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  1. I filtered the images taken by SHERLOC - WATSON as indicated in the instructions. It results in 6 pages of photos so far, about 300 images. I took so much time carefully going through the photos but found only one with any numbers, and it wasn't correct. My buddy sent me the photo that you need, and it's nowhere found in the list of images when filtering by SHERLOC - WATSON. What did I do wrong?
  2. I've used Urwigo to create several wherigos over the past few years. I have a new PC and tried to download the program, but every link I find is not working. Is there a current download available? Thanks. EDIT: None of the links on this page (http://www.Wherigo.cz/urwigo/#en) work for me
  3. Ha, nevermind. I guess I had put the wrong cache in, one that I'd already found.
  4. The only options are Didn't Find It, Write Note, Needs Archived, and Needs Maintenance. Is this an oversight?
  5. I've been playing since 2014 and have often wondered what lab caches were. I just downloaded the app and I'm afraid I beat NYPaddleCacher and K13. I live in Taiwan and the closest lab cache to me is 3,215 km (1,997 miles) away, in Kuala Lumpur
  6. Is it doing this with all the map types? I just checked mine and the Google Maps (Street/Satellite/Terrain/Hybrid) will let me zoom quite close, but the Open Street Maps (Trails) won't allow me to zoom in nearly as close.
  7. Just one more THANK YOU for the above instructions! I myself have created a few Wherigo cartridges, but that was when I used an iPhone. Now that I have an Android, and must use WhereYouGo, I had a heck of a time trying to download my own cartridges! I'm going to put the above instructions on my Wherigo cache pages.
  8. I would love to complete the survey. However, the country I live in, Taiwan, is not on the drop-down list of countries, neither under Taiwan nor Republic of China. I have a feeling this is the fault of SurveyMonkey, the third party that Groundspeak is using for this survey. Nevertheless, in a country of 2,300+ caches and 700 geocachers, it's a glaring omission and one that will prevent a good number of surveys from being submitted, including mine.
  9. I tried searching this forum, as well as the Geocaching Help Center, but couldn't find the answer. I'm thinking of making a Wherigo that would involve going to a few different subway stops, each about 2+km from each other, with the final GZ several km from the posted coordinates. I know that Mystery caches require the final GZ to be within 3.2km of the posted coords, but that Multi caches can have the stages spread out over large distances. However, I can't find any rules about this for Wherigo caches. Can anyone advise? Thanks.
  10. So when I make new caches I have a general idea where I want to put them, and I make "dummy" listings so that I can get a GC number. Once I've determined the best placement location then I go back and update the coordinates, complete the cache listing, and submit. When I'm in the field determining my exact cache location I use Google Maps which gives me the coordinates in decimal format. Now, however, with the new edit page, there is no choice for coordinate formats as in the past. It will accept ONLY ONE format, so-called DDM. I have been searching the internet for a converter, but the only ones I can find convert decimal to this DMS format: N 47°38’ 56.28” E 122°20’53.22” The new edit page will not accept this. This seems counterintuitive that Groundspeak would make their edit page "easier" but take away useful features. Anyway, can anyone point me to a converter? I need to go from decimal to their DDM format. Thanks.
  11. This was the key piece of information I needed; I'm now able to run through the emulator. Thank you so much!
  12. Hi, as stated, I'm a newbie to building a Wherigo cartridge. I read through Groundspeak's tutorial, which is great, but it's a bit too intensive for me at this point, so I tried the Wherigo//kit and it was much easier for me to create a simple cartridge. However, I don't understand how to make an emulator work. As I understand it, the emulator will test the cartridge, I'm guessing from your PC without actually going out in the field. Yes? I tried using the Webwigo emulator listed at the Wherigo//kit site, but I can't really get it to do anything. Below is a screenshot of what I have, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do from here. Also, is it possible to test the cartridge in the field with an emulator? Do I download an app or just access Webwigo from my iPhone browser? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I really need a push in the right direction. Thanks for any help you can point me to.
  13. Hi onionsack, I got a notification about your new cache and hope to look for it soon. I live in Taoyuan and have been obsessed with this hobby for about a year and a half. I'm really excited to see the number of geocaches and players increasing in Taiwan. Now if only we could get a country souvenir! You probably know there's an event in Taipei next week; perhaps I'll see you there. --Stephen
  14. Hi. I'll be heading to Okinawa this weekend from Taiwan. I'll be there only two days and hoped to do some geocaching. I have a scooter to get me around in Taiwan so geocaching is easy here. However, since I won't have my own transportation, unless I can rent a bicycle somewhere, could you suggest an area where there are several caches within walking/biking/public transportation distance? I've never been to Okinawa or Japan before so I have no idea how things work there. I haven't even booked accommodations yet so I don't know what area I'll be in (open to suggestions). Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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