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  1. Yep, you are correct. I was wrong. Nevermind Everyone. I made a mistake. (please don't tell my wife... she would always and forever remind me....LOL. ) Thanks. Kirk out.
  2. I have a pocket query to a list of all the caches that I haven't found and are active. But when the query results are returned I get a bunch of archived caches included with the results. How to I tell the PQ generator to not give me the archived caches? For example it is returning an event cache that was held over two years ago and has since been archived on GC.com. Thanks for any help. Kirk aka Search1128
  3. Ok, So the topic title tells the story... My dog found my GPS and thought that the rubber covered antennae was a neat chew toy. Well I found it a couple hours later and now my dog doesn't think the GPS is such a neat chew toy but the GPS is dead. I need to replace it. Any suggestions for a good GPS? I know that there are literally hundreds of them out on the market now, but what are most of you all Geocachers using for your caching adventures? Which do you find most accurate, most rugged, with mapping, expandable memory, color screen, etc.? I am partial to Garmin since I have had Garmin brand GPS since 2003 when we started caching. The map60 was the best one I have had and lasted several years until Rufus (the demon dog) found it. But if there are others out there that have surpassed the Garmin quality I am will to check it out. So anyway... Any suggestions? Thanks. Kirk (aka. "Search1128" in the geocaching world)
  4. When you take your kids out caching, be open to the fact that they are often the wiser when it comes to hiding and finding stuff. Several years ago when we were first getting started caching we were looking for a particular tricky cache and my then 5 year old daughter said "hey daddy maybe it is inside the sprinkler!" Me being the more wise and ever smarter daddy said "Oh, no, they wouldn't put it inside a sprinkler, it would get all wet." Well we searched for about 15 more minutes and then gave up. Back at home I emailed the cache owner for a hint and then went back and promptly found it inside the sprinkler! Moral of the story. Daddies are not always the wisest of the bunch. Trust your kids and let them "win" too. I have found it is much more fun to let them find it than for me to find it. The joy and happiness on their faces is a better treasure to me than the "treasure" in a tupperware. Happy Caching and always trust your kids wisdom at hide and seek. Kirk out.
  5. I clicked the link for garmin's website and it said that spanner is just for the gps18. Is that true? Or will spanner acually work with other garmin gps's?
  6. If I delete a route that I created and shared with the gc community. When that route is deleted, is it deleted just from my profile page or is it deleted completely so no one else can use it anymore either?
  7. I have a Garmin GPSMap60c. Thanks for your reply. Since garmin split the functionality of mapsource it is no longer easy to route to waypoints on the same program with out having to do a bunch of conversions of files back and forth through gsak and mapsource and nroute, etc. It was nice back when I could download the waypoints directly to mapsource and then also see the GPS real time position on the same map as the downloaded waypoints...
  8. I am really bummed that mapsource has been split in to two parts. mapsource no longer allowing for gps postion on the maps and now nroute being the only tool to do that, however nroute won't interface directly with the gps for sending and receiving waypoints. That being said here is my question... Will Microsoft's Streets and Trips software show the gps on the map in real time? and ALSO will it send and receive waypoint and route data to and from the gps? Thnks for your help. Kirk out.
  9. Very cool! Thank-you very much. I really like this feature. Just in time for the 4th of July too! One question... I created a route (from slc to st george utah). I made that route public. It shows in my list of routes. If I delete that route from my account webpage of listed routes does that also remove it from the availabilty of the public or is my original route now saved on the servers for others to still enjoy even if I delete it from my page?
  10. Search1128

    Pretty Stars

    I like the GC code in the corner, but I would suggest that it be in the upper left instead of upper right since all the other cache identification info is on the left side of the page (name, coords, distance, map, small gc code, etc.) then chage the words that currently are in the upper left (traditional cache, etc) to the right hand side since that is where the characteristics and attributes are anyway. Seems more logical to me that way. Good job though! I like the idea of changing the stars back to the original colors but with shaded/greyed empty non-stars to complete the "X out of five" concept. I also like the idea of using Signal's head for the stars. (but not to cut it in half for half a "star" maybe do a mini-head for half...) Thanks again. I love what you have done with the place! Kirk out.
  11. Search1128

    All Finds Pq

    Thank-you! Most grateful. Kirk out.
  12. Is there a limit to the number of waypoints that can be in any one database in gsak? I asked because I have set up a route that is several hundred miles long. I have many pq's set up to send me 500 waypoints each. If I load all these pq's into one big database in gsak, will I have a limitation? (I then will be using the arc/poly filter to reduce the actual number of waypoints to just those within in a half mile all along my desired route.) Thanks for the help in advance... Kirk out.
  13. Ok, this really sucks... I just updated my Mapsource and see now (after the fact) that they removed real time tracking of my gps on the mapsource maps... So now I have to download another program from garmin to do real time tracking? Nroute. What a joke! I get to fill up the hard drive of my laptop with more crap so I can do what I used to do with the previous program that I paid for! Not to mention the cumbersomeness now of routing to a waypoint. I can't download any way points into nroute directly from the gps. I have to download them to mapsource then save the file, then close mapsource, open nroute, import the file and then I can see my waypoints that already existed in my now defunct mapsource program. Shees! Duplication! gotta love the corporate minds.
  14. I vote you post your paper too! What was your grade for the course for the year/semester?
  15. next year will be 5/5/06. nothing special about that number! jk. I know you really meant june 6th of next year... kirk out
  16. Thanks for the link. It is for the language file for the English version but it says to make sure that the main nroute program is installed first. Does anyone know about how to get the main program? Is it no longer a free download?
  17. I have searched all over the garmin website and cannot find the link for the main nroute program. I see that there are numerous links for language file updates for many different languages, but I can't find the main nroute program any longer. They seem to have removed it from the downloads page. Does anyone know about nroute? Thanks Kirk out. edit for spelling.
  18. While picking up and putting back various TB's on cache pages on the website here, I had an idea. Is this a feasible idea.... Similar to how we have a drop down list of our current inventory to drop a TB off into a cache while logging our visit to the cache, can it also be possible to have a drop down list box on the same page maybe to the right of our own inventory, but to have a cache page inventory of TBs? That way when I am logging my visit to the cache and typing my note, immediately I can retrieve the TB from the cache. Then maybe have a secondary window asking for the TB tag number to verify the bug retrieval? Maybe also then when the user clicks on the submit button they are asked if they want to continue directly to the TB's respective page to log pick up note as well? Just an idea. Thanks for all you do there at GC.Com. Kirk out.
  19. Instead of removing the software package links altogether, why not create another section on the links page that begins with a disclaimer of some sort stating that the following software packages are available for a cost from the respective publisher and not endorsed by geocaching.com but are listed for informational purposes only. Then simply list the name of the package and publisher but do not hyperlink the text. Then, if curious users of gc.com desire they can google to the software they would like to know more about.
  20. Further up this thread I had asked a question about changing the font in the data fields. I got a good reponse. Thank-you. I tried that suggestion and still the fonts in the actual data fields aren't affected by any of the settings previously mentioned. Does anyone know of any way to reduce the font size in the data fields so that more of the map, or navigation, etc. screens can be seen? Thanks again, Kirk out. (edit for spelling errors)
  21. Is there a way to change the font size of the data fields on the map display? There is a lot of empty white space there that, if the font were smaller, could be reclaimed and used in the map display (or any other screen that has the data fields at the top for that matter). Kirk out.
  22. Just a suggestion... When we right click at the top of a column we get a context menu with special options for just that column, but when we right click above the user flags column (the one with the little man standing) there aren't any options to pick such as select all, deselect all, inverse select, etc. That would be a nice addtion to quickly select all the check boxes instead of having to go up to the menu and drill down to the options there. Right clicking would be nice. Thanks for a great program. Kirk out.
  23. Ansel Adams would be proud! Very entertaining, thank you.
  24. I do the same thing but instead of saving the cache pages to my drive I use GSAK which allows you to select a waypoing in your list and then in a pane on the bottom half of the screen it will show an offline version of the geocaching page. I also use mapsource with my gps tracking on the map. Alt tab works wonders. Kirk out.
  25. Get the City Select. It has true autorouting. The Metroguide doesn't.
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