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    Just remember, Helix antennas do slightly better than patch antennas in cover, but patch wins hands down when next to hillside, cliff or in a ravine. The reflected signal can make you go crazy. T. Cadence (OddTodd-K7PKT and CheleBell-XYL)
  2. Wampa said: "I'd like a pack about the same size as my jansport (book bacg size), or maybe a bit biger. " __________________ I have a HAWG and am very happy with the front-back balance. The Jansports that I used prior made me feel pulled backwards when loaded. The HAWG doesn't, even when loaded with extra water bottles in the outside pocket. The HAWG is a little smaller than the Jansport when you have it's reservoir full. I haven't found any need to buy and attach any MOLLE pieces yet. Once I get my HT I will. Go a step up from the HAWG and you'll be happy with the storage. Todd-K7PKT Cadence (OddTodd-K7PKT and CheleBell-XYL)
  3. Thomas, I don't know exactly what you mean by this. I'd like to try and interpret your meaning. If you chose to live closer to your family you might hear them - the range of the GMRS radios usually are restricted a bit below the 400 mi. radius. If you choose to get a GMRS license, you can use the GMRS service. It's 75 for 5 years. In general, the participants of this forum would recommend getting a Ham license. It's cheaper and at higher license levels would give you the opportunity to talk around the world to other hams. If you have a relative that is licensed already, and you are a 'nuclear' family member, you can use the GMRS service to communicate with other licensed GMRS users. You will need to know the GMRS callsign that your relative has. It's required to give that callsign at the end of your transmissions. Hope that helps. Cadence (Todd-K7PKT and CheleBell)
  4. Geckogeek, - yeah, it was my turn to be born this minute. (P.T. Barnum) El Oso, thanks for the link, I'm downloading ver.5 right now. I was warned about learning anything other than Farnsworth method, but it looks like he's modified the program to include Farnsworth spacing. I've got each character down, it's writing while listening for the next character that I need practice on. I copied about 15 characters at one point in the exam, just need to 'let go' of the previous one to copy the next. Time and training. Thanks again! Todd - K7PKT Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  5. Thanks everyone! Including Criminal. Spiderteam, I actually tried to take the element 1 exam, but the tape quality and old Bell&Howell headphones really shot my expectations. Where I went, the tape had an echo, you know that very slight yet audible echo a second or two after what was just played? It's tonal quality was really bad. I mentioned to the examiners that I did'nt quite expect the tone quality and the echo - one quipped that when in a QSO some of the time you don't hear tones, just clicks. I questioned his sanity at that point, maybe not a good idea but Clicks??? I'll learn the code, but I'll hope they upgrade to something like maybe one of them newfangled CD's before I test on it again. I've got a lot of practicing to do. I also tried the element 3, but hadn't studied enough- 23 just wasn't enough to pass... Looking forward to chatting or 'clicking' to each of you! Todd - K7PKT Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  6. It's all your fault! You know who you are! The collective group of Elmers out there who by being responsive and helpful, witty and sarcastic, argumentative and agreeable, has provided a great environment to spawn new Hams. To each of you I want to express my sincere thanks for all of your advice, answers and help. I completed my Technician Exam and received my callsign on 8/27. I immediately applied for my Great Uncle's old callsign through the vanity call system. Today, 9/16/03 I have been granted the callsign K7PKT. Should've tethered myself to something on the floor - it's tough typing from the ceiling! I'll be changing my Signature next. The list of responsible parties, in order I was introduced to them via this forum. To each of you I would like to express my sincerest thanks! Desert_Warrior El_Oso Dave_W6DPS benjamin921 Morseman Coupar-Angus Continuouswave SteveL FunYet Cholo Spiderteam EScout Steak N Eggs KE7PI Geo-Trekker Apk GeckoGeek Overland1 Baloo&bd Rob H. Acuracura Many others, hope I didn't leave anyone out! (Including Criminal! Hehehehe)* Todd Cady, K7PKT *Edit: had to include wiseguy! [This message was edited by Cadence (OddTodd & CheleBell) on September 17, 2003 at 12:13 AM.]
  7. Had to wait for the vanity callsign: Todd Cady, K7PKT Spokane, WA 73 Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  8. I feel that a basemap is very important, either the Full Highways or pacific or atlantic - I don't even need to have a map with me anymore when travelling. Having the Metroguide/City Streets loaded into your unit for the area your'e visiting makes it so much more useful. Caching without a base map in my home town is easy, finding your way through one-ways in an unfamiliar town tends to frustrate. In my Rino, I can keep up to 500 waypoints. I usually have that maxed with 'all geocaches within 75 miles of my home'. I do leave a few open in case of a multi or perfect spot to place. It's easier to have the data cable if you want to back up your important waypoints or plan a trip and cache while you're there. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  9. First, Caveat Emptor. Secondly, search by clicking on the Find option at the top of each page. Type the following: Rino Shut Off You will find at least 10 other posts that say exactly what you started a new thread for. Check out that nifty find function, there's lots of conversations about Rino's, both the 110 and the 120. Just to let you know, I'm a Rino user myself and find them to be incredibly useful for 'caching. None of the etrex line have a notes page, and the menus are more intuitive than the top of the line Vista. It had speaker and mic problems, I sent it in and they fixed it. Read everything you can find on this board, there is a vast warehouse of info on Rinos. Have fun, cache safe. OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  10. Thanks Baloo&bd! that was really fast. I like the quality of the diagram on WB3GCK's page. T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  11. WOW! it's amazing what happens when you don't watch the forums - I was reading reviews of HT's at eHam.com for the last few days and come back to a heck of a lot of great info! Thank you all for your input regarding everything - I've learned something again, dangit! Some day my head will overflow - won't be pretty. From what I understand, no one seems to be happy with whatever stock battery comes with their HT, so buy a 3rd party double-life battery, and have an alkaline pack for the HT ready to go. Is it safe to use NiMH in the Alkaline adapter/frames? I recognize that the 'battery-meter' may not accurately show battery life of the NiMH. I am willing to use Alkalines, and really have no problem with them except that they are not reusable. I understand that during an emergency, alkalines will be my buddy. I'm just trying to find a rechargeable solution for a HT that works with all of my other toys. A couple of questions: 1. Plans for making a J-Pole, I've seen the link somewhere before, could someone help by maybe Markwelling me? 2. Does anyone have any reservations or dislike of Kenwood HT's? Experience with and appreciation for? Specifically the TH-F6A. I've read almost all of the reviews of the various dual and tri-band HT's, but I'm interested in your views. Thanks! Todd Cady Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  12. Great answers, thanks! GeckoGeek, thanks for the information and yes, I agree that I needed to know more about what I was asking. I understand more about intermod now, thanks for the inspiration to look it up. Where would you go for a review of HT's to determine which ones were most affected by intermod? I've only recently become the recipient of my Elmer's QST's and CQ's. I want to be able to use any AA's, not just my NiMH, thanks for helping me clarify. Overland1, thanks for the review and recommendation for the DC adapter, I'll be getting that accessory too and did plan on buying the HT new. Still have to research a better antenna for it. Dave_W6DPS, thanks for the info, I am guessing due to size restrictions and the speed at which the 7R came out that it probably only has two AA space also. I'll probably need to build an external battery pack for whatever HT I purchase. I know what you mean by keeping the NiMH charged. It can be quite a time consuming process. EScout, thanks. I will buy an extra battery pack or two as well as try to develop an external battery pack for whatever HT I get. Great advice as always, thanks to all who've replied so far! Todd Cady Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  13. I am currently using both 2000 and 2200mAh AA batteries with a Maha Charger (AC or LighterDC). I have enough for both my wife's GPSr and my Rino GPSr, replacements for each, and two for the digital camera. I eventually want to get an HT, and want to steer clear of the proprietary-only units. I know that Desert_Warrior (KD9KC) uses an ICOM unit in the field and that it can utilize AA's, is that through a frame or adapter? What has been your experience with HT's and powering them? I know we've got the "What Do You Use" topics, but I'm more concerned about Emergency Preparedness and being able to help out for days on end without AC power. I'm considering a Vx-7R with the optional CMP460A speaker/mic. Please feel free to tell me how you feel about it, experiences, etc. As always, this is the best and most polite forum I've seen yet. Sarcastic at times, but at least not as dysfunctional as most. Thanks for all of your answers past, present and future. Todd Cady Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  14. Huzzah! It was temporary. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  15. It seems that many of the topics we had posted have disappeared. My biggest concern is that I didn't get the chance to bookmark many of the excellent links everyone has posted. Anyone know what happened? OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  16. My lovely wife and I started out with separate accounts. OddTodd - Hey it rhymes... she decided on CheleBell because it had a rhythm. I couldn't find caches without her - I tried to go be FTF on many a cache while she was at work - finally gave up and gave us one handle. Cadence is a pace or rhythm, or as defined by www.dictionary.com - Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory. The measure or beat of movement, as in dancing or marching - or 'caching! We're still on our honeymoon. 4 years and counting! We haven't dropped the individual names completely, but may do that in the future. OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  17. Let's begin with water requirements... Daily: 64 oz. of water for regular activities. That's more than most drink in 3 days, but your body needs water more than you might admit. Carrying one liter of water is not enough for a 3-4 hour hike (Moderate workout). Your body gets rid of half of that in your breath and perspiration alone. Regarding containers... Carrying a single water bottle is not ergonomically good practice. Balancing the weight of the water between your shoulders and keeping it close to your spine makes it not only easier to carry, but better on your back for most of your activities. You can carry more weight without noticing it if it is balanced and close to your body. The water reservoir of the Camelbak (as well as knock-offs of the Camelbak) is elongated and oval-shaped to maintain low profile. Having to stop and reach for a water bottle, open it, close it, put it back became a bother when holding a GPSr and a hiking stick. Having the 'long straw' and bite valve make things so much easier. I've biked many miles. Using a water bottle takes away your concentration and eyes away from the path you're on, and one hand from your handlebars while you fiddle with the opening/closing mechanism. With a Camelbak, you simply bring the bite valve up to your lips and re-grip the handlebars - drink till you're satisfied, let go of the bite valve. Anyone with a water bottle cage mounted on the lower bars of their bike know that road grit easily coats the whole water bottle; the Camelbak tube and bite valve can be positioned to be right next to your face. Survival and First Aid... Besides 'caching, I am a hunter. I'll be away from my vehicle for hours on end. Water cures the pangs of hunger (to a degree). I know that everyone needs water. Who knows, maybe I'll come across someone who needs water to survive? Maybe I'll need water to wash a cut or cool a burn? For me, the 3 liters is enough water to share with my lovely wife, not too much, but not so little water that I change my plans to find a water source. Hydrate or Die - not meaning to sound harsh but it's _that_ important. Does that cover it? OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  18. Thanks for the link, I plan on taking levels 1, 2 and 3 after I get my license. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  19. Thanks for the link, it was a good read. Looking forward to being a ham myself. Todd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  20. My wife and I cache 'blind' more often than not - we don't have any record of what the cache is, what type, or what clues. My Rino contains a notes page that let's us know what the name of it is, maybe that jogs a memory or two. If we hit a virtual or landmark, we write everything down. If we hit a multi, we decide if we have time for it. The amusing thing is finding caches without the cache info or a GPS, we laughingly call that "Caching Blind and Naked". OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  21. Update/Report: Desert Camo H.A.W.G. 3L. Did some Geocaching in Moscow,ID and some Huckleberry picking north of Spokane. Each time I filled the bag with ice and filtered water. Average time kept ice cold - 4.5 hours. Average time kept cooler than me - 9 hours. I could not drink enough to empty it. I tried. The insulated tube cover is almost a must - the water still warmed up, but not as bad as an un-insulated one I tried. Storage is great, the air-vents on the back kept my back from getting too hot - still sweat but cooler than normal. I like the straps and places to hook various unsundries. Even for my frame, the pack fit and was easily adjusted. I admit that I forgot I had it on while picking berries - I almost stopped to go back to the vehicle for water, then noticed the tube and bite valve off to the side. Thanks again Team Shuey! T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  22. For Hunting I'd recommend the Rino 120 - not the 110 as it doesn't have the memory. Also, the 120 comes with the data cable. JMHO T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  23. SRP, Congrats on passing the test! One of the sites I've cruised through is: http://www.nwaprs.org/ Hope that helps! T. Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  24. Thanks everyone for their responses... Alan2, Thanks, found the calendar notes area. I was referring to the Notes section in each and every waypoint that gets populated with the name and placer of the cache. For instance, my micro that I placed is called Goldwood, and when downloading it through EasyGPS to my Rino, I have a section at the bottom that allows me to see many pages. 1. Time and Date 2. Location with N and W; 3. Direction (from my position to the cache in question. 4. Elevation 5. Notes - shows an editable notes page containing :GOLDWOODBODDTODDCADENCMOUN10GO it may not be perfect, but CheleBele and I like to 'blind-cache', that is, whereever we are we select Nearest, and go find it. We only hope that the hint is not needed, or we have time for a multi, patience for a micro, paper for a virtual... you get the idea. With the Notes page on the Rino, we can try to remember something about the cache and have a better chance of finding it. I'm hoping that it's in a future update for the eTrex line. OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
  25. Found this quote from another thread: --------------------- Log by oregone. I don't know what it is about motel rooms that make me want to be all naked all the time, but it's oddly comforting. lauren and i play this game when we go to motels: when i'm in the shower, she does her best to hide somewhere in the room. Then, i rush out of the shower covered in lather yelling 'SOAPY BOY IS HERE!' in a Charlton Heston voice, find her immediately (not a lot of places to hide, you know), and then slide all over her making a big mess in the process. Then i jump back in the still-running shower, rinse off, then jump out and jump on her again yelling 'RINSY BOY IS HERE!' It's a really fun game, and i recommend it to all. ------------------------ We only ever use ONE of the queen size beds...hmm. OddTodd Cadence (OddTodd and CheleBell) FRS2,12GMRS22(WPXD965)
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