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  1. Gerald

    The Sandpit

    Are we going to have a WWFM III event for KZN?
  2. Gerald

    The Sandpit

    Are we going to have a WWFM III event for KZN?
  3. Gerald

    I spy

    Evening cincol, Wazat, RedGlobe and MarcForrest. Hope you had a great caching day.
  4. However you look at it the "Keepers of the Cache (2008 Geocaching Event)" is a commercial event. The Getaway mag ad is a commercial add paid for by Mitsu/Getaway and has no reference to Groundspeak Geocaching yet at the same time/place is an event cache for Geocaching which is meant to be not for commercial gain etc.... We must be careful not to prostitute the spirit of Geocaching and project an incorrect picture of what it is about to the general (muggle) public - they will start caching for all the wrong reasons. I feel that the story that the reveiwer read may have changed a bit since then.
  5. The ad is actually on a left page about 8 pages further on - guess the editor was to busy trying to figure out the co-ords datum. My concern was that things done wrongly can adversly effect official Geocaching and is the word "Geocaching" not part of the Groundspeak Geocaching registered trademark?
  6. The April 08 Getaway travel mag page 99 has an article titled "Geocaching for beginners". On reading it I started to wonder where this fits in. Caches containing items such as knives and burying caches is mentioned. None of which is allowed as per Groundspeak Geocaching. No mention is made of Geocaching.com rather that is about Mitsubishi/Getaway Geocaching day @ R280 entry per team. Any comments.
  7. Thanks Erik for a job well done and with enthusiasm and dedication. It was great meeting you and doing a few caches together from Umdloti Beach to Pop Inn. Congrats to you Fish Eagle, I see you are hard at work already. Definitely the right person for the job.
  8. Gerald


    Well done to Noddy and Globalrat on their 1000 each. Quite an achievement. Just looked at my Gsak prediction - should do it during 2011.
  9. Gerald

    I spy

    Evening Tricky Vicky & Mickey
  10. Yes maybe, but then again V1.5 and other Garmin auto-routable maps loaded side by side also have issues but only with the quest, but it is a great GPS and running T4A non-routable together works fine. Finding caches in my area of SA often requires T4A as Garmap is nowhere to be seen eg Ongoye forest, Eshowe caches and the ones in Mtunzini area. Cant always stop and reload maps with the laptop and I did spend nearly 6 G's on it.
  11. Well done Neville - was quicker than I thought it would be - I had looked at all the spellings of extreme without success.
  12. Yes I agree my Quest is great BUT there currently is a firmware issue with the Quest units that stops it being able to do an address search if Southern Africa Streetmaps v1.5 and any other routable mapset is loaded together even if only one is active (T4A maps being an example). Avnic seem unable or unwilling to help to correct the firmware. They dont always come up smelling like roses. .
  13. Check out this thread and read what GlobalRat wrote on 21st Sep. Missed that thread - sorted and working
  14. Can GSAK use the new province location of caches? I've tried the "state" column but that says either nil or none. Would be handy for creating a filter.
  15. Thanks for the e-mail. I am an active cacher but seldom visit the forum. The e-mail was greatly appreciated. Gerald_db
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