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  1. This is a fun and refreshing idea. I like it. I put the TB on my watch list. If it is successful, I may consider doing a TB similar to this. Good Job. Kirk out.
  2. Thank-you! It worked. I followed the instructions on your webpage. Good job. I added your site to my favorites list so I have a future reference too. Thanks again. Kirk out.
  3. I have received my .gpx file and run it through spinner. Then I fire up plucker and it goes through the motions of doing a bunch of stuff with the html files that spinner created but when it is done, I try to hotsynch the palm and there is no doc in the plucker app on the palm. Any suggestions? How do I get the file that plucker created (or didn't create it appears) to my palm?
  4. This was a great read. Wonderful waste of work time on a Friday. Thanks everyone for the funny comments, and the Monkey story -- great. LOL funny. Kirk out.
  5. Way out west here in Utah the cache density is not a problem. Caches are still scattered few and far between. There are a few parkways here where you can walk three miles along a river bank and find 5-10 caches but that is an extreme example. Over all it is just fine here. They aren't so dense here that you find more than 5 in one day. Kirk out.
  6. My GSP unit is blue I cache with it all the day through during all the long night and all day long plight My only result is to say "Boo!" Kirk out. (happy halloween)
  7. My kids are sometimes better hunters than I am on certain caches. Case in point... A while back we were serching for a cache in a rather desolate area and were having a rough time since there weren't many hiding places around. After about 10 min, my 6 yr old daughter said "What about this?", while pointing to an object (I won't name what it was -- don't want to spoil the idea for others out there). I dismissed it and said "No, there is no way that could be it. You have probably guessed by now but after about 20 more minutes we gave up. Went home and emailed the owner of the cache for a hint. He responded and said "Have you checked this?", naming the object that my daughter pointed out. I was humbled. We went back out later that afternoon and BINGO! there it was. Right where my daughter wanted to search. I let her find it. It was a fun hunt but I will always pay attention to the ideas of my children now. They are sometimes the wisest of them all. Kirk out.
  8. One picture on calendar should be of the very first cache or cache site memorial plaque. Maybe for Jaunary or the month in which it was actually placed.
  9. I know that "Isabel" isn't a threat right now but you might want to keep tabs on that hurricane -- just in case.
  10. There are a lot of caches here in Utah located on the ski slopes. It is public access land, not in a national park, And yes I think if you can hike the mountain you can ski down for free. What you purchase is a "lift pass" so you buy your way up and get your way down for free. Hopefully the gov't won't figure out a way to tax the law of gravity.
  11. Hey there dapper dan, where at and when in calif did you serve? I was out in the san berdoo area in 85-86. In an ironic twist there was an elder named Jason when I was there. But as far as I know he didn't cause any "dear johns" Kirk out.
  12. Current weather in Salt Lake City (just north of Provo, so Provo will be similar.) Clouds are lifing and there is snow on the top of them thar hills!!
  13. These pictures you have all posted are incredible! Right up there with Ansel Adams and the like. I am awed and humbled by some of the talent here. (and here I thought we were just a bunch of computer geeks with a passion for hiking...) Thanks for the scenery moment. Kirk out.
  14. Raouljan, your neighbor has more than one wife??? If you have to ask which one then of course pick the best looking and best performer of the lot...
  15. I use the freeware USA PhotoMaps from www.jdmcox.com. I run that on the laptop and download the satellite photo images of the area I am traveling. The I hook up the legend to the laptop via cable and off I go. It does live tracking on the actual photos of where I am driving. It sure adds an element of realism to the live GPS tracking on maps. Maps are greate too but to see on acutal photos.. that is better. Great software this USA PhotoMaps.
  16. I saw the Travel Channel's Ten Best ... last night. They did the one about the ten best treasures. Geocaching was #7. They said there were caches hidden in over 80 countries. That segment must have been filmed quite a while ago because now there are over 180 countries. It was fun to see the program though. Hats off to Jeremy. I feel like I am in the presense of those in the likes of Kevin Bacon now. I have the show stored on my Tivo box. Thanks to Jeremy for a wonderful website that makes all this possible. Good Job! Kirk out.
  17. An altoids tin costs $2.29 at the grocery store (full of mints). A phone card ( 13 cents per min for 20 min - you know the kind you get at Sam's club or Costco in bulk) rounds down to approx 2.50. The trade seems moderately fair.
  18. Back in 1965 during another "Great Blackout on the Eastern Seaboard", there was a mini-babyboom of which I was apart. So in honor of that great event, my wife and I couldn't help but celebrate as well, this 37 (almost 38) years later. LOL Actually, we didn't celebrate... I simply watched TV. Kirk out.
  19. ok I had to bite... I went back to your help page again and clicked and clicked until I found it. (Gee, all this searching for something hidden reminds me of something...). I found it. Good one there too. But now I need to go camping and do some roasting or watch Ghostbusters again. rating on this happy cache... difficulty of 1.5 / Terrain of 1.0. Satisfaction rating. 9 out of 10 (only because I wasn't acutally there with the squirrell incident, and now I am hungry after the second leg of this multi). Kirk out.
  20. Slightly off-topic of this thread, but I went to CyBrett's help page from the link in his note above. I was curious at the squirrell link on his page. I clicked it... I laughed and laughed. What a hiliarious link. Good one CyBrett. Kirk out.
  21. Hooray! I did it. It works like a charm. When I installed plucker viewer on my handspring, I got memory error and had to do a reset of my pda. I removed the app and reinstalled and now it works great (don't know what happened the first time). Now I can do what CyBret suggests -- paperless caching. Thanks again to everyone. Cache on! Kirk out.
  22. So if I understand correctly... Get rid of mobi (no problem there []) Then I need to work with two applications, first is spinner or gpx2html and then, second, use plucker to view the "document" created by the first?? Do I still need to have the PQ send me the prc file or simply just the .gpx (that it has been sending all along)? Thanks for all your help so far. Kirk out.
  23. I just started using the pocket queries. I have downloaded the .prc to my pda (handspring visor) and see that I need a reader to use it. Any suggestions? I see the link to the mobi reader, are there any other apps that are smaller and not so memory intensive that I can put on the pda that will read the pq prc files? Thanks. Search1128
  24. Sounds like poison oak and ivy have gotten together with maple, (leaflets three let it be...) So in the future if you eat your pancakes with syrup and you get an itchy throat, you may have to drink down some cortizone too.
  25. A free option to getting the arial photo maps is to use the USAPhoto program by JDMCOX.COM. check it out. It is a fun program to use just for curiosity sake about where ever you live. Kirk out.
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