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  1. I have a Rino 120 and one of the options on the waypoint page is a notes page. It allows for up to 30 characters in the NOTES area. Does the Vista or any other Garmin GPSr have this? Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  2. I just wish they would have extended the GPS usefulness of the iQue to make it like a regular GPSr - with compass arrow and else. Instead of buying the iQue, I'll just buy a Vista and later a Palm type device. T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  3. Mike, What's the EPA required certification for? I know the Dane Doots are nasty, but THAT Bad? T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  4. I like the ideas, but how about an external connector to recharge the L-ion battery or connect an external battery pack. Oh, and waypoints limited by memory, not by 500 or 1000. No maps=more waypoints. Basically Waypoints to use Map Memory (with the 4gb flash of course!) OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  5. FCC Website General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a land-mobile radio service available for short-distance two-way communications to facilitate the activities of an adult individual and his or her immediate family members, including a spouse, children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and in-laws (47 CFR 95.179). Normally, as a GMRS system licensee, you and your and family members would communicate among yourselves over the general area of your residence or during recreational group outings, such as camping or hiking. The FCC grants five-year renewable licenses for GMRS Systems. The individual licensee is responsible for the proper operations of the licensed GMRS system at all times. Hope that helps. OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  6. I'm happy to live in Spokane, and notice that I only have about 50-60% of those mentioned. Looks like I'll be joining. First I'd like to say that the amount of work that has gone into this is incredible, I stand slackjawed and awed at the size of this. The map is great. I was going through the list, getting ready to print out all 100 and I noticed that 64, 65 and 66 are near Post Falls, and don't have an associated cache? If I'm being picky on the rough draft, please feel free to tell me to get a life! Nicely? Looking forward to meeting all of you. Unfortunately I believe my other (more beautiful) half will not be able to attend due to work schedule. Between caches 25 and 26, we'll be crossing right in front of my house (on Monroe). Well, I always know that I can sleep in and catch you at that spot! =) OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965) [This message was edited by Cadence (OddTodd & CheleBell) on August 06, 2003 at 05:32 PM.]
  7. Mr.Big, Hope that my comments were not offensive, it was meant as light humor. Please check out the other threads on this forum, like National Geocaching Frequency and the most recent What Do You Use, pt.2 . There seems to be a lot of activity on 2 meter here in Eastern WA, less as you travel away from the main metro areas. Question for you, does your job or interest take you on long road trips or are you primarily running around in town? OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  8. Mr. Big, I'm currently waiting for a test day to take my Technician's and try the Code. While waiting I decided to get my old cheapo CB hooked up. I have learned that there are too many CB'ers with foot warmers (linear amps) trying to make up for the fact they can't get much distance with the legal 4 watts. If you are talking about real barefoot 4 watt max CB, then you have 40 channels and a lot of Semi-truck drivers to chat with. Your range is about 5 miles. Oh yeah, and they let you use very nasty language without repercussion. If you get your Tech licence (Element 2) and a 2 meter mobile rig set up properly, you can find out what is going on in the next couple of counties (or state) without much of a problem. Oh yeah, and going over 4 watts is LEGAL on 2 meter. My own 2m mobile rig is 5w45w. (I love Mike's answer, I chuckle as I type) And no license requirement for the K and X band scanners! OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  9. ChevyFam, I used to hike and hunt with a Yellow Etrex and a Motorola FRS. Once the Rino's became available, I got one and have used it since. Reasons for getting it? I now use one less AA battery, have GMRS capabilities and have a (reasonably) waterproof system. Get the Rino 120, it comes with the data cable, 8 megs of memory and a silent (vibe) alert. The 110 doesn't have those, and it's not a big price difference once you look at that. It is at least equal to the Legend in quality for the GPS portion, and is more functional. Some complain about the sound quality and short transmit distance - I will use a ham radio to get distance if I need it. It works for me. FRS and GMRS are mainstream right now, whereas most people haven't even heard of MURS yet. I wish that Garmin would have put more power into the transmit on the Rino, but the unit as it is works very well for me. OddTodd - Happy Rino user. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  10. It's HERE! Yeeehaw! Nice. REALLY nice! I've fondled the Recreational quality Camelbaks before and the material beefiness of these MilSpec packs are impressive. There is no comparison. For those jumping in at this point, I ordered this pack from TeamShuey's company on 7/27 - I received it today 8/5(UPS Ground to WA). It's the H.A.W.G. in Desert Camo, and it is about the same size as my Jansport pack was - before it suddenly became retired 5 minutes ago. I'm looking forward to trying it out, just inspected it and got the straps sized to my bulk. I understand a little more about the MOLLE system now that I've seen the pack. A Big Thanks to TeamShuey for making this available to Geocachers - excellent price, fast service, easy to work with. Todd Cady - Very Happy Camper! P.S. Not that I need to, but how do you remove the bite valve on this Hydrolink system? Tried pushing the grey buttons on each side, but must need to push a little harder or something - don't want to break it in that much! Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  11. Agreatscot, Welcome to the forums, glad you spoke up. I'm patiently (yeah, right) awaiting delivery of my H.A.W.G. in Desert Camo - it's in town as of 3:40am this morning. I'll report later. T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  12. Quills is right, it's 528 feet - 1/10th of a mile. .01 is ~53 feet. When looking at your decimal minutes, one thousandth of a minute is a really rough 6 feet. Since the Civilian model GPSr's accuracy is on average 3 meters, it's tougher using that measurement. My lovely wife and I learned our pace and measured it specifically for this type of instance (projection). OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  13. Rubberhead, You mentioned CharterMarine - did a search but no retail store at the other end - do you have a URL for this place? TIA T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  14. Ahh, thanks, missed that bit. It's not a Tilley. My mistake. Looks a lot like a Tilley. thanks DougsBrat! T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  15. Won't Tilley exchange it for you? They carry every hat size in that model - all the way up to 8" (learned from experience) Tilly stands by their product, just write them and ask if a trade can be done - believe me, the hat is worth it. To potential buyers of this hat, there is a company that sells these online. Noggintops is an awesome company to work with. There is a 90 day exchange policy, and as long as the hat is in "New" shape, they are kind enough to work with you. Here is how to find your hat size! Here is the Return/Exchange Policy No affiliation with iBrew, Tilley Hat or Noggintops. I am a loyal fan of Tilley Hats, and will buy one for my wife once I convince her that they are an acceptable fashion statement. OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  16. MrKablooey has one. Maybe we can hope he visits this topic. I gather that there is no cool graphical arrow pointing the way on a compass background. You can still mark waypoints, but downloading them looks to be different than other Garmin models. It would work, just wish they'd have kept a similar interface to the eTrex Vista or Rino. I know, I know, wish in one hand... T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  17. Thanks for the link! that tells the story of the victim, but what about you? Tell us your story... please? Here's some starter questions -(feeling kinda 'Barbara Walter-ish') 1. When did you notice your fellow cacher was in trouble? 2. What's your radio unit and what freq. did you use? T. Cadence
  18. I just sent an email to Tim, giving him the link to this forum so he can see we are chatting about him and we can get some more details. Since the guy has a GPS and a Tech license, thought he might be interested in Geocaching! Here's hoping he doesn't delete it as SPAM! Todd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  19. THAT's what I've been waiting for! I've ordered my H.A.W.G in Desert Camo. I had it shipped to work so I can get it immediately! Thanks for being here TS! T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  20. GPS_Brian, Thanks, I don't have the time to maintain a web page and deal with customers. I got out of sales many years ago and have a better blood pressure because of it! I'm willing to buy from geocachingsupplies, it costs no different for me, and helps out fellow geocachers. T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  21. GPS_Brian, I did a comparison on the previous thread for this site, see it here Reading your post, you said I could save 15% more, so went back to the site via the link you provided, and the price is the same. Where did you click to get the 15% off of the prices listed compared to the Geocachingsupplies site? My Scottish blood (1/57th) wants to know! =) Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  22. Hope this satisfies the requirements for being about ham radio and GPSr's! Being able to reach others in case of emergency - that's one of the major reasons I'm becoming a Ham. From ARRL's site: Ham radio key in California hiker's rescue (Jul 24, 2003) -- The San Diego Union Tribune's SignOnSanDiego.com Web news service reports that a hiker in the El Capitan open space preserve suffering apparent heat exhaustion was rescued July 19 after his hiking companion used ham radio to relay a message to authorities. ARRL member Rod Dinkins, AC6V, of Oceanside picked up the distress call from Tim Slaby, KG6QPL, of Spring Valley and alerted the San Diego County Sheriff's Department's Santee station. Slaby resorted to his handheld transceiver after discovering that his cellphone wouldn't work in the wilderness. KG6QPL was able to raise the Palomar Amateur Radio Club repeater some 40 miles away, however. Slaby, who also carried a GPS unit, was able to provide the pair's precise location. A sheriff's helicopter crew rescued the exhausted hiker--identified as Thomas Sayer--and airlifted him to an ambulance, which transported him to a hospital, authorities said. He was treated for dehydration and released about four hours. "For hikers in need of help, Amateur Radio worked where their cell phone didn't," said ARRL Vice President (and former Southwestern Division Director) Fried Heyn, WA6WZO. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  23. Well, I can see that the prices for the Capsule keychains individually are the same as local, but the quantity discount further down the page would be a great way for Geocaching groups to get a large quantity of these - everyone could pitch in a few dollars and get a better deal. It's a matter of determining how much you are willing to spend to get a GREAT deal. They do that at Costco too, but there doesn't seem to be a membership fee here. When I first started GC'ing, I had no idea where these capsule keychains could be purchased. I doubt they are available everywhere that Geocaching is. Looks like anyone (Not just the U.S. folk) now have the opportunity to purchase what they want. There may not be any discount, but just a question, if you are buying these locally, are you supporting a fellow Geocacher? Does the local place you are purchasing these from offer to engrave/personalize them? Personally I think it will be better to be able to have them put "This is part of a game, please visit www.geocaching.com" and that way I don't have to figure out how to adhere a waterproof sticker to the outside of my Micro-Cache. I went to the site, clicked on the Large Capsule keychains, ordered 25 with the above text and the total came to 73.75. I wanted to find out how much shipping would be - I clicked on the link and it said - Standard Shipping ($0.00) - U.S.P.S. First Class ($3.05) - U.S.P.S. Priority Mail ® ($4.00) - UPS Ground ($5.10) - UPS 3 Day Select ($7.12) - UPS 2nd Day Air ($10.18) - U.S.P.S. Express Mail ® ($18.00) - UPS Next Day Air Saver ($22.62) - FedEx 2day ($25.46) - FedEx Priority ($25.46) Price for these at REI in Spokane is 3.95 each. If I chose Standard Shipping - each capsule costs me 2.95. Save $25. Hmm. Like it. That's a Movie Rental and a Big Pizza. If I was in a hurry, and wanted it UPS 2nd Day Air? ((73.75 + 10.18)/25)= 3.36 per capsule. Save $14.75. Cool. That's about two movie tickets. I'm not trying to sell them, and I will not benefit monetarily from the sale of anything on the aforementioned website, except that I will not be spending so much to make really cool caches for others to find. JMHO. OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  24. I am currently learning code and the number of resources available are amazing... I'm planning on testing in August for elements 1 and 2. For those that are interested, here's a really nice site (even lauded on ARRL's site) Learn Morse Code Even though I may never use it actively in CW, repeaters will send their ID's in Morse code and I'd like to be able to understand some of what is happening on CW, even if I cant copy verbatim. There are other applications for using Morse Code, It's not just for Ham Radio anymore! T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  25. Thanks Blaze007! Hey Shuey, I d/l'd that Excel file - prices are better than online. Should I call in my order? OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
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