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  1. I think the current rules as they are already set up should take care of the saturation situation. Keep in mind that .1 mile is only roughly 500 feet so there is a lot of gound to cover before the saturation limit gets reached. I wouldn't mind walking only 500 feet inbetween caches sometimes Kirk out.
  2. What was the name of the show? I have TIVO and will Tivo it if I can... Please... When was it on last night?
  3. I just went to Clayjar's Rating system from the link above... What a wonderful tool! I think that this should be standard part of the form to fill out when submitting a cache. Great Job Clayjar! Thanks. Kirk out.
  4. Before doing the caches out in nature (mountain hikes, etc.), I would suggest trying out a few caches rated 1 difficulty and 1 terrain located in the city or town where you are. Don't do micro caches, or virtual caches yet either, stick to the regular traditional shoe box sized ones at first. Don't get discouraged. Also feel free to email the owners of the caches if you can't seem to find it, and ask them for hints. That was really helpful to me at the beginning too. Good luck and welcome to the game!
  5. Since they plug for you to buy a package of batteries, I wonder if this is a device sponsored/research funded by everready or energizer, or duracell or some other company...
  6. ok, that makes sense. Locationless is actually a random location anywhere that satifies the requirements for the specific cache. I got it now. There is no set of coords, because they are all over the world... Now what about reverse caches?? Anyone? (please-thanks) kirk out
  7. I have been doing this now for several months and really enjoy finding caches and also enjoy the hunt itself. I have found traditional caches and a few virtuals also, however, It is the locationless and reverse type caches that I can't seem to understand. Just what are these kind of caches? Is this just a synonym for virtuals? I have read many times and also browsed the FAQ but still don't get it. Help please. Maybe some concrete examples would get the concept into my brain. Can anyone relate some experiences with these types of caches? Thanks for your help in advance. Kirk out.
  8. Spoiler photo for the "Amazing Floating Arm" cache. or First stage of the "Assemble the Whole Body" multi-cache.
  9. This happened to a Travel Bug that I found recently, only it wasn't me that didn't write the number down, it was the person just before me. What they did was search for the TB by name and/or description and put it on their watch list. Then when I found it and before I placed it again they emailed me through my profile and asked me to log it for them from a previous cache and back into the cache where I found it, then I "picked" it up again and all was fine, the miles may have been off a little bit but this way but it was better than doing nothing at all.
  10. Took about a minute each to download the .mov files so keep that in mind when viewing these news bits. I downloaded on a T1 line. Plan on quite a bit more time for dial-up. It was interesting to see geocaching in other parts of the country. I think she (the reporter) did a good job. It was good though that she conveyed the seriousness of breaking laws, traspassing, etc. Overall if I were to give it a grade on A-F scale I would give a B+. Thanks for the find Kirk out. edited to include download speed...
  11. Just a note about Utah... I am from the Salt Lake City area and thought you'd like to know about some of the things you could see if you decide to pass down south from Idaho Falls (instead of going westward). As you are aware the 2002 winter olympics were held in SLC. There are lots of things to see now as a result. The winter sports park in Park City (movie stars spend time in PC). You can ride the official olympic luge run. We have the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons famous for mountain skiing, however Snowbird Resort is open in the summer as well. There are many many hiking trails in these canyons. There are over 700 caches within a 70 mile radius of downtown SLC. Speaking of downtown there is the Temple Square, home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. There is a lot of early western history pioneer settlement sites to visit as well in SLC. They have a walking tour. Several virtual caches along these lines. Heading west out of SLC and back toward Nevada on I-80 there is the famous Bonneville Salt Flats where the land speed record has been held. There are multple caches on this route as well. Just thought you'd like to know of the Utah options that you might want to consider. Kirk out.
  12. Make sure you visit the olympic sports park in Park City. You can even take a run down the luge track, using wheeled carts in the summer and acutal sleds in the winter. Fun Fun Fun.
  13. Question on this Utopia... Does it harvest that way that cache harvester used to? Meaning, will it log on for you and get the waypoint for all the caches within a certain area? That was a feature of cache harvester that I liked the best. I didn't have to go to gc.com and dl 10 waypoints at a time and then "merge" them in EasyGPS any longer. So?? Does it?
  14. The first time this epsidode of CSI was aired earlier this year, we discussed this very thing. The funny thing is they said in CSI that her car's GPS told her to make a wrong turn and that is the reason why she hit the wrong building in her attempt to "get someone". In reality the GPS simply can't tell you to make a wrong turn, it is you the user interpreting the calcutions, and that may result in a wrong turn if you don't know what you are looking at. Anyway, I saw part of the episode again last night and was mildly entertained. Side note -- CSI in Las Vegas is much better than the spin off CSI:Miami. Kirk out.
  15. If plastic tags are introduced and/or simple numbers issued to be attached to any form of custom tag, then I would still opt for the metal tag. As stated many times previously, the metal tag is "official" looking and much harder to counterfeit. The plastic tags will weather, melt, get deeted, break in the cold, etc. While the customize option seems cool at first, it will cheapen the game and will confuse cachers into thinking they are simply finding a numbered signature item. I vote not changing the actual tags themselves but rather smarten up the tracking process with picking up, logging, and dropping off the TB. Kirk out.
  16. Where do you get this "utopia" at anyway?
  17. Just immediatly to the left of the subject line in the list of topics in this forum there are little icons. I understand how the ones in the second column get there (click the button on the subject line when composing the message) but what do they mean? Are they arbitrary, or open to individual interpretation? And the first colum, it looks like a post-it notes pad. What does it mean? I see there are variations on this one as well. I understand the one with the mini lock (locked topic) but what does the "pac-man" mean next to the note pad? Just curious (and bored on a suday afternoon)... Any and all answers are welcome. Thanks. Kirk out.
  18. My name is Kirk and I am a Geocacher. I found the "stuff" in March of 2003 and have been "using" ever since. I don't deny I have a problem. I am not angry about it. I could care less about any negotiation or deal making, unless it is a trade up. I accept that I geocache. Having gone through those classic steps, I see now that it is not a serious problem; and that I have no need for clinical help nor support groups to get me away from it. I think that I will continue to cache and hang out with my "friends". I'm fine. Kirk out.
  19. That scene you described sound like it would fit in just nicely for an episode of CSI. I can see Gil and company now.... "On the next CSI!" Cache on. Kirk out
  20. What is autorouting and can my garmin etrex legend do it? I just received the mapsource metroguide usa in the mail today and it talks about autorouting. I think I understand but since I have never seen it would anyone here be willing to help me out with this education?? thanks. I have the etrex legend does it do autorouting??Kirk out.
  21. There is a frog who jumps from the pond and into town one day. After looking around a bit he decides he likes the area and wants to move from the pond and build a home in the city. As he hops past a bank he sees a poster advertising low interest construction loans, so he goes inside to apply to get himself some cash. "Can I get a loan? I want to build a house." he says to the teller. The teller responds, "What!? You? You're just a frog. You can't get money here." The frog, a bit put off by this, looks at her desk name plate, (it says Patricia Whack), "Look! Ms. Patricia Whack, just because I am a frog doesn't mean I can't have money." "Ok, Fine. I have to speak to to the manager first. What is your name, anyway?" "Jagger, Frog Jagger, is my name." says the frog. "Yeah, right" she mutters under her breath as she starts off to speak to the manager. She arrives at the managers office and explains to the manager that there is a Mr. Frog Jagger who wants to borrow money from their bank. The manager peaks out of the window of his office into the lobby and sees the frog waiting patiently. "Hmmm. Ok but make sure you get some form of collateral, so that we can be sure he will pay us back." "Ok, sir." and Ms. Whack goes back to the frog and explains that they need some collateral in order to loan him the money. "But I don't have anything but this golden lapel pin of a big red mouth with a tongue hanging out." The teller says, "You expect me to allow you to borrow money with the only collateral being a souvenier pin you got at a rock concert?!" "Yes." says the frog. "Fine." and she takes the pin back to her manager. He takes one look at it and says... . . . . . . . . . . . "It's a knick-knack, Patty Whack, give the frog a loan. His old man's a rolling stone! LOL I like that one.
  22. Did you hear the one about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac? . . . . . . . . . . . . He laid awake at night wondering if there was a dog.
  23. Don't forget to have a part of his mission to have his picture taken with the Dinosaurs just outside Palm Springs, CA. Or if possible, try to have his picture take at the phone booth where the real Pee-Wee in the movie called his girlfriend to let her know he was in Texas. "Oh the stars at night, are big and bright...." Kirk out.
  24. EDI Technician. I work for a medical office practice managment software company. I provide software/programming support for Dr. offices filing health insurance claims electronically.
  25. Three business days, not including holidays or weekends. I ordered a 4 pack when I did mine. I was quite pleased with the quick service. Search1128
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