trail is not fun. GC - Travel Bugs are fun and encouraged. S - Travel Bugs are yucky and shunned. Heres one where they are similar... Lots lots more fun and exileration with your clothes off.
  6. So what's the point of having a vote if the "officials" override the votes with whomever they choose?? Congrates to geocaching.com anyways. Maybe webby 2004 will see a true winner.
  7. Gilligan's Island. Gilligan goes out looking for cocoanuts for MaryAnn's cocoanut pie and finds a strange box with all this stuff in it. They read the note that states they shouldn't move it but they could join the world wide game of Geocaching. They take it to Skipper and MaryAnn begins to feel upset and panicked that they removed the cache from its location. Skipper tells little buddy to take it to the Professor and he will know what to do. Professor takes the contents of the cache and some palm leaf rope and string along with spare radio parts, and creates a GPS. Mr. & Mrs. Howell financially back the venture and Ginger tags along just for the publicity. Then Gilligan notices the log of cachers and they find out that they are not the only ones to have visited this island -- at least 500 other people have visited this spot on the earth before. They study their GPS closly and find out that they are really not on a remote island after all but simply ..... hmmm you finish this...
  8. I used the advice as stated above too to put a picture on my new cache "Everchanging Cache", but I have a question... the picture on my page is left justified, Is there a way to make it centered? Thanks... Kirk out. Search1128.
  9. Oh come on! Lighten up people... I didnt' REALLY do this with the GPS and my dog. I'm not that cruel to my dog. I just thought it would be funny as I imagined my dog with duct tape and a GPS on his collar. Now a cat on the other hand... LOL Kirk out.
  10. That story about the indians coming through the blue light and the boy scouts story sound like a deriviative of a novel I read many years ago by Louis L'Amour, called Haunted Mesa. It is a good book. Read it some time.
  11. Oh, man! Curiosity got the best of me. I see the delete this message title with over 40 replies...l. I figure "hmmm what is going on in that thread" so I go take a look. I find matches, hamsters, rabbits, guns, knives, lost dignity, doots, gak, etc. This was a fun read. A virtual cache with me logging it as a find. Kirk out.
  12. My followup to the underwear poll above. Free balling is.. so... well, free that its neither right nor left nor even strictly in the center... it depends which foot is going forward at the next step and well, jr. goes the opposite. (Newtons' laws of motion, you know) Kirk out.
  13. Free-ball. Better for the ventilation factor in the heat of the summer
  14. I didn't go caching... But I used the GPS in a fun and creative way anyway. Hint.... Duct Tape, Dog, GPS, Dog Treats, Car Bumper... You got it! I put dog treats on the bumper of the car, duct taped the GPS to the dog collar then drove down our street with Patches (doggie) running after the treats. Now I have the knowledge that Patches can run 25 mile per hour and than my car speedometer is off 3 mph!. LOL. It was fun and the neighbors thought I was strange. We all have our moments I suppose. Kirk out.
  15. Given the spring weather and Easter Weekend break, April 25th is the date I pick. By the way do we know what the numbering scheme is going to be after date of critical mass? Will it be GCZZZZ or will it be LC####, VC####, ..., or will it be something else? I am curious to know what plans are being made. Search1128
  16. I have a travel bug that I just activated tonight and uploaded a picure to its page. Does anyone know how I get my bug on the photo gallery pages? Is that just a side effect of activation? Do I need to do something else to get it on those photo pages? Thanks, Search1128
  17. Ok! Well that was a nice surprize... I came back to the computer just 30 min later and my cache seems to be live. Thanks! (no need for this thread to continue. LOL. I have my answer.)
  18. After 36 finds, we have submitted our first cache called Ronald's Playland. We do McDonalds, Wendy's, BK, Carls Jr, or other at least once a week so we have lots of meal toys. Since they seem to be so prominent on the caching scene, we thought we would dedicate a cache to them. My question is this... (curiosity question, not an impatience question). I am curious to know about how long does it take to have the cache approved for publishment? What has been the shortest amount of time for approval? Longest time? What has all your experience been? Kirk out. (Search1128)
  19. Absolutely! Bugs are the part of the game that adds excitement. A simple trade is fun but to move a bug is like a trade with a bonus.
  20. If it were my bug, I think I would assign a new task to the bug's webpage, such as indicate a specific destination for the bug or something like that then email to the cacher/holder of the bug telling them that there is a new goal for your TB and to see the bug's web page for details. If the destination is far enough away then he would drop it off...
  21. I have found a few Travel bugs and am wondering if there is a way to see them in a list of some sort shown as in my possesion currently. Short of going to a cache page and posting a note allowing me to see a drop down list near the bottom of the cache page, is there any other way to see them in my possesion, maybe a link or something on the my cache page? I see where I can click to see a list of all found TBs but I want only those that I currently have in my inventory. Thanks, Kirk out. Search1128.
  22. Nothing like a "mass" response. LOL. Thanks for the help. It is the 50 caliber I had in mind. Kirk out. (Search1128)
  23. I am getting ready to place my first cache. After finding about 30 other caches, I see that Ammo cans are the most popular choice for a container. I called the Army Navy Surplus and they asked me "what caliber?" I didn't know. What is the caliber that most use. I have seen two sizes the mojority of the time. A can that looks about maybe 12 in long, 8 in wide and about maybe 8 in deep. And another that is a skinny one about the same size but only about 4 in wide. What are the caliber of these boxes?? What do you all use?? Thanks. Search1128
  24. Hey look! I just found the "Petrified Hydrant" cache. Sure smells like four footed cachers have marked their territory here. Canine History books have documented this as "... the oldest known hydrant ever to exist; over 2000 years. That is over 14000 in dog years."
  25. OK, nevermind. I just found the link. (Man! I hate when brain clouds creep in my brain)
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