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  1. Pittsburgh, PA or within 2 hours away.
  2. I know what you mean... It seems like for months there it was one amazing coin after another. And I was in the middle of building a kitchen and raising a baby. lol
  3. I can't help there. Goodluck with that.
  4. I completely forget to add the back shot. The price is $14.00 with $1.50 shipping inside US and $2.50 shipping to the whole world.
  5. Let me introduce the Two Tone 2010 Skullduggery Geocoin. lol
  6. When it comes to the die, it is the same. The original had a soft black enamel, this version has a hard enamel with glitter. Also, in 2007 Gold, Silver, and Bronze versions were released. This 2010 Skullduggery Geocoin has a Gold Polish for the inner part of the coin where the skull is, and a Nickel Polish for the outer ring.
  7. The 2010 Skullduggery Geocoin have been released. The Limited Edition version includes both a Gold Polish inner circle and a Nickel Polish outer ring. On Facebook as "Ott Geo Cacher" check us out www.angelfire.com/pro/milovsjeff or just reach us at geo_skull_coins@yahoo.com
  8. Hmm.. maybe your negativity is stemming from your own experience when you came to the forums under less than honest pretenses? I'm sure you would have lots of advice to give to the OP on how to change your screenname after a first coin attempt receives outrage from the geocoin community. Let's bring up the past... Good. Write me privately and I would be glad to talk to you about the past. But sense you didn't see the message from the moderator, I will assume you lack the ability to read. It is funny how the ones who dish it out are the ones who can't take it. By the way. That is a great coin!
  9. very addictive! i have 2 under my belt, and i have a million ideas in my head, but my budget thwarts the creative process...lol...here are my "code 3" geocoin (2007) and the "odyssey voyager" geocoin (2009)... code 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlxNbgTtGrU odyssey voyager: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B99459yQ8rQ . I caught myself tapping my feet... lol I am digging the video.
  10. Great looking coin, I can't wait to get my hands on one. lol
  11. That was painful to read, but after I translated it, I am still lost... All I am saying is, if someone asked a question, let the person answer it before 20 people post the same concern over and over again. It gets old... and I see it a lot on here.
  12. I get why you're so offended..... with hardly any geocaching experience you came to the forums looking to finance your coin project earlier this year. Glad to see you finally got it done. Perhaps you can email DiLMar and give him some free advise since you find everything posted here so objectionable. What is Geocaching experience? You find a object in the woods, do you need a degree? I have plenty of finds in my book, but I didn't realize that the more I get allows me to be able to judge others... I get it, so you are like the king elf wizard of your Geocaching World of War Craft. Duh
  13. Ha. You were the 6th post. I am curious, if it was say $5.00 would that still be too much for a geocoin that may or may not be made. Because it reads like you just think it is too expensive. And then I like the "Edit to add:" Your comment would almost appear to be a jab at their attentions. You don't even know their attentions. What a regular Dick Tracey! So, what part of this is helping this person? It is you playing detective! Way to judge a person. Excellent job! You should just sent emails to people when they join geocaching to just not bother coming into the forum we will only insult you. But hey its a family sport. lol Love it.
  14. Oh so you were just helping everyone out by pointing out what a bunch of other people already pointed out. Kind of like walking out when the police have already arrived and saying "Hey, someone is breaking in your house!" Bravo!
  15. Please pre-order 200 and get your 20% off. That way I'll be able to buy one at the same price after they are made. Did you notice everybody said great coin and they'd buy one, once it's made? What they said is they would not pre-order and especially not pre-order and pay more than the regular price for the pre-order. I'm a sarcastic Ba****d and enjoy doing it, but when people start out friendly and give good constructive criticism, replying in a sarcastic manor is not a great idea. You feel the urge to keep writing? Got to put your 1 cent in. I bet you laughed when you typed the line about the 20%... That is funny, you are like the best comedian I have ever heard of. You could get on here and give away 100 coins, but I can guarantee that the person who doesn't get one is going to raise heck on here.
  16. Who is making these? I would very much like to buy one. I already have a newly registered TB with no mileage. I would like to use it as the tracking number. Contact me. If there is someone who is wondering what I am talking about... I was passed by a car the other day and on their back window was a travel bug vinyl sticker with a tracking number and everything. I didn't get a chance to write it down. If someone has pictures, post them.
  17. We released our 3rd one a few months back. Skullduggery Geocoin Roulette Geocoin Sprocket Geocoin Now we are to the point where we will probably just redo the original coins with different plating. We only started making coins so that we would have them to use, we had no idea that other people would want them. They can be seen at www.angelfire.com/pro/milovsjeff
  18. And yet another person get hit time and time again. I could care less about the people who do nothing but sit on here and and take shot after shot at people who are new to this. It is a great looking coin. The part I love the most is while you are thinking up these little witty comments and hitting the submit button thinking your post is going to be the one that opens up the eyes of the Geocaching Community, you are merely giving the coin more publicity. Then my favorite is when you end up buying a coin anyways when the hype dies down. lol Oh gosh the forum police who are out to protect others from harm.... Oh save us... lol Someday the forum will change. But for now we sit watch the pot be stirred..... I will be buying one of these coins, I don't care what anyone says on here.
  19. I was going to release a coin but I wanted to offer a Pre-Sale. I just don't know how this works. How do you take the money up front knowing it will be 4 to 6 weeks before they are released? I know there are concerns about a time limit on PayPal for returns, and from what I have read there have been some issues in the past. Any tips on how to raise the funds to start production? I think I have to hit a minimum of 250 coins because of the tracking numbers. So do I take orders, without collecting the money, and then when I hit the mark of 250 declare it a green light and start collecting the funds? That might be easier said than done.
  20. Does anyone have on of these to spare?
  21. For Trade: Orange Sprocket Geocoin Blue Sprocket Geocoin Green Sprocket Geocoin and a few Roulette Geocoins Seeking: Nurses Have Heart Geocoin Astro Geocoin Templar Geocoin King of Hearts Oueen of Hearts Ace of Hearts Celtic Knot Geocoin Monopoly Geocoin Aztec? Also any kind of sun catcher coin Let me know if you are interested. Or if you have something else.
  22. What I have to offer: Orange Sprocket Geocoin Blue Sprocket Geocoin Green Sprocket Geocoin and a few Roulette Geocoins Looking For: Nurses Have Heart Geocoin Astro Geocoin Templar Geocoin King of Hearts Oueen of Hearts Ace of Hearts Celtic Knot Geocoin Monopoly Geocoin Aztec? Let me know if you are interested.
  23. The Winner of their very own Orange Sprocket Geocoin is: 9. Fredhead - Orange PM me so I can get an address to send you your prize.
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